Current status He disguised himself as an eagle and drained a portion of the new God of War's power, transferring it to the Colossus of Rhodes. [citation needed], In disguise, Loki manipulated a group of master villains into engineering the "Acts of Vengeance". He is able to withstand high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, powerful impact forces, exposure to temperature extremes and powerful energy blasts without being injured. Can shock enemies in electric currents or strong explosions in some special attacks.

[10] However, when he met his end at the hands of the Void, he died forever, and any new Loki would never be the original Loki. Is this the best you can do, Father!? The God of War!?

In-Game Information Zeus' benevolent side was more prevalent in the original God of War, in which he was depicted as a caring god who sought to punish evildoers and oath-breakers, even empathizing with his son Kratos' (who at that time was unaware Zeus was his father) grievances against Ares despite all of the terrible things Kratos had done. Hari Kurono/Chronostasis (My Hero Academia); via chronostasis; Riru Rokakuji (Needless) Foxy (One … Genre(s) He eventually freed himself by enchanting the chains to attract Mjolnir to break them, since they were made out of the same material.

The Judges say I have to go now to Elysium and that it will be nice there. The fires!

[40], Among the "fruits" of Loki's other Earthbound-schemes against Thor was the human criminal Carl "Crusher" Creel, transformed by sorcery into the superhuman Absorbing Man,[41][42] one of the Thunder God's most-enduring mortal adversaries.
They all agreed as the gods deemed it an impossible task for the man. God of War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Possessing a natural affinity for commanding great magical forces, he schemed to use his power to destroy Thor and become the most powerful in all of Asgard.

He attempted to stop Pandora from entering The Flame of Olympus while disparaging Kratos both for his obsession with Pandora and all of the destruction he has caused. Superhuman Strength: Loki, without the aid of anything, through his own biology, possesses superhuman strength that is substantially superior to that of an average Asgardian male. No one, absolutely no one, can stand before me!

This caused the statue to come alive and attack the now mortal-sized Kratos, who initially believed that Athena was the one who betrayed him. He then ordered Loki to clean up his mess. Loki had collected all of his former Asgardian allies, and Thor fell for the trap, restoring them all to their full power.

[23] During this time, Loki apparently spawned a child he dubbed the Son of Satan, as during this time Loki had begun referring to himself as Satan from time to time. Kratos VS Spawn is the tenth episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Kratos from the God of War series and Spawn from the series of the same name in a battle between god-killing anti-heroes. While fighting Zeus in the heart of Gaia, Zeus summons clones, although differences can be noticed between them and the original Zeus: the clones are much paler and much weaker. Time would tell if her schemes to rule had been truly set aside. Loki explained that, after Ragnarok, when the Asgardians were being placed into human hosts, Sif's soul was placed into a dying human. In his Astral Form, his power is greatly increased to the point he destroyed Kratos's equipment and easily overpowered Kratos; only yielding to the power of Hope that his son held within.

As a result, Zeus was overwhelmed by his personal plague: Fear. When I have the chance to do it all over again, I WILL BE EMPEROR!

Gaia's body slowly broke apart and destroyed most of Mount Olympus.


Later on in Rhodes, Zeus tricked Kratos, told him to cast his powers into the Blade of Olympus and with that act, Zeus found a way to take it and kill Kratos as long as his powers would not be inside Kratos himself.

She, along with her mother, were unknowingly killed by Kratos as part of Ares' plot to harden Kratos' heart and make him a more powerful warrior in the process. The reason for his participation in the battle is to win the Capsule of Revitalization for his injured mother and sister. Single-player

Calliope watching her father carve her a flute. He then briefly battled Zeus' astral form, eventually forcing it to retreat back to his body, reviving Zeus. However, the man was building at an alarming rate which would eventually make him finish the wall in less than six months. [citation needed], Loki took on the form of the Scarlet Witch in her astral form and recruited a team of Avengers to face the Elder God Chthon. [34] Thor assisted Zarrko in conquering the 23rd Century, but eventually freed himself and returned to his own century. Kratos was thought to be finished, but with the help of Pandora's spirit, Kratos managed to forgive his sins and unleash Hope from within himself.

As Calliope reached adolescence, she became an extremely talented flute player and composed many lilting and emotional melodies.

After finding Heimdall and the Warriors Three he stepped up the search. Loki was able to calm Balder before he offended Doom too much. When Pandora's Box was first opened, Zeus was infected with the evil Fear.

His identity was ultimately revealed, and he was defeated by the Avengers.

Family Member/s Calliope's Flute was a standard wooden flute. Only then does he realize that his best friend had betrayed him!

Sensing Odin's power inside what he saw as a demon, Bor attacked Thor, attempting to avenge his son. Zeus (Greek: Ζεύς) is the central antagonist of the Greek story line of the God of War series. The eagle laughed at Loki, seeing how weak and desperate he was.

After he gave up all of his magical abilities and weapons, and, in turn, his sins, Kratos became worthy of Elysium and was allowed to enter. They arrived too late, as Thor was forced to kill Bor for fear of the entire planet being destroyed in the wake of their battle. However, Clint Barton also did a sneak attack, and by kissing Loki, he could tell that she was not Wanda. This, and the desire to command respect through age, could explain why he chooses to portray himself as older than his siblings.

[53][54], He traveled to the past to ensure Bor, father of Odin and first king of Asgard, "perished" in battle against the Frost Giants, and to ensure his own destiny.
Loki's first appearance in, Though Loki is present as one of the most powerful sorcerers of Marvel Universe, in original myths, Loki's only consistent power was that of shapeshifting (and even then it may not be a innate skill, since some myths explicit tells of Loki using an animal-skin to shapeshift), fire manipulation and illusions. Even after her death by Kratos, Calliope still showed that she loved him and was quick to embrace him. Kratos, pulling the Blade of Olympus from his past self, told Zeus that the Sisters were dead. Jupiter used Loki's lust over Venus to convince him to lower the spell when Venus' life was at risk. He was born small and was an embarrassment to his parents,[citation needed] and was segregated from other Giants. Afterwards, Kratos tells his son of how he killed his own father as Atreus realizes the specter was his grandfather. Kratos could sense that it was familiar, and eventually realized that it was Calliope's song, having been allowed to come through the black fog of Morpheus all the way from the Underworld.

The Giant then took the Enchantress with him to be her queen.

Zeus was youngest of his six siblings. Kratos opened the ancient artifact and harnessed its power to kill Ares, his former master.

Rating: 10 / 10 from 1 ratings.

[citation needed], In 1933, Loki was briefly an inmate at the Ravencroft Institute, though he managed to easily escape and transformed the faculty's clothing into straitjackets as a prank. Calliope (Greek: Καλλιόπη) was the beloved daughter of Kratos and Lysandra. She claimed to have no more plans now that Ragnarok was over.

Thor was able to put an end to this continuing cycle. As he fought Loki and Odin, Thor returned from his recent journey and killed the Giant by throwing Mjolnir at him. Eventually, Gaia was killed when Kratos impaled Zeus against her heart with the Blade of Olympus, which apparently also killed Zeus. Zeus freed his siblings and declared war on all of the Titans, thus betraying Gaia. Reborn: Super God Of War: Battle Emperor Fu Sheng is the most popular player in the game, The New Age. An infant Zeus is taken away by an eagle at his mother's command. To prevent his followers from helping their fallen god and to punish Kratos even more, Zeus destroyed Sparta, killing hundreds of innocent people in the process.

Back on Earth he hypnotized Jane Foster and then challenged Thor to a battle in Central Park. Infuriated with Kratos' defiance, The King of the Gods then decided to strike both Kratos and Gaia with his thunderbolts, thinking that they would both fall into the River Styx. It was once speculated that given Loki's god-like appearance and lack of Giant features, his mother was possibly a goddess and not a giantess. It was the first game in the series to be released for the PSP, the second being Ghost of Sparta.

He encounters a statue of Athena, who tells him that Helios has disappeared and Morpheus has used this to his advantage to cause the gods to fall into a deep slumber. On one such occasion, Kratos spent enough time with Calliope that he was able to carve a flute for her to play. Around this time, Loki also became responsible for the reawakening of the Destroyer.

Surprised at this development, Zeus presumed that the Sisters of Fate had unexpectedly aided him. While he has the looks and physical proportions of a much smaller person, the increased density of his body actually makes him several hundred pounds heavier than he appears.

Charon then tells Kratos to go, saying it is not yet his time. Zeus is a downloadable playable character in. Brothers, put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us for so long. Loki is immune to the effects of all known Earthly diseases and infections. She was only saved from her fate when Kratos set out on a quest for Ambrosia, after he consulted a healer who gave him The Fire of Apollo. Media Zeus' death is reenacted by ghostly illusions from Kratos's memories. Some sources claim that Zeus is technically the eldest, due to being the only child to not be kept from the world and trapped in their father's stomach, though this is disputable, and some claim fabricated by Zeus himself to lend validity to his claim to the sky before he and his brothers decided to draw lots. Whatever I lost in the past, I’ll get them all back! Over the years, Kratos had to complete several goals in order to achieve redemption for the nightmares that haunt him.

[citation needed], In 1950, Apollo made a deal with the demon Zoroba to allow the creature to possess his body while his spirit sought to win the love of Venus on Earth. Balder didn't believe, but once he was told it was true by Thor himself, he had come to think of Loki as a trustworthy confidant. This may be due to the smoke within the temple clouding their vision. The power of Morpheus affected even Kratos, who became haunted by a strange lingering melody.

[60] However, he underestimated the destructive power of the Sentry, who had given into the whispers of his Void persona.

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