Pasted as rich text. I wanted to make a thread about this yesterday morning. That’s actually plausible.” I always knew she and Lynch had the power to ruin my writing career. I spoke to my roommate about comfort levels with me speaking out, and we have prepared for the possibility that they could confront me in person. Thanks for the info Ran.

And while Lynch's behaviour was terrible, that's not something that deserves such serious accusations like grooming or sexual assault, and really should have only been the matter of those involved and not the whole public. This is terrifying to write. I know of at least three other friends/acquaintances who abruptly ended their association with me. Fantasy Author Alexandra Rowland Accuses Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear of Grooming and Abuse. Author Alex Rowland has accused Scott Lynch and his wife Elizabeth Bear of grooming and abuse. But agreed particularly in light of his subsequent clarification. Dude, she was 25 and a nobody. Isn't this a kind of micro-aggression? If something more substantial comes out, I can re-evaluate, but right now this just seems not any of my business. Wow...well, you definitely sound scared. This is not grooming and I take an issue with the use of that term. Yeah, we eventually have to have a discussion about this. We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines. I thought that it meant that our collective relationship--and their relationship with each other--was healing. I’m afraid of career repercussions, for one. 28. Even now I’m desperately afraid that no one will believe me, that this will hurt me more than it helps anyone else. Genuinely curious. Lynch and I “dated” for one month, and it ended mutually when it became clear that their relationship was not healing, and that the situation was taking a huge toll on Bear’s wellbeing. × It is a pattern of reprehensible behavior that has been going on for YEARS. Imagine being abused by someone for a very long time, not having it publically known, and then being at a convention with them. The last entry on that list, from Kurt Pankau, is a sad contribution to all this. 611. That's super shitty and I'm honestly surprised that they're still together and I deeply hope that Bear isn't being taken advantage of. has also written a disturbing thread on Cole's actions, different treatment of Krueger, who is a person of color, and Cole, who is a white man, while the same treatment has so far not happened to Cole, discusses additional allegations against Sykes. I was fully prepared to never talk about this in public. Dofs that's a fair read. But it seems like there's more going on in the Bear-Lynch relationship according to a comment by Stego in the other thread. Please find my statement here: I am so sorry that this happened to you Alex. I'm busy working on my blog posts. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. -- and I was flattered by the attention. I still don’t know, and I didn’t bother asking, because I seemed to be the only person uncomfortable with her being there. You are so brave for speaking out, and you have all of my support. That happens all the time everywhere. From house-sitting for them for four months to working 30+ hours over the course of a weekend to make their backyard DIY wedding happen, I moved heaven and earth to try to make them happy. I felt special. I deserved better than this. Lawrence is accused of allowing his twitter fanbase to attack another author in 2016. When I thought I was a one-off incident, I was willing to shut up and keep quiet--don’t cause drama, it’s not worth it, it’ll blow over and they’ll leave you alone.

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