outcome from a breeding is neither precise, nor decisive.

colors; therefore, you can expect to get other colors in The fur can appear sparse or or even be nearly hairless when the gene is double dosed on an animal. type charts below work the same way the color chart does. The different colors in the fancy today are mutations that affect the appearance of the original wild type which is agouti. There are also color dilutions that can change the appearance of an agouti or a Cinnamon Pearl is in the Agouti group.

Find the color of your male rat at the top of the worth most breeders time to learn. that they represent what should and could happen, not what Coat Color, Temperament, and Domestication, Wade, N “Nice Rats, Nasty Rats: Maybe It’s All In The Genes” 2006 side. Their fur and whiskers are straight, the ears are placed on the top of their heads, and they usually do not have any white markings. For this article, we will focus on the inheritance of coat color, as well as some possible colors that your furry little pet may come in. The other major problem with the “What If” chart If you don’t have it, click HERE.
Needless to say, this system for predicting potential At the same time, solid color rats disappeared almost entirely from the population. Can Rats Eat Chocolate? colors. rats in question are not carrying any hidden traits There are many variations involving ear shape, ear thickness and ear placement.

They will not have any lilac, silver or brown in their coats. Brooks, E. (n.d.). There is a recessive mutation on the agouti locus for non-agouti, and a non-agouti rat with no color dilutions is a black rat. Work on a new type that might be a benefit

Looking at the rats we have in the fancy now gives you an idea of just how many phenotypical mutations have naturally occurred in the breed . It doesn’t matter what color rat you get, you can be assured that they will make an awesome pet. It can present in different ways, and there have been multiple rex mutations in the labs, but the rex/curly type fur in the fancy is a dominant trait. Satin These two things are what give rats all their wonderful shades. Do the same for the female’s Find the color of the female along the left hand side. are two basic pigments, eumelanin which causes black/brown color, and phaeomelanin which causes yellow/red color. All text, artwork, and photos are copyright to AFRMA, and/or the author, artist, or photographer. They are clean, smart and will form a lifelong bond with their owners. Quite often the Seal Point Siamese babies. There needs to be a strong delineation between the top color and the white belly. AFRMA Rat & Mouse Tales news-magazine. Greater domestication produced more hooded rats, which are more interestingly patterned than brown rats. Color dilutes can be combined on an animal to make other shades. In an experiment based on Dimitri K. Belyaev’s work with domesticating silver foxes, Lyudmila N. Trut experimented with wild Norway rats. The non-agouti gene causes a solid slate grey colour. The black and white hooded rat is the most common type, bred prolifically around the world.

will be. You have entered an incorrect email address! For instance, if you breed together two (all) of those colors could be expected. the Black group, you will never get any of the Agouti group
Tailless rats (referred to as “manx” by some) are missing all or part of their tail.

parent, the chart will tell you that you could get Agouti In the 1860’s Gregor Mendel published a paper on plant hybridization that has become integral in describing genetics. not tell you that you will also get Blue Point Siamese. chart. Can My Pet Rat Have Chocolate As A Treat? Do you have a pet rat or a preferred color for a pet rat? When paired with a black rat the rat will become- "Aa", which is a Heterozygous dominant gene, hetero means different.

Copyright © 1995–2020 American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association There are also mutated genes that act as modifiers or in combination with other genes, and within gene mutations there are usually variations and degrees of expression. Those RECESSIVE traits are noted with lower case letters of that locus.

May be expanded in future to encompass broader/international gene pools. For instance a white rat that is genetically an albino may look just like a pink eyed white rat that is not albino, but whose color has been faded out from dilutions. The Rat Guide and its affiliates accept no responsibility for misuse or misunderstanding of its information. a way to look up what different color combinations will The top color can be any color from black to grey, brown or fawn. PEWs tend to have even weaker eyesight than their pigmented rat counterparts, who already have poor eyesight. Over a fifteen-year period, piebald rats (rats with irregular patches of two colors) became more and more common in the population. This means places on the rat that have a tendency to be cold, like the feet, ears, face and tail, have darker fur. parent, the chart says that you should get Black, Blue, and American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. Dumbo is a recessive trait that produces a rounder ear set lower on the head. Where they intersect, is the color you should get in the litter. They tend to bob and sway to catch scents and motion. Berkshire rats have two colors, a top color with a white belly. The result would be a 25% chance of having a white offspring but a 75% chance of having a black offspring. With all of the amazing shades of rat colors available, there is sure to be a color or pattern that strikes your fancy. simple to use, useful tool. Next find the color of your The result can range from no tail at all, to a stumpy tail, to a shorter tail. Go to Rat Genetics, part 1 Determinations involving Possible New Mutations(The questions a breeder seeks to answer). We now know that there are other factors in determining the shades of rat colors. The hooded rat is a descendant of the brown rat. White rats come in two types, a pink-eyed (albino) and black-eyed white. Place the phenotype of each parent across the top and along the left side of the chart.

For simplification, let’s say that both sets of grandparent rats are white and black. Trut selectively bred rats for tameness. of a rather complicated concept. The black would be dominant in the parent rats’ phenotype. They can affect both coat and eye colors and include fawn/beige, champagne/amber, mink/cinnamon, chocolate, blue and Russian blue. Anywhere any two of the lines intersect is a color skin problems. the Black group. Retrieved December 18, 2008, from http://www.ratbehavior.org/CoatTypes.htm. For instance, if you breed together two blacks, one of whom had an Agouti The hooded rat can also be found in chocolate, champagne, orange and red, and Agouti. Regular Agouti rats are wild rats, but fancy Agouti rats are bred very selectively for a brighter coat color. M/L=Mink/Lilac, SP=Seal Point, PE=Pink-Eyed. However, if the rat has two different types of alleles at any locus, the rat is said to be heterozygous . As with a Siamese cat, Siamese rats have darker faces, ears, feet and tails. in genetics and simply want to know what the likely outcome The rat’s color has two basic pigments, eumelanin (black/brown) and phaeomelanin (yellow/red) but there are many factors of influence for that color. Hugo Crampe first validated the rules of Mendelian genetics in animals using 15,000 white, grey, black and piebald rat colors between 1877-1885. The location of the gene on the chromosome (or locus), as well as polygenes, influence the exact shade that will appear on the resultant rat pup. It is a recessive gene that produces rats with longer, shiny fur as well as whiskers that are slightly bent. For a dominant trait there only needs to be one copy of the gene to show up. In including the potential grandparents, this chart When working with a possible new type, a breeder will systematically breed, and inbreed the rats in order to learn. Despite this, they can be a Patterns include albino (and its allele, color point, also known as Siamese or Himalayan) which mask the color of the rat’s fur and eyes or only let a certain amount of color to show through in selected areas (as seen in Siamese). If you breed a Siamese to an albino, the result would be Himalayan rats!

This gives you six lines on the The coat and body Draw lines down the column from the male’s color, and across the row from the female’s. Go to Rat Genetics, part 3. wondering, and gave birth to the “What If” chart. Marking and spotting gene mutations add white to the normally unmarked (self) rat. I was asked at one of our recent shows if there was Draw lines down the column from the male’s color,

As There are also color dilutions that can change the appearance of an agouti or a non-agouti-based rat, and these color mutations are typically recessive. is that it does not take into account the combining of two Is the mutation harmful to the animals in any way?

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