At 28 seconds into the take off, the captain called 90 knots this was acknowledged by the first officer. [6], As of July 2017[update], the accident remains the deadliest crash involving a Douglas DC-8,[10] as well as the second-deadliest accident taking place on Saudi Arabian soil,[11] after Saudia Flight 163. Copyright © 2016 Nolly Productions | All rights reserved. The first officer was recorded remarking, "We gotta flat tire, you figure?" Marks on the runway showed that the No.1 wheel started to break up at about this time. The crew only became aware of the fire when a flight attendant rushed into the cockpit reporting “smoke in the back … real bad”.

Juli 1991 stürzte eine von der Nationair Canada geleaste Douglas DC-8-61 auf dem Nigeria-Airways-Flug 2120 beim Versuch einer Notlandung nahe dem King Abdulaziz International Airport in Dschidda ab. Eileen A. Bjorkman is a retired United States Air Force officer, former military flight test …, Karl Minter got his start in aviation as a teenager in the Negro Airmen International …. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Juli fiel dem kanadischen Mechaniker bei einer in Nigeria durchgeführten Kontrolle des Fahrwerks ein zu niedriger Druck in mehreren Reifen auf. [6], When the aircraft was about 18 km (11 mi; 10 nmi) from the airport and at an altitude of 670 m (2,200 ft), a point where the landing gear could conceivably have been lowered, it began to experience an inflight breakup and a number of bodies fell from it, indicating that the fire by that time had consumed, at least partially, the cabin floor. The DC-8 was the primary aircraft type used by the airline. Kurz nach dem Abheben zerstörte das Feuer die im Schacht verlaufenden elektrischen Leitungen, was eine Reihe von (falschen) Warnmeldungen im Cockpit auslöste. Die Untersuchungskommission ging davon aus, dass die Piloten kurz vor der Landung die Kontrolle über das Flugzeug verloren hatten, wobei aber auch ein strukturelles Versagen des Rumpfes infolge der Beschädigungen nicht ausgeschlossen werden konnte.[2]. On 11 July 1991 the aircraft caught fire and crashed shortly after takeoff from King Abdulaziz International In 1997, Robert Obadia, owner of Nationair and its parent company Nolisair, pled guilty to eight counts of fraud in relation to the company's activities. The Transportation Safety Board later concluded, "had the crew left the landing gear extended, the accident might have been averted". The captain requested a level-off at 2000 feet because of the pressurisation problem. This was the last record on the CVR which failed along with the FDR at 08:33:33.

The company was declared bankrupt in May 1993, owing CDN$75 million. The aircraft involved here was built in 1968, with registration no. Due to common jet aircraft design, the accident became inevitable the moment the landing gear was retracted, mere seconds after takeoff and long before an emergency became apparent. The Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 departed from King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, Jeddah and was bound for Sadiqi Abu-Bakr lll International Airport. At 51 seconds, the captain called rotate and the airplane lifted off the runway.

Nigeria Airways flight 2120 took off from Jeddah's runway 34L at 08:28, bound for Sokoto (SKO), Nigeria. Two seconds later, an oscillating sound was again heard. The pilots on board Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 were Captain William Allen, 47 a former Canadian Air Force pilot, had logged 10,700 flight hours.

Eight minutes after the aircraft began its take off and 10 miles from the runway, the captain declared an emergency for the third time saying. Allan subsequently contacted air traffic control multiple times, among his pre-mortem communications being a request for emergency vehicles. Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 crashed just after takeoff at Jeddah Airport. The crew realised there was a problem, but not the nature or seriousness of it.

The aircraft was not equipped with fire or heat sensors in the wheel assembly. The only survivor of the 2003 Sudan plane crash performs Hajj, Top 10 Most Dangerous Airlines in the World, Saudi Pilot Died during flight SV 1734 from Bisha to Riyadh, A Saudi Aviation Security Officer dies after falling from a Helicopter, 5 Incidents, when Aircrafts went missing flying upon Bermuda Triangle.

[3], The aircraft involved in the accident was a 1968 Douglas DC-8-61, C-GMXQ, owned by the Canadian company Nolisair, usually operated by Nationair.

Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.

Dieser war aber nur in der Werft der Saudi Arabian Airlines erhältlich, die sich in einem anderen Teil des Flughafens befand. In response to the pressurization failur… Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 By Steven Sanchez Summary Summary Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 was a chartered passenger flight from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Sokoto, Nigeria. Während die Maschine beschleunigte, platzten bei einer Geschwindigkeit von 50 bzw. Oktober 2019 um 11:16 Uhr bearbeitet. The Douglas DC-8-61 … The captain asked the first officer: “You’re not leaning on the brakes, eh?” The first officer responded: “No, I’m not, I got my feet on the bottom of the rudder.”.
An episode of Mayday entitled "Under Pressure" covered this accident.

Unknown to the crew, the aircraft had caught fire during departure, and though the fire itself was not obvious since it started in an area without fire warning systems, the effects were numerous. The aircraft was not equipped with fire or heat sensors in the wheel assembly. The aircrash, combined with Nationair's poor reputation for on-time service and mechanical problems, led to serious problems with public image and reliability among tour operators. Die Besatzung hatte zwar das Platzen der Reifen registriert, brach den Startvorgang aber nicht ab. Die erste Warnung betraf ein Problem mit dem Kabinendruck. Durch die entstandene Öffnung drang das Feuer in die Passagierkabine ein und breitete sich dort durch den einströmenden Fahrtwind schlagartig aus. Listen now to the 32-minute novella, Radiant Crossing. The lock-out lasted 15 months and by the time it ended in early 1993, Nationair found itself in severe financial trouble. [2], Trotz des Verlustes der Querruder gelang es der Besatzung, die Maschine in Richtung der drei zur Verfügung stehenden Landebahnen auszurichten. The Douglas DC-8-61 was carrying 247 passengers & 14 crew members. In response to the pressurization failure, Allan decided to remain at 610 metres (2,000 ft), but the flight was cleared to 910 metres (2,990 ft) as a result of the controller mistaking Flight 2120 for a Saudia flight that was also reporting pressurization problems due to Captain Allan mistakenly identifying as “Nationair 2120” rather than “Nigerian 2120”, a mix-up that lasted for three minutes but was ultimately found not to have had any effect on the outcome. Inzwischen hatte der Brand im Fahrwerkschacht die dort verlaufenden Hydraulikleitungen zerstört, woraufhin die Querruder ausfielen. Pressurization failed quickly, and the crew was deluged with nonsensical warnings caused by fire-related circuit failures.

Dabei verwendete der Kapitän aber fälschlicherweise das Rufzeichen Nationair 2120 statt Nigeria Airways 2120.[2].

25 years ago today, Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 (C-GMXQ) was a chartered passenger flight operated by Nationair from King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Sadiq Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto, Nigeria. Nine of the fourteen crew were identified, but “no attempt was made to identify the passengers”. The lock-out lasted 15 months and by the time it ended in early 1993, Nationair found itself in severe financial trouble. [2], Die Douglas DC-8 besaß keine Feuerwarnung in den Fahrwerkschächten, so dass der Brand nach dem Einziehen des Fahrgestells zunächst unbemerkt blieb. Die Piloten wurden vermutlich nicht über den Zustand des Flugzeugs unterrichtet. "Despite the considerable destruction to the airframe, the aircraft appeared to have been controllable until just before the crash.". Kurz darauf wurde das Fahrwerk ausgefahren. For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram channel. Creditors began seizing aircraft and demanded cash up front for services.

"[6], It was discovered during the investigation that the mechanics had known about the under-inflated tires since 7 July but that the project manager, lacking the relevant training to make an informed decision, had prevented maintenance on the tires because the aircraft was behind schedule, requiring them to record false pressure readings in the log to make the aircraft seem airworthy. [2], Vor dem morgendlichen Abflug aus Dschidda bemühte sich der Mechaniker, den zur Reifenbefüllung notwendigen Stickstoff zu organisieren. is supported by a team of aviation enthusiasts. It is suspected that the increased friction and pressure on the tires was enough to create a self-sustaining fire. The ATC controller gave a heading to intercept the final approach and thereafter continued to give heading information.

Witnesses noticed flames in the area of the left main landing gear. 166 km/h) nacheinander die beiden vorderen Reifen des linken Hauptfahrwerks. However, shortly after takeoff problems were reported and the crew attempted to turn the plane around for an emergency landing. The latter stopped rotating “for reasons not established”, and the subsequent friction of the wheel assembly with the runway generated sufficient heat to start a self-sustaining fire. Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 started its take off roll from Jeddah’s runway 34L at 08:28, bound for Sokoto, Nigeria. We believe we have ah, blown tires.”. Recommended: List of Aviation Incident in Saudi Arabia.

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