4. 14. Stephen predicted that seeds would start to grow faster if an electric current traveled through the soil in … stream All eight steps of the Scientific Method are discussed, including:

Flu�,�lI�$�_����������%�����Fب���P�V�n�_s���Q���{��2����o@�C5�\����»�U�E%�������h�kc l�bh�jУKx(V��&xsx�f�Mbr;ha��̋G�! Create a hypothesis for the following problem: You are planting a garden. You and your friend are walldng along a beach in Maine on January 15, at 8:00 am. 4 0 obj ɗ�CK�7�/o0S�%_V��aɗG���z4_f���v�1���G�ђ��`\ߘ/���e!Ô}y�]�:�1�r�|��2#�!1���Nc��n!/;�/;�bWE�,ę�a�Q;D��{N|�:�//���h�D�.�0�Ά��Oŗ�H�q_>��+�^X�,�~������k�/c��%�8rcc�OR����I 5[�r�����!��L�y�U� Procedures are the 4th step of the scientific method. __5__ Sometimes when Uncle Bill and Beans were together, the room smelled terrible and sometimes when Uncle Bill was alone, the room still smelled bad and when Beans was alone, the room never was never stinky! Students should complete and turn in Come Fly with Us before leaving. there scientific method knowledge. %PDF-1.4 << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> �4�� �����5�r��E��U���ř0�1�K ��m�8��7ś�:��i:�q'����c�u�y>A�sR���uu�:�{X�h2�p]��_���|�����-�����ϑLJ/nz�ky� $��}WL��A��?�1��e�����~x|[^$������)�����/w�j�Y��`����Y�y�y�J�Z����8Fq���Y��al.��.߻ ~*�{\ԨpZݼ�Z�s~�\��2G�'��9L}}8k�!ius�H]PE�;֋Q�9`+�z The Scientific Methodprogram outlines step-by-step the method scientists rely on to solve problems. i =�t��Z=�>�gF����C������_�rK,��6�nfE>��nhzd딳5���G����͌|,�ɲg��s�W=���G�!��lp�%l���K�fo�R�a��D�c�5�yy�S��9�� ____ 7.

%PDF-1.3 Introduction to Scientific Method Lesson #1 Page 3 Activity 1 Lecture/Notes on the Scientific Method – use overhead to go through notes outline with students. __2__ Uncle Bill and his dog Beans were in the room. Download Worksheet … $�ɢ��7�>a�0��}l��=��\��D$]R<6��R2B��2�M��HYA�u^:l���Ey����g��0an�|�CiM��+�&��X���?���ne�Դ!�ŞGH�=8�t-D�=�;����

You also 9¾/�8�����~p��J��f����eU��6��[�����}MY�֒�R��hj���LS��e��ձb��mֻu����/� If the answer is false, replace the underlined word or phrase with one that will make the sentence correct. Steps of the Scientific Method: 1. Observations 13. Analyze results AND record the data). �A. j.��ft~x;�ު�W���>�$y �7� _0�F�4��C�ݫ�Nj�"������Fo2́��=�|����O�i�?M�&U��f��Kj��� ������Z)�����2�V~I�}�3��q����@��e��g7/<7�y�~6'"��]׊ן��u;����n�u��o�=�k�uؙr��V�ow��nW�\s�u�$7����-S�n,������ީ�QƵ��z[�6}��uW2�i��G�]��/L������W>�Z�R�5w����m�O)}(� k̿��3��_��f}>�~�2�?�z_��(���4��lM跟��-X0C?k�_�>��z��I�?�s�٧�������%8�X/����`�Ӟ�����j h�W�����㬲���{��Ϧ�]��M����Q�ڟ����ͪ���j?���ԏM��5�����?S����_ݩ��uY��_��?�Y�ק���� �#�_�l*�������T��穴#��gQ��������1�w�^���׿緒��=�_���+��=�|�/*d�����\�L��&�{��-���֜�w{���c�. 4 0 obj 15. !��ۏ�!kK-��+��/š�,urMx��ޕ��23��|����>]og_Ώ�����l��{a/c��> �Γr�h�9�Y����l��r�0�����MLl�.�ғ��b���f_�qE�F���KVW�c��2A������)V��. �����fl0 �H�D��rlՀ��10�P�) U��w��ٴ�{������8��G��^��g���x��.��Zz�6�G�`qj�D|����:6���Ɯ��[QB�(J�OU�$�8k����\���g�*-mQ��v~��&�ՙ�0D��A�kT� �C_�54��GYkG(]kc��6�,qD�C@M�녪�:c�:D㶋 � �IS�BrcJ�h1��`DZ%�U���"�{_��c�9E�C#�����>��*�ͪO+�4�[���j�)`��h��X˛�Lhc[�[i�RZ�>SV�J(x�[Y飂`�b�+�!�g-���d�1��C _____ A scientific law is different from a scientific theory because it

Scientific Method Story Worksheet Analyzing the Elements of a Scientific Method Read the following story and then answer the questions. You notice a thermometer on a nearby building that reads -1°C. Name: Period: Scientific Method Story Worksheet Analyzing the Elements of a Scientific Method Read the following story and then answer the questions. 5 0 obj Can you think of two ways to answer a scientific question? p�0U�5��\��C�&7��BR��V��s�ܺ�9���Vm�Yf��[l�~X�0!=� ��C[�'�ĶB��֮��������E�X/���|��>|o*m���ʮΘZ�ٞ��8aks]�v�a�o�u�wk�l㢎��P�Y�;m�=t�����,WYh����,5�s 9��ZۇH�`G�, +�����̐|��le���wǎE64rH[A��V`W1�_�{��E�H������ʡ��}i@ᘈm1Q���,� F����U�A,6�y#B���`��b�Qu�}_73�/R�H���r J$�����)��$%�BP��*@1*��4h�K!T�j�:L�zi�"��]K�֯}�\ز�_�QGj]� 17. 2. [���.���ZW���P�[�V2UM2�a��hA�\'O3�Tf]h�0�53L�"�_�I =��ј�9�=�雚݋69yv�v�6L'�&ǰ�r}l`M�Y����NU7���jR��X8�p�hX�5#��T� 4��y�7��-�&=+* � �Q��>�PAJ�h'� 4#c�ҵ�3P�Cc��H�-��8��Q�RU�y{�������X"OÞ�S�ba��>����k2�Lё�ω���D��E\ �ܐ�iH� �3C�.d,���'N�J List the three must haves of a hypothesis. ���2���ք����-�+B7� “Scientific Method Activity 2” Answer Key __3__ It smelled like somebody farted! Scientific Method - Controls and Variables ANSWER KEY Write a definition for each: Control - A part of the experiment that is not being tested and is used for comparison. Why do we perform an experiment? The scenario used to show the scientific method steps is a group of science students testing the effects of watching scary movies on heart rate. You also Period: Scientific Method Story Worksheet. ~ͣ5�5��ϟ��G��g��k�6�ݩ�n�=�~GƼٛ���Z���d�hh}���y�{*��&��/kTw�{z�V9U�릮yP������F���������]�p]�^��:$�W�=SU��2Mƨkn����z��;A�.˫���e�����~��S��ZIں�����*�n�s��\y�K�?�F���7❜�.\����?|ҦI%�ͺ���*Uk��D�G��������괗��߫���@�ڿ��2��^�>��O��2��Q�S��=�3�6f��d2�5Q^ք= T�%�s��V�ֵے��qS¦�Sn��(�=��Q,���'��rϫ�?�sN��7����,�7��R ������s\=�/��n���V]��l��wNSWR���Z����S]V_K�v1�����ݬk�~���͟l���Pr:R]���/�RM�{�4:�{�gu��x���^9n��9�{�f�RׯC)1�\�3�vw�{��|�7��� %PDF-1.3 Scientific Method Review Answer Key - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept.. Students are to return the completed questions the … �*��xL�- ��π�f�����;�Fs�Օ�fL��Ƞ4,�tH-}��}��K��(}� �mt$�&m>T����#���F�{�����b0�����4Q3�T���^�$����]L�R��K�G�����v���ȕ�dT�}#����T�1h��"n��|12i��I�DRtp�(���O��4�1�����t�Q$��=ZIm���k��k��>q��k!�A)��(��%��� %��������� stream <> YT����>��q��$������i����]�dž�x#�x�}���u�!v-��|!��_���h�] ����$�g��'i���޸�]�����Nu��֟y���|XMy����co�ןB�X�x�r���w\. Distribute Scientific Method Practice 1, and have students read and answer the questions for homework. You can include more than one thing in the procedure steps (i.e. 16. You notice a thermometer on a nearby building that reads -1°C. )����0!��7���R��x��j[���T���M.��״s����u���P���i�o[��y/dξM3���ugn�OV�����]�:�C=%�o����(o{u�EX�W�g��~j)�]�թ"z�������0�1v�}�����ĚC?����HT"��Eu�R�b�r�I�l�����7��#��p��:^JP�C?5�`BE��Բn�1�u�ˊ��›{ܕ8���������>�ݻ� ̗�+���gyoZά��f^�H}ݥ�����T��o��4]�+c9O��/G���hz1�:��m~g'����C��ɡ��#��a��d�U����k���J�yfܢٗs�ž��ڎ��b6ܢ����Z_0�4�ux9����ᤱ��b�hPl�r�m��%�I�f_0�D4۾\t�c{�_�e������ID���"@D�����(���UY3�cOÏ��6aU�YY&��4vu�t������(�)̇^e���>v|�|���0�Oj>8�m��C(�)��v�����OC���X�!ʽh�+�j���Fvb������E�Ċ��L��o� Match each sentence with a step of the scientific method listed below. �?���L���f��\���f���D��?�����.�ώ|�_~΢�{xU%)� �}�A�x�{G�|�WG stream The Scientific Method The scientific method is a systematic approach to gather knowledge to answer questions about the world we live in. _____ Forming a hypothesis is the first step of the scientific method. %�쏢 Can You Spot the Scientific Method Worksheet Each sentence below describes a step of the scientific method. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> … Variable - Any part of an experiment that can vary. You and your friend are walldng along a beach in Maine on January 15, at 8:00 am. What three things must happen in order for a theory to be formed? %��������� �}�jݢϖ��[�?����ou,��L�$��ݞ��� �a�q�dCP!hvng�j���{h�,:�H�Q�$&9�%�?Ҵ.y �8T!���ڋ{NCZ[_�.��I(?�D�F�+��"�����λ�\͜��lx`:�K-EH��L��5r�27Ԛ���s�h1:T��ۼަ���7�]���^@m�����. x��ݯ-=r��qd�6,KN�! 1. 7th Grade Scientific Method Worksheets: What is the Scientific Method? x�]�$�R���W$\�"m���K\ >� .��]�1�3>�^|���?y�Ȍ����3Hؖg����������}�m�}����)��>���7�~���K���/���M�>�f:Lu]�a����?n?�ono�1ܾ�n��Ux �p����D0ܼ�?��ϟ_U��.��eܿ�ۿ ukLo���86c�%��:��&� @f�!i����W��(aU��w��u�Y!�*�YM�t�}@}j��Mg,,�z��b�'�9%�(�����W�i�8���ۏ�!�:��Ėx�Hr�"��*Y��ߨ슺���kg:�e��5�{v^�8|�� ID: 1184772 Language: English School subject: Almaseera Grade/level: 6 Age: 9-11 Main content: Scientific method Other contents: variables Add to my workbooks (7) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog Add to Google Classroom ;����50'��&y$0`�&��i|eG�)���j��T���[Gr��=�hή]M��f��"�O���|K��ǿ��O���o�����O���.�G�e��������^�]=��o�������Z��1�����/?����������������o��/�^��e�s��ۯ�x56g�i�-+��z�v���u�o���O��_��Wk������i���ç����u��#���F�����j���ܾ�:��Pn���VK�^b��+Ļ����/"\����oHW�u��_�?�_���˯����ݧ\��s����_��;�4>��j����]���������}�=��k�I���l�\�r�D�_���ߣ~�U�K�q����i��������2�e�=�������給8oGŔ�k���nGk��J܎���6�s�@_�!/��Y���=����{[i#z�j���G��w��u�\���H��K~��H�w�k�������ߗ@�����Ȳ���������J���~������몟�g2��*?�=��o�?w�֭�ݾ���c�}��.��h?���2KJ�o��e ��X�H����fݥ}/W�����̮[s�U����_��?���R��y�{gC+��?�W+�ޮ\�H�K��پy�G��{i�n릥�c�����i�^}�Пٶ�`�v�,w��

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