Out at sea, you will find Mono argenteus and Scats. Archers may make for good tankmates too, tending to stay at the surface while the Monos are a more midwater fish. It wasn’t until this month that University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Lab produced the undeniable proof that they had bred the species in captivity, and ironically, the methods claimed by earlier ‘successes’ failed to produce results. African moony has a silver body with two black lines on the head (one through the eye, and one behind the gill cover), and one thick dark band from the tip of the dorsal fin to the tip of the anal fin. Additionally, despite being well-suited to brackish environs, we don’t tend to think of the Mollies as “real” brackish fishes (and while they can be kept in purely freshwater, overwhelmingly they seem to do better with a little aquarium salt added, and most all can be brought to full strength saltwater). Home | Freshwater Semi Aggressive | Brackish Mono Sebae T/R-2.5" Monodactylus sebae. In fact, it very well could be that people get drawn into brackish water aquarium keeping primarily by the charismatic Pufferfishes and Archers more than any others. M. sebae was identified as a candidate, presumably due to the general similarity in body shape and pattern when compared to a wild type Angelfish. Any clues about this behavior? Most recently, there was the claim by researchers that they had succeeded...great...except the offered no proof; their documentation ended at 26 days post hatch. Availability: NOT AVAILABLE Due to variations within the species, your … M. sebae is a schooling fish; in my personal experience I’ve found them to also become very aggressive and belligerent in small groups (eg. It is an extremely underappreciated and overlooked niche within our passion, but it’s understandable how we got here. © 2020 Powered By Reef To Rainforest Media, LLC | CORAL Magazine | AMAZONAS Magazine | Microcosm Publishing. As Foster explains it, pursuit of M. sebae as a Florida fish farm species started years ago when freshwater Angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare, were suffering massive losses from an iridovirus. So ultimately Mono Sebae spawned at FishEye go to Oak Ridge for grow out in a freshwater environment and eventual sale. It wound up being that the late larval / early juvenile phase was the biggest hurdle to overcome for the consistent rearing of this species.

It seems that captive-bred Monos also do well in straight freshwater, which would make M. sebae a great candidate as a larger schooling dither fish to utilize in aquariums that feature Cichlids or predators that require hard, alkaline water parameters. The brackish water offerings at most aquarium shops, if they even bother to carry brackish fish at all, are often relegated to a single tank. The larger brackish gobies and/or Columbian Sharks will also do well, particularly if a large aquarium is furnished. Sign up to get interesting news and updates delivered to your inbox. I'd love to hear more on this topic if you're willing to weigh in further Bob! Brackish Mono Sebae T/R-2" Monodactylus sebae. You also mentioned Archer Fish and Scats. Image courtesy FishEye Aquaculture. “Dustin [Drawdy] was critical for our success. “We can raise them in saltwater environment, but moving them to the ponds at an early age was a huge advantage for yields, and this allowed for the fish to be available at a cheaper price than it has ever been offered before,” says Foster. Any clues about this behavior?

Of course, Mono Sebae is fully able to live in a marine aquarium; a shoal might make an interesting addition to appropriate tanks.

t can swim normally and does when feeding. Yes, I would return it also because you do not have the correct set up for them.

Both are members of the family Monodactylidae, the Moonyfishes or Fingerfishes. Jonathan Foster, the founder of FishEye Aquaculture based in Dade City, FL. an incredible example of a brackish community, First Captive Breeding of the "Freshwater" Top Hat Blenny. Salinity in these places is low. All three are native to Singapore, where I live.

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