In 2000, Tony Iommi released a collaborative album with various well known vocalists. He supposedly died lastnight??? NOBODY BELIEVE THIS BOGUS STORY ABOUT PHIL I"LL TELL YOU WHYREASON #1 PHIL HAS DONE HEROIN ENOUGH TO KNOW IF IT WAS BROWN SUGAR OR NOTREASON #2 THE ARTICLE SAID REX AND HANK WILLAMS THE THIRD FOUND HIM AND REX IS NOT IN SUPERJOINT RITUALAND FINALLY I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY TO THE PIECE OF sh** WHO WROTE THAT ARTICLE APRIL FOOL'S DAY IS ALL IN FUN BUT DON'T KID ABOUT SOMEONE DYING. Suck my Balls! It is truly a sad day for all of Phil's fans. The band was so impressed with Anselmo, that they re-recorded some of Glaze's vocals for their latest release. Anselmo can be heard in the Jim Van Bebber movie The Manson Family as the voice of Satan. Anselmo provided backing vocals on track 8 ("Killing Box"). "[18] Anselmo had engaged in a war of words with Dimebag since the disbandment of Pantera, culminating in the statement "Dimebag deserves to be beaten severely" in the December 2004 edition of the UK's Metal Hammer magazine. ODing on brown sugar for f***s sake!! Paramedics revived him, and four days later, he issued a press release stating, "I, Philip H. Anselmo [...] injected a lethal dose of heroin into my arm, and died for four to five minutes".

Initially it began in Jay Gracianette's backyard, but was later moved to a large warehouse outside New Orleans that has been converted into an interactive haunted house with over three hundred volunteer workers. This better be a joke or this is the worst day ever in the history of man kind. [8] He attended many schools across Louisiana and Texas, the last of which was Grace King High School located in the suburb of Metairie.

Stephanie Opal Weinstein Quick Facts Stephanie Opal Weinstein was born in 1973. i idolized Phil when he was in pantera and Down but my respect for the man has went straight down the sh**ter.

please tell me it's a joke... i've been searching on the internet all morning and no website mentionned this... :O wtf?! "This is not about me; it's about the love, amazing times and friendship we had long ago," he said. [9] The surgery was successful, and after several months of recuperation and rehabilitation, he returned to recording and touring. In 1993, Anselmo produced Crowbar's self titled album and recorded backing vocals on some of the tracks. Lead singer Phillip Anselmo was found dead today. good thing phil is dead he was juts a stupid hick ruining the metal scene with sterotypical beer drinking and weed smoking migth as well have icp take his place. See all y'all in hell! In 2015, Anselmo contributed backing vocals to "The Prophets of Loss", a song from the Cattle Decapitation album "The Anthropocene Extinction", released in August 2015. In 1996, Pantera released their eighth studio album, The Great Southern Trendkill. No apologies from me. dont believe this sh**. uhhhm like ugggm i never f*** up on heron uhhhm im the uhhm king of uhhhm metal, hey guys this is jimmy bower. The track is sparse musically, features a raw vocal delivery by Anselmo, and a short spoken-word segment. The album featured songs from five studio albums with Anselmo, and also included three cover tracks, "Planet Caravan" and "Hole in the Sky", written by Black Sabbath; and "Cat Scratch Fever", written by Ted Nugent. That only leads one to believe Phil must‘ve mistaken brown sugar for heroin he attempted to purchase in his hometown. In the mid-90s, Anselmo began to record for several side projects under the aliases Anton Crowley, most notably with Viking Crown. However, he later became recognized for introducing a more guttural approach to the vocals. Anselmo said originally, that Pantera used the image because they were huge fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd, but it was never about promoting hate.[23]. Brown on the other hand, maintained a strained relationship with Paul over the years. In 2003, Pantera released their first compilation album, The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! Don't be sad. What a sh**ty a$$ trick to play!!! Most of their lyrics were based on horror films and Satanism. "[63][64], In an interview with Eddie Trunk on Sirius XM on December 15, 2016, Anselmo claimed he was being taunted throughout the show by "two or three little hecklers" who were standing near the stage. Anselmo's primary objective is to release much older unreleased material and material from his many side projects. With Pantera it's only one side of me. The way I feel and the group of people I've had to work with my whole life, you see a Confederate flag out there that says 'Heritage, not hate.' Anselmo owns an extensive collection of several thousand horror films, and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of horror films and horror culture.

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