गोपा उत-  Even cowherds,       एनम्- this Rudra of the form of Surya,    अदृशन्-  see. Made in India. Abhinavasankara comments that having prayed for worldly pleasures in the previous mantra, happiness of Liberation is prayed for in this mantra. The first anuvaka is chanted to destroy all sins, obtain leadership and divine benevolence, protection from famine, freedom from fear, protect cows, Apamrityu fear from untimely death and protection from evil forces.

Of them, Parameswara took the poison and Chandra; he kept the terrible poison in his throat, thus hiding it from sight and placed Chandra, who gives happiness to all, on his head. The Rishi for this mantra is Kaasyapa; chandas is svaraatanushtup; Devata is Sambhu. Printing option may be enabled or download option may be given, so that, interested ones can take a print out & start learning it. भगवः-  Bhagavan Parameswara! see). Methods of Chanting Rudra. Though surgery is troublesome to the sick person, as it is performed for the ultimate well being of the patient, the surgeon is praised as compassionate and not castigated as cruel. Shri Rudram’s Namakam chapter five describes the name or epithets of Rudrawho is a fear-inducing aspect of Shiva. Learn German Vocabulary Free. One should meditate upon Iswara, who has a smiling face, wears crescent moon on his head, bears Ganga, has the daughter of Himavan (Parvatharaja) on his side, has three eyes, wearing Vibhuti and serpents as ornaments and is the lord of Jivas (Pasus). How can there be anger in Sri Parameswara, the blemishless one with all good attributes? Required fields are marked *, © Copyright Barta 2018. Stotra Nidhi © 2020. The fruit for these three mantras is said to be destruction of enemies.

Sri Krishna then chanted Sri Rudram in order to pacify it and make it come to his hands. As Sri Parameswara has limitless number of eyes, is capable of seeing everywhere and possesses limitless quivers and arrows, the Rishi uses the two terms of address, ‘Sahasraaksha’ and ‘Satheshudhe’ to indicate this fact. and brings comfort to all.

We douse the anger of Sri Parameswara of the form of the Sun’s zone and Rudraganas, who are spread everywhere in thousands, by songs of praise, prostration etc.

Printing is disabled because we are continuously correcting the mistakes that we notice. एनम्- This Rudra,       विश्वा भूतानि- all creatures (like bull, sheep etc. If Parameswara is not capable of destroying the devotee’s enemies, whoever they might be, the prayer would be that he should first speak in the devotee’s favour and then destroy the enemies.

Hence another Sruti says ‘Bhishktamam tva bhishajaam srunomi’ (the best among doctors). One, who diagnoses the cause of a disease, may sometimes resort to surgery. ये चे माँ रुद्रा अभितो दिक्षु श्रिताः सहस्रशो वैषाँ हेड ईमहे ॥. As his vision extends everywhere, it is clear that he will directly see us worshipping him, wherever we are. Ram, మీ ఈమెయిలు చిరునామా ప్రచురించబడదు. The sixth Anuvaka praises Lord Rudra as the source of different worlds and Vedas. असौ योsवसर्पति   नीलग्रीवो     विलोहितः ।, उतैनं विश्वा भूतानि स दृष्टो मृडयाति नः ॥. Sri Rudram Namakam - Telugu | Vaidika Vignanam. Namaste !! Rishi for both the mantras is Marutvaang; Devata is Sri Parameswara of the form of Aditya. Chandas for 7th mantra: Aasthaara pankti; for 8th mantra: Jagati chandas, having six parts. A collection of spiritual and devotional literature in various Indian languages in Sanskrit, Samskrutam, Hindia, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, English scripts with pdf We want every one to learn Rudram. Then his two arms will go on to hold them. नमस्ते अस्तु धन्वने बाहुभ्यामुत ते नम:॥   १. As he is prayed here for ridding his anger and being calm, it is but proper that he is addressed as 'Rudra'. Only if the string is strung in the bow, it is possible to string arrows and discharge them. This mantra will be fully efficacious to one who practises Praajaapatya krichchram and chants the mantra 11000 times.

You can learn Surya Mandala Stotram using this App. Encourage others to chant shlokas and mantras properly. When Parameswara gets angry, his arrow will come in front; he will then look at his bow. As usage of ‘lit’ is done in present tense also in Veda, Bhattabhaskara’s commentary states that for the word ‘babhuva’, the present tense meaning of ‘exists’ should be understood. One who resides in Kailasa always and grants joys to all creatures. ( as it is herd : Gurus not passed on the information to the students or followers ( but the paradox is : as my teacher used to say we ( students ) are ( vidya –anarddhikulu ) Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Heda:- This word has two meanings- dishonour and anger. This App will help to Learn Rudram.

Dishonour arises by not performing acts as laid down in Vedas and anger because of performing acts prohibited in Vedas. मण्डलान्तरगतं हिरण्मयं भ्राजमानवपुषं शुचिस्मितम् ।, चण्डदीधिति मखण्डितद्युतिं चिन्तयेत्मुनिसहस्रसेवितम् ॥, “One should meditate on Sri Parasmeswara, who is in the Suryamandala, of golden hue, with a brilliant form, with pleasant smile, served by thousands of ascetics, possessing power not subdued anywhere and having harsh rays.”.
As there is no use of showing a kind face if there is no compassion in the mind, the prayer also says ‘Sumana bhava’.

Please use stotranidhi mobile app for offline use, మీ ఈమెయిలు చిరునామా ప్రచురించబడదు. As Parameswara is capable of easily destroying anybody at any time, the prayer is that first he should destroy the enemies and then speak in the devotee’s favour. ( as it is herd : Gurus not passed on the information to the students or followers ( but the paradox is : as my teacher used to say we ( students ) are ( vidya –anarddhikulu ) Once again , I pray Goddess :for providing all these resources . सहस्राक्ष-  One with many eyes! Having prostrated through the previous mantra, the Rishi prays now: “Please do not use your arrows against us and protect us. After praying in the previous three mantras for withdrawing all weapons, the Rishi prays now for protection using those weapons. नमो अस्तु नीलग्रीवाय सहस्राक्षाय मीढुषे ।. Fudram is changed for blessings of a son with the stature of Rudra, expansion of assets, eliminate the chances of miscarriage and easy childbirth, averting adverse constellations in horoscope and protection of son. Thank you for your great service .

Hence anger, arrow, bow and arms are prayed to in that order. The other two commentaries state the meaning: ‘Please grant me happiness from the arrows etc., which were worshipped by me in the previous mantra and became calm-formed.’ On this basis, the term ‘babhuva’ is interpreted in past tense. ‘Giri’ is the word of assurance; ‘trayate’ means he protects, being firm in his assurance.”. In this same Rudram, it has been stated ‘Raksha cha no adhicha Devabruhi’, which means protection first and then making favourable recommendation. Rudram Namakam Chamakam Full Song - Full Telugu Devotional Song | రుద్రం నమకం చమకం - Duration: 56:31. The Ninth Anuvaka is chanted for mhaa Suvarna Golda good wife, job and blessings of son who will be devoted to Lord Shiva. We are preparing this website as a big library of Stotras, Veda Suktas and Puja Vidhis without any print mistakes.

Ram. Like bodily disease, there are many other afflictions like sin, grief of samsara, poverty etc. means the group of enemies. However, as the bilva leaves dropped by them fell on the Sivalingam, Parameswara considered the hunters as his devotees and ordered after their death that they be brought to Kailasam. Achcha-  This word is ‘Avyaya’ (an indeclinable particle in Samskrit grammar); is used ‘long’ (dirgha) (achchaa) in Vedic time. As sin is our worst enemy, ‘Aare’ was interpreted to mean heap of sins. STHOTHRAS - 79 4 minutes read. Were there no Surya, the entire world will become inauspicious, enveloped in darkness. స్పందించు. By performing Prayaschitta called ‘kruchchram’ first, followed by chant of the two mantras- 7th and 8th- continuously for 16 days without break, one will attain the full power of the mantras. In these stories it is seen that after the emissaries of Yama were driven away, Parameswara spoke to Yama, Chitragupta et al in favour of the hunters. Even if the arrows have been blunted, if the discharging warrior is cruel, he might trouble us somehow. May Sri Parameswara, who, out of great compassion, travels in the sky so that all may have darshan and attain to higher state, bestow comfort on us; this is the prayer. The hymn is an early example of enumerating the names of a deity. Rishi of this mantra is Kanva; Chandas is Anushtup; Devata is Sambhu.

ध्यायेत्सिह्मासिनासीनमुमया सहितं शिवम्  ॥, “One should meditate on Sri Parameswara, whose form is splendorous like Chandra of the autumn season, with brightness causing happiness; who is seated on a throne and accompanied by Parvati.”. This mantra states in response to this doubt that nobody else can cause any trouble to those who have received the grace of Parameswara. बाणवान् उत-  also quiver,         विशल्यः-   be bereft of arrows. In case there are many sins with us, hindering your protection, kindly place your weapons in that heap of sins and destroy them.

त्वा-  you,  अच्छा-  to attain,  शिवेन वचसा-  with auspicious  words (of praise),  यथा- in which manner, नः- our,  सर्वं जगत् इत्- these moving objects like men and animals,  अयक्ष्मं- free from disease,   सुमनाः-  with good minds, i.e.

Having prayed in the previous mantra, the Rishi prays again to the weapons etc. निदानज्ञस्य भिषजो रुग्णे हिंसां प्रयुञ्जतः ।, न किञ्चिदत्र नैर्घृण्यं घृणैवात्र प्रयोजिका  ॥. Chandas of this mantra is Anushtup; Rishi is Sambhu; Devata is also Sambhu. Rajshri Telugu 1,939,586 views 56:31 As Parameswara holds Kalakuta poison in his throat, he is called Nilagriva. in the inimical heap of sins, or at a long distance,       निधेहि-  place. Hence this mantra has been hailed as ‘kavacham’ (armour) by Maharishi Bodhayana. Rishi of the three mantras-10, 11 and 12 is Narada; Chandas is Anushtup; Devata is Rudra. It will be very useful for those who have interest in learning and practicing our traditions. उदहार्यः- Even innocent women, who fetch water     अदृशन्-  see. Keep it up the good work.

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