VIP (Virtual IP) LIFs require Top-of-the-Rack BGP Router used. SnapLock exists in two modes: compliance and enterprise. ONTAP provide two techniques for Multi Tenancy functionality like Storage Virtual Machines and IP Spaces. SSH must already be set up and running. ONTAP supports RBAC: Role-based access control allows administrative accounts to be restricted and/or limited in what actions they can take on the system. It provides high availability in environments with directly attached (non-shared) disks on top of commodity servers, or at FAS and AFF platforms in Local SyncMirror or MetroCluster configurations.

MetroCluster (MC) is an additional level of data availability to HA configurations and supported only with FAS and AFF storage systems, later SDS version of MetroCluster was introduced with ONTAP Select & Cloud Volumes ONTAP products.

SyncMirror is a free feature. HA-IC interfaces are visible only on the node shell level. FlexGroup is a free feature introduced in version 9, which utilizes the clustered architecture of the ONTAP operating system. The krbp5 authentication mode protects against data tampering and snooping by using checksums to encrypt all traffic between client and server. ONTAP Cluster could consist only with even number of nodes (they must be configured as HA pairs) except for Single-node cluster. Do I enable with the following command? Registered NetApp customers get unlimited access to our dynamic Knowledge Base. You can create a location, mounted to a junction path for the SVM, and then share that location as both CIFS and NFS, then mount the location via NFS and have it accessible via SFTP. NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE) is FlexVol volume-level software-based encryption, which uses storage CPU for data encryption purposes; thus, some performance degradation is expected though it is less noticeable on high-end storage systems with more CPU cores. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, CIFS Continuous Availability (Transparent Failover), ONTAP Data Management Software (product page), "Requests on Slashdot for donations for OpenBSD", "White Paper: Optimizing Storage Performance and Cost with Intelligent Caching | WP-7107", "Michael Malcolm Resigns as Chairman of the Board of CacheFlow to Focus on New Start-Up Opportunity", "Running VMware on ONTAP? Aggregates and traditional volumes can only be expanded, never contracted. It was supported for a short period of time on on 7-mode ONTAP, which is the source of the documentation you have found Best solution is to create a Linux VM and re-serve the data from an NFS mount from the controller. Implementers often organize two storage systems in a high-availability cluster with a private high-speed link, either a Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 40 Gigabit Ethernet or 100 Gigabit Ethernet. When data or network interfaces migration is finished it is transparent to storage system's clients due to ONTAP Architecture and can cause temporary or permanent data indirect access through ONTAP Cluster interconnect (HA-CI is not in use for such situations) which will slightly increase latency for the clients. It includes a self-service portal with a web-based GUI, where nearly all routine storage operations or sequences of operations can be configured as workflows and published as a service, so end users can order and consume NetApp storage as a service. SDS versions of ONTAP (ONTAP Select & Cloud Volumes ONTAP) do not support FC, FCoE or NVMeoF protocols due to their software-defined nature. XDP uses the Logical Replication Engine (LRE) or if volume efficiency different on the destination volume the Logical Replication Engine with Storage Efficiency (LRSE).

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