Able to handle a “bundle” of “trays”, going from 2 to 4 stacks per unit. adding 335 buildings, 288 items,

Pipes are bi-directional afterall. Offering its own unlocks which are not necessary for progressing the game, but sure are sweet to have. There is no better way to freely traverse your factory, and the seating compartment is an ergonomic masterpiece. This way we hope to support the specific needs of different players more. A bunch of existing assets were tweaked and improved to fit the new look and level of quality. Like not only having to gather liquids but also having to dispose them somewhere and rendering the waters useless where you dump it, :D what new fluid things are going to be added? Another two redesigns that have, under mysterious circumstances, made it to Experimental early. Transporting fluids will be a different challenge than transporting your regular solid resources. Since the release of the game, the MAM has been a barebones research station. FUEL GENERATOR The single combustion engine generator in the game requires only fuel to run. To stay up to date with what is happening on Satisfactory, consider following us on social media and checking out our weekly development streams! Also, Instead of making conveyors faster… (Or in addition to that too.) We’ve updated all translations in the game to the latest version. ... Update 3, at launch, will include the rewards listed below, but we will be adding more as we continue development on Satisfactory. “The Plastic requirement on Super Computers went from 3 decimal numbers to just 1?! PS: There have been no incidents that inspired this change. Thus, we removed the decimals from the oil product recipes and replaced them with cleaner and more consistent amounts, to allow the player a break from number crunching and focus on pipe logistics instead.

Essentially the MAM is now its own ‘side’ progression station. This is the pinnacle of factory traversal. Entrances will suck you in and propell you along the Hypertube, which means they are easy to access, and pretty simple to hit during flight. 15 3 Satisfactory Patch Notes Update #3. We just love this game. But with the addition of pipes and by-products we wanted to take it a step further and include those new features, combined with most of the production buildings the game has to offer at this point. A simple “EDIT”, when selecting an item would be ideal. Carry them around as a reminder of your progress or use them to decorate your factory, so you can marvel at their beauty whenever you walk those concrete floors. We changed how Nuclear Fuel Rods are produced, but more on that later when we talk about the rebalance of part recipes. Pop over here:, You can support me on Patreon here: So when it doesn’t align with the ground, it extends to reach it, from the conveyor’s snap-line-center. I thought the map button was broken and was about to fill-out a bug-report about it. ALUMINA SOLUTION Yes. Other than that, nothing changed here. I agree! so unpackaging fluids in a slightly smaller building, like a constructor, would be completely ok...? Holy guacamole. Seriously, all this technology and I still have to walk half way across the world to mess around with a power-issue that requires me to walk back again, to each individual machine to turn it off, or manually cut wires all over the factory?). Added an option to adjust camera feedback on the Hypertubes, Added an option to turn direct snapping to buildings off and on, Hazmat suit now has a proper mesh when dropped and in the description, Geyser placement issue in Desert Canyons resulting in ‘Floor is too steep’ when trying to build should be fixed, Player characters now get the right speed when running on Conveyor Belts, Player characters actually stand still when standing still on Conveyor Belts (used to play running animation), Fixed issue with clients being able to resources other than energy sources into Generators or the fuel slot of the Truck Station, Clients can now access freight platform inventory, Holograms for other players don’t stutter as much on client, Blocked player input during join / respawn which could result in bugs & crashes, The text on the Object Scanner will no longer disappear on different FOV settings, Clients can now initiate autopilot and docking while driving trains, Power Circuit E-Mail is no longer placeholder text, Hub now properly snaps to other buildings without individual parts like the Terminal ending up in a wrong position, ”NEW” pop-up on buildings doesn’t reset anymore whenever a game is loaded, Moving items in inventory while the split stack UI is active doesn’t affect the split number anymore, Split stack UI cannot be stacked on top of itself anymore, Splitting stacks by 0 that aren’t max size doesn’t delete them anymore. Those are aimed at the less experienced players, since their worries might align more with simply getting production running well. A place to discuss the game by Coffee Stain Studios currently in Early Access.

We are looking forward to showing you more of what’s going on soon <3, Updated all languages with the latest translations, The Korean font is currently broken (we are working on fixing it), To be fair, having to deal with polluting liquids (including poo) would be a pretty dope addition. Lastly, we increased the cost of most Power Generators and Extractors (eg. This is Coffee Stain’s biggest update yet, and there is way too much to dive into. Managing the flow of oil into your factory will be a very different transport challenge than before. What we are attempting to achieve with these changes is to create a better progression when it comes to the complexity of recipes. So you can now focus on progressing the research you care about and unlocking the content you want, rather than having to pay for a bundle. Your rewards will no longer be populating the milestone menu, but instead they’ll unlock immediately when you complete their research in the MAM.

Lastly, to get the correct input multiple plate and screw productions were needed to be fed into assemblers, making it the first production line to need those kinds of ratios. But with the addition of so many steps we ran into the problem where these setups might become disproportionately big, so we rebalanced the ratios between the old and new parts to retain a similar amount of total buildings as before, for a similar final output.

They are built almost exactly like pipes, but with an additional build mode for extra smooth curves, and are the most space-efficient and reliable transportation method between predetermined points in your factory or the game world. - We are not affiliated with Satisfactory or Coffee Stain Studios. Decimal numbers are a simple way to increase the complexity of a recipe, as it simulates working with big numbers while the actual in- and outputs can be kept in line with the rest of the game. Which eliminates their repetition problem, makes them stand out a bit more, and introduces more complexity for those parts that need it. WATER PUMP This beast of a pump can be placed on any deep body of water (of which there are plenty) and it’ll churn out water as long as you keep it hooked up to power.

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