Check to see if a boat is stolen and report sightings. Site Map | Quick Links. New Zealand Journal of Counselling . Get the answers to some of our most common queries. c. Exceptions to confidentiality occur when: d. Wherever possible, the decision to make an exception to confidentiality is made: a. Counsellors are encouraged to seek legal advice about their rights and obligations under the law, when the counsellor’s work with clients involves contact with the legal system. b. Counsellors shall not exploit the potential for intimacy made possible in the counselling relationship, even after the counselling has ended. >, SCHOOL GUIDANCE

Professional practice may include work in the fields of: counselling, supervision, therapy, training, education, research, advocacy, mediation, consultancy, management, coaching, community work, group facilitation, mentoring and spiritual advising. NZAC Counsellor Search e. Counsellors shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that documentation remains retrievable as long as is professionally prudent, or as is required by law. c. Counsellors shall work within the limits of their knowledge, training and experience. c. Counsellors shall avoid establishing a professional relationship with clients of other counsellors without appropriate communication with the counsellor or agency concerned. The Court has several options available including: extending the current order (if the PSO has not expired), issuing a new order (if the PSO has expired). b. Counsellors should participate in the activities of the profession.
Informed implies understanding and free consent implies a lack of pressure. d. Counsellors shall avoid discriminating against clients on the basis of their race, colour, disability, ethnic group, culture, gender, sexual orientation, social class, age, religious or polictical beliefs or any other basis. National Executive Portfolio d. When counsellors agree to provide counselling to two or more persons who have a relationship, counsellors shall clarify which person or persons are clients and the nature of the relationship the counsellors will have with each person. This includes complying with sanctions imposed after a hearing. a. Counsellors shall provide services to clients in the context of free and informed consent. a. Counsellors should take action when they consider another counsellor’s behaviour could be judged as professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a member, or conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Association.

4.4 Respect the confidences with which they are entrusted.

An overview of some of our key work groups.

They shall understand the principles of protection, participation and partnership with Maori.

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