While we have developed these proposals to support you and your students in these very challenging times, continued teaching and learning of all outstanding content is a principle underpinning these. It is essential that you use the correct version of the timetable for your zone. Construction of the common timetable – FMSQ, GCE and GCSE qualifications . 6/8/2021 The JCQ will then make sure this feedback is reviewed before the final timetables are published by 30 June 2019.

Download our Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technicals posters which highlight some of the career opportunities for students taking these qualifications. You’ll be helping to inform decisions around new and existing qualifications, support and teaching resources, and influence how we can provide the best possible outcomes for teachers and students. Check for possible timetable clashes for January 2021 2 November. The outcome of the first VTQ consultation is summarised in the news article. This page contains information regarding WJEC examination timetables (both final and provisional), deadlines for internal assessment, key dates for Examinations Officers, and links to JCQ documentation concerning key dates and timetables. © OCR Our new free mock marking workshops will be available soon. But we look forward to confirming the final details as soon as possible. The timetable for schools in the UK is also available on this page. We hope this overview of our proposed approach helps to show you how we’re planning to support your delivery this year. Our online Teacher Networks are now available to book - these events offer the opportunity to discuss teaching and assessment, share ideas and best practice and build supportive networks. Microsoft Word. View upcoming webinars by visiting the professional development hub page. u|�� � xl/workbook.xml��Io�0����c-uW��N�h���.�Y���$���#�J������������$y���&!%��)��f����lN��L�L =�����w����ƘA�v��o� p����4�q�2V1�S� \c����Jq�ń�!�oa���oh? We’ve collated our most frequently asked questions to support you through 2020-2021. �>��� � xl/_rels/workbook.xml.rels �(� �RMK�0���0w�v�t/"�U�ɴ)�&!3~��*�]X�K/o�y���v�5���+��zl�;o���b���G�����s�>��,�8��(%���"D��҆4j�0u2js��MY�˴���S쭂��� �)f���C����y�� I< y ���!+��E���fMy�k�����K�5=|�t ��G)�s墙�U��tB��)���,���f����� �� PK ! For everyone delivering Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technicals, we know you need clarity on how assessments will be adapted in 2020/2021. Do you have a virtual open day coming up? If you are unsure which administrative zone your school is in, please check by going to the administrative zone section.

6/10/2021 6/1/2021. Your exams officer can apply to us, using a process called ‘special consideration’, to calculate a final result for a student even if they were absent for an exam. June 2021 Amended Provisional Timetable .

��x|`�G��㮶u_�;�ѐ�U�Oղw�j��s��4ȥ��-�Ze�N� �xe|�o,����� �1��y��s�i� ޺��s�� ��V7�����88��� �wa��:���Crh������ݝ�A���� �� PK ! JCQ will ensure this feedback is included in the review before the final timetables are published by 30 June 2020. https://www.aqa.org.uk/exams-administration/dates-and-timetables, https://www.ocr.org.uk/administration/general-qualifications/preparation/key-dates-and-timetables/, https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/support/support-topics/exams/exam-timetables/provisional-timetables.html, https://www.wjec.co.uk/exam-officers/key-dates-and-timetables/, Wellbeing Wednesday – Wednesday 11th March. We’ve produced some extra FAQs about helping a student to get a result when they are self-isolating and unable to sit an exam. Your guide to the changes - these documents will summarise the changes, what they mean for our specs and how students will be assessed.You can find these on your qualification page. You’re invited to join our Teacher Insight Panel.

key dates and timetables (Nov and Jan series). Exam for GCSE English Language Paper 1 (8700/1) November 2020 series Start time: am Duration: 1h 45m 2 November. Spreadsheet. Final exam timetables for an upcoming series can be downloaded from our website.Provisional exam timetables are uploaded to the Support Materials section of Cambridge International Direct.Centres then have four weeks from the publication date to provide feedback on the provisional timetable, should there be concerns with the proposed dates. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to, GCSE English Literature Digital Anthology. We're working on the details of these subject changes and are liaising with Ofqual. 6/10/2021 6/1/2021. June 2021 Amended Provisional Timetable . 6/15/2021 6/1/2021. �U0#� L _rels/.rels �(� ��MO�0��H�����ݐBKwAH�!T~�I����$ݿ'T�G�~����;#�w����qu*&r�Fq���v�����GJy(v��*����K��#F��D��.W ��=��Z�MY�b���BS�����7��ϛז�� ?�9L�ҙ�sbgٮ|�l!��USh9i�b�r:"y_dl��D���|-N��R"4�2�G�%��Z�4�˝y�7 ë��ɂ��� �� PK ! We have summarised the changes for our affected GCSE, AS and A Level qualifications, for students certificating in summer 2021. 3���N�B��?C%�*����=��YK)ub8x�R-J�W��Q23V$��sU.���)�P���I����]�h:C@i��m23� �1� g�/#ݺʸ2 var today = new Date() Key Dates - June 2020 and Autumn/November 2020 examination series . Please note, exams are slightly later than usual, due to half term and results day being a week later in 2021. The comment period for the timetables is open until 30 April, please contact us if you have any feedback. Other resources – where needed for individual qualifications, these additional documents will support and guide you through the changes, On 12 October, the DfE announced a three-week delay to the June 2021 GCSE and A Level exam timetable. What to do if one of your students is self-isolating and not able to take an exam. The JCQ has published a provisional Common Timetable, which is open for consultation until 30 October. PK ! 6/7/2021 6/1/2021. Please note the June 2021 provisional exam timetables are now available for review on the individual awarding body websites: – AQA https://www.aqa.org.uk/exams-administration/dates-and-timetables, – OCR https://www.ocr.org.uk/administration/general-qualifications/preparation/key-dates-and-timetables/, – Pearson https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/support/support-topics/exams/exam-timetables/provisional-timetables.html, – WJEC/Eduqas https://www.wjec.co.uk/exam-officers/key-dates-and-timetables/. Provisional June 2020 timetables: Now available 05 March 2019 The June 2020 provisional exam timetables are now available to review. Delivering content is vital for your students’ wider learning and progression. Key Dates and Timetables. On 4 August 2020, Ofqual announced the outcome of its consultation on assessments. Related Documents . document.write(year), We use cookies. 6/9/2021 6/1/2021. The JCQ has published a provisional Common Timetable, which is open for consultation until 30 October. Please note the June 2021 provisional exam timetables are now available for review on the individual awarding body websites: – AQA – OCR – Pearson – WJEC/Eduqas You are encouraged to feed back any …

Key dates and timetables. Our provisional summer 2021 timetables are now available. Our latest news article shares with you the approach we propose to take, designed to help you and your students to reduce the impact of lost teaching and learning time and meet public health concerns. FAQ's for Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technicals. @,H�}W�ƍ4�߂S����� b#���J���j��e����H�� Z n�3�� *��A ��� k��Lu�HJ$s�s)�����e��m�w��4i�?GqcI k���F��8�u�(j!=X���ׯ��� �C~¯VX�K�ٖ��e. 6/14/2021 6/1/2021. var year = today.getFullYear() We will provide further information and detailed support when we can. We’ve just submitted our proposals to our regulator and the DfE for review. We’ll let you know when they are available to book.

You can also use ExamBuilder, our free question-building platform, to create tailored question papers giving your students the opportunity to practice and build confidence ahead of their exams. PDF. All our professional development courses are running online. These include FAQs on the proposed approach for VTQs in the summer. 6/10/2021 6/1/2021. We know you still have lots of questions and we've collated some FAQ's for Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technicals. Our subject advisors have also written some blogs focusing on resources you can use, and handy hints and tips. The GCSE, AS and A-level provisional exam timetables are now available. A7��n [Content_Types].xml �(� �T�n�0�W�?D�V������[$��x�X$��(�}'fQU��%Ql�[&���&YB@�l.�YO$`���r�=�H�E���V����5� ��ӵL��b.j"�"%5� Download key dates and timetables (Nov and Jan series) On 12 October, the DfE announced a three-week delay to the June 2021 GCSE and A Level exam timetable. Please check these exam timetables carefully and feed back any concerns you have to the JCQ at centresupport@jcq.org.uk by the deadline of 30 April 2019.. 6/15/2021 6/1/2021. This requires time and we’ll also need to wait for the outcome of the second Ofqual consultation on VTQs in 2020-21. Our. We've collated some useful resources, from us and our Cambridge colleagues, to support you with upcoming mocks and remote teaching and learning - find all this on our new support webpage. As part of this exclusive panel, we'll ask your opinions, showcase documents, videos, images and engage in discussions to get your feedback on all that we do. You are encouraged to feed back any concerns you have to centresupport@jcq.org.uk by the deadline of 30 April 2020.

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