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サイパンはグアムの北の小さなリゾートアイランドです。 アメリカ領土のサイパンは日本から一番近い移住や留学に最高の地です。 そんなサイパンで不動産を購入するにはどうすればいいでしょうか? 【アメリカの関連記事はこちら】 サイパンの物価事情。 Providing you a quality professional real estate services to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

views. Studios, 1-2 bedrooms for Rent. U.S. It will do you some good!

Tapochau Road, Saipan, 5-bedroom, 4-bath, office, caretakers apartment, 3-story, 5,000+ ft, 2,774 sqm property, with a portion available for additional development, Spectacular panoramic ocean and sunset views, Private and secure gated subdivision. $130,000, Puerto Rico, hillside above the commercial port of Saipan. The condo has 3 large bedrooms, each with a full bathroom. 1. Website. If you need professional assistance buying or selling property, leasing homes, houses, condos, apartments, land, beach, and ocean view lots in the CNMI, call or email Saipan Real Estate. Copyright © 2013 Saipan Real Estate. The flight time from Tokyo is only three and a half hours. Swimming pool, modern appliances Prepaid 55-year lease with I have designed this website to showcase the Northern Marianas as an enchanting travel and retirement destination. The seasons consist of dry season from December to June, and rainy season from July to October. We provide a unique blend of caring, comfort and the most advanced dental procedures available. * Kingfisher Golf Links For more information about any of our services, or to make an appointment, please call us at 670-234-4040 or Contact Us Online today! Convenient Location Are you a frequent traveller? Import of products into USA, Duty free. Our Mission Navy Hill 3 Bedroom Condo with a Pool and Managaha view —, 5 Bed 4 Bath with Pool Executive Home in Papago — 3453. Real Estate Logistics and support Import - Export Interior Design Living in the CNMI Tax and Immigration Referrals Follow Us Email Us Call Us + 1 (670) 989 - 2502 (670) 234 - … saipan real estate Saipan Realty Development LLC Sandy Weaver. and water reserve backups. Monthly or Long Term Lease. My personal honest apologies for not expressing gratitude to earlier. 55-year lease or Fee simple ownership available Saipan Taxes CNMI Residency CNMI Income Taxes CNMI Business Taxes Saipan Rentals Home Rentals Commercial Rentals Apartments & Condos Saipan Real Estate … Need an escape from the torrential demands of the everyday pressures of life? Covered car port, secure storage unit, stand-by water storage, etc. Saipan Real Estate Fina Sisu 4 unit inc... 1st Executive home features, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, 2 kitchens, (1 inside and 1 outside in a covered sitting area), pantry, living room, den / office, laundry room and car port. Concrete and semi-concrete construction, car port, good condition All Rights Reserved | Another Beautiful Website by Saipan Web Design | Join Our Links Ring, If you would like more information on retiring or purchasing property in the Northern Marianas, please, Thank you for visiting my Saipan Real Estate. Advertise, find, buy or sell houses, villas, apartments & land. SRE offers personalized broker services for all realty needs. 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-story, 1,484 ft Hit the read more button to learn more about the CNMI. Find apartments for rent in Tokyo, Osaka and around Japan. For those of you enduring winter in cold cities hidden from the sun for months on end, this will give you something to look forward to. Easterly ocean views of Lau Lau Bay Buenas Tatdes and Mwaremwar Ave., Dan Dan Are you looking for a great place to invest or just start a new stress free life. Saipan Condos and … ATOM'S社は、1992年会社を設立して以来、長年に渡るサービスと実績を誇る総合 コンサルティング及び不動産管理におけるアセッツマネージメント会社です。 我々は日本よりお客様がサイパンで必要とされる全ての不動産サービスの提供を The humidity averages between 79 and 86 percent monthly, but is moderated by northeast trade winds equating to little seasonal temperature variation. 4,000 ft Air-conditioning, Hot Water, Cable TV.

Paradise Dental Center is the most affordable dental clinic in the CNMI. Newly constructed

Refresh your heart and lungs by inhaling the refreshing tropical air of the Marianas. Added COVID - 19, 2 deaths, No hospitalizations for last 7 months. Otherwise you can reach Manila in three hours or Seoul in four and half. Walk to shopping, bank and food market. 1,280 sqm lot Concrete construction, large patio, Gazebo and BBQ area, covered car port, etc. Copyright © 2010 - 2020 All Rights Reserved. Our Mission The mission of Triple J Saipan, Inc.’s Real Estate division is based on the founding principles of the company’s “Customers’ First” motto -- providing quality service and goods at …

Are you looking for a great place to invest or just start a new stress free life. Move-in ready with custom furniture package, video/audio equipment, and high-end appliances, fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, etc. Saipan Saipan Municipality . Your time is important, so make the most of it with your family by choosing a time-saving destination for your home. Come and live in an environment that is virtually fee of pollution and smog. Beach Road, San Jose. Covered 2-car carport, secure storage unit, r/o filtered water system with ample storage holding tank, etc. Alexander Realty is a full service company with a cross functioning team of devoted staff providing experience in real estate, property management and development, brokerage, auctions, and broker price opinions, throughout the CNMI (Saipan, Tinian, and Rota). Currently rented producing $990/mo in rental income Saipan Saipan Municipality . Price-$495,000, Lau Lau Heights, Saipan Northern Mariana Islands property / real estate for sale direct from private sellers & agents. Valley views, mature fruit trees, paved road access, Luxury home consisting of 4-bedrooms, 4-bathrooms, office, loft, 3,000+ ft, Additional 1-bedroom, 1-bath in-laws apartment consisting of 640 ft, Spectacular panoramic ocean and sunset views, Private and secure location with paved road access. with sunken Jacuzzi tub, gourmet approx. and furniture, 20,000 gal. ... saipan Saipan Municipality . I designed this site to showcase Saipan. * Saipan Country Club. As a special promotion, we are offering a professional cleaning, a complete exam and digital x-rays for only $39! Currently rents for $1,000.00 per month, plus utilities. Another major perk is the immense stress relief that such island retreats provide. With the island’s convenient proximity to Asia, you can leave the unpleasantly cold winters of Tokyo or Seoul, Friday morning and be on a white sandy beach by the afternoon, soaking up the warm tropical sun. ↑アメリカ滞在に役立つこちらの情報もご覧ください。過去のアメリカの記事一覧はこちら, サイパンには日本のような街の不動産屋さんといえば、中国人経営の中国人投資家用の不動産屋さんです。, これら中国系の会社が取り扱う物件は相場よりも高額に設定されていますので、購入するのはあまりおススメできません。, 各社ホームページでは主に高級物件のリーズや賃貸を取り扱っていて、日本のように格安物件やお手事な物件情報は一切掲載されていません。, 日本のマンションですね。(アメリカではマンションは大きい一軒家のことでを意味します。), サイパンのコンドミニアムは、プールがあったり、受付が24時間いたりと高級な物件が主となっています。, 就労者住宅は、その名の通り会社に雇用され、サイパンで就労していなくてはなりません。, そのためコストパーフォーマンスが良いので人気があり、入居待ちの状態が続いています。, サイパンには固定資産税が無いので、投資効率は年間8%~15%になり、7~12年間で初期投資金が回収可能で、その後は補修費用もかかりますが年間10%前後で収益を確保することができます。, 土地の保有者を確認するため、登記簿謄本などを入手し、現地の弁護士と契約を締結してくれ安心です。, 何度も記述しましたが、サイパンではエージェントに依頼して物件を探してもらいましょう。, 日本人の経営する不動産屋さんもありますが、物件を取り扱わないエージェントはあなたの希望を100%優先して、良い物件を探してくれます。, 日本人の経営する不動産屋でも取り扱う物件を売る為、あまり良くない物件をつかまされてしまうトラブルも発生しています。 まずは信頼のできるエージェントを探すことが第一歩です。, ディズニーワールドまで車で10分間、ユニバーサルまで車で15分間。フロリダの中心へステイ, せかいじゅうYoutubeチャンネルで海外居住者のインタビューを配信しています。生の声から感じる海外暮らしをご視聴ください。, コロナ問題を機に、多くの方が明日がどうなるかわからない不安なとき、誰かが困ったときにコミュニティを通じて、元気や勇気を与えたり、支援したりという『助け合いの場』を作りたいという想いから、せかいじゅうでは、世界中の日本人同士が繋がり、互助できるコミュニティ・せかいじゅうサロンを用意しています。, せかいじゅうは「海外へ出たい日本人」と「海外で暮らす日本人」が繋がるコミュニティマーケットプレイスです。世界で暮らす日本人が提案する移住プランやサポートを利用して、「いつでも、どこの国にも移り住む可能性が開ける。」“せかいじゅう”はそんなスタイルを提案します。, ご登録いただくとせかいじゅうの機能が利用可能になります。(海外サポーターへの応募の場合も、はじめにメンバー登録ください)登録後、認証URLを記載したメールが送られますので、パスワードを設定してください。※認証メールが迷惑メールボックスに入っている場合があります。あわせてご確認ください。, ※登録を行いますと、せかいじゅうの利用規約、プライバシーポリシーに同意したことになります。, せかいじゅうは「海外へ出たい日本人」と「海外で暮らす日本人」が繋がるコミュニティマーケットプレイスです。, 「一人の人生、一つの国。」そんな時代は終わった。 日本だけでしか、暮らしたことがないなんて、つまらない。 海を越え、世界へ移動し、生きる。 多くの未知なる体験と挑戦、大いなる喜びと温かい家族、 新しい人生がそこには待っている。, 世界中に住む日本人すべてがプランナーとなり、各国でのライフプランを直接せかいじゅうメンバーへ提案する、そんな面白い時代を一緒に作りましょう。.

Northern Mariana Islands property / real estate for sale direct from private sellers & agents. Judicial protection for Business Transactions, 4. Not only are our housing developments of outstanding quality, they beautify and revitalize our neighborhoods. Tapochau Road, Saipan 5-bedroom, 4-bath, office, caretakers apartment, 3-story, 5,000+ ft 2,774 sqm property, with a portion available for additional development Here is a rare find. * Marianas Country Club

In the Marianas, you can choose among a vast array of beautiful white sand beaches away from crowds and commercialism. The number of comfortable, affordable apartments has grown with this addition to the Triple J Saipan Real Estate Group, which also includes Sandy Beach Homes and Ocean Ridge Homes coming soon. Only 200 feet to White Sand Beach. I live & thrive  on saipan with my wife Congyun Xu and our son Mikey Jr. and I can tell you, life is good, relaxing, as their is no traffic, or hectic work loads you find in bustling city's, only beautifull sunsets and crystal blue waters, what are you waiting for? Are you a frequent traveller? In addition, please post your personal comments on my website blog. Move-in ready with furniture package, high-end appliances, fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, etc. I have lived on Saipan, CNMI since 2004 and have been investing here in the CNMI since I arrived. Vaulted ceilings, ceramic tile floors, a/c, ceiling fans, etc. Let the fresh tropical air fill your lungs as you approach the green to tee off, surrounded by the luscious island shrubbery, with the assorted tropical birds and the crashing pacific waves as your fanfare. Saipan Commercial Properties. On this website you will find our portfolio page of featured properties, and valuable information for you to understand the many reasons for vacationing or retiring in this fabulous South Seas Paradise. Such short distance makes the island an ideal location for a second home. If you would like more information on retiring or purchasing property in the Northern Marianas, please contact Saipan Real Estate and I will immediately reply. Generator stand-by power Easily search for short-term, guesthouses, no key money, pet-friendly, and luxury apartments to fit any budget.

2020. Green Hills Estates, Mt. Saipan Comfort Homes is an affordable housing complex with two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment rentals in Saipan. Prepaid 55-year lease, with 47 years remaining, Luxury town home consisting of 4-bedrooms, 4-bathrooms, 2-story, 3,500 ft. Move-in ready with furniture package, video equipment, appliances, fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, etc. Cited by the Guinness of World Records for having the most temperate climates in the world, the Mariana islands make for comfortable living or a great vacation anytime. kagman village saipan municipality .

If you would like information on retiring, and purchasing your dream home in this enchanting, Copyright © 2013 Saipan Real Estate. You can choose among Saipan’s varied selection of championship golf courses: * Lao Lao Bay

The second floor has two bedrooms.

approximately 50 years remaining. AVAILABLE NOW APRIL 2009 *** SPECIAL *** LONG... $588,900.

Plot of land For Rent. Large exterior deck Advertise, find, buy or sell houses, villas, apartments & land. kitchen, master bath with garden We would love you to look into these properties and we hope that you will find something match-able to your needs. You now have the opportunity to retire in a South Seas Paradise without paying large foreign residence fees!! Saipan Houses For Sale.

1,2 and 3 story units.

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