A cheap butterfly deployment with a padded “calf leather” strap costs only a few dollars more than a the deployment by itself on Amazon or eBay, so I ordered that and it arrived much faster than the Hirsch. It's been talked about before on WUS's CMF. I purchased a 1963 from Watch Unique and also a custom project watch from Thomas. Man, I really wish I would have searched on this before I bought mine. Servicing an IWC FA Jones watch. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t break down too quickly. As for accuracy, my copy started losing about 1 sec/day, but it’s settled closer to losing 6 sec/day. This is a detail that would drive me nuts on a $200 plus watch. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. But since this article is not about photography, I’ll put that discussion the the photo captions. They look great. Learn how your comment data is processed. Like other things Chinese, quality can be a crapshoot. Anyway, what makes the 1963 so interesting and worth owning? 3,617 posts. Staff Stole artistry, the police destroy “Super A” Seagull Watch Workshop A few days ago, the police in the Hebei District of Tianjin uncovered a case of counterfeit registered trademark. Great review! Isn’t it funny that when shooting with an iPhone I become too lazy to care about reflections? I did spring an extra $50 for the sapphire crystal—a good value to me since I’ve scratch every watch face I have worn regularly, and it was that failure that did in my beloved Snoopy. I was absolutely in love w the watch before buying it, but those factors kind of ruined it for me. But I am trying find a decent Nato or Zulu strap to replace the standard strap, could W&W advise where I could find a 17mm (as it seems 18mm is too big for this watch?) Reply Reply Author. There is also no sort of “European-only authorized dealer: since they are all funneled through Hong Kong for export outside China. I hope that they continue to pursue the avenue suggested by the 1963. Marie’s reaction to this movement was what motivated me to purchase the watch. The Chinese gov't wanted a watch for the People's Liberation Army Air Force that was fully Chinese. But, I also think that they have made some very weird choices with the watch selections they put forth on their US and EU sites. If you think it’s too small, you can buy easily purchase a bigger one, and no one is going to think the 38mm watch is too big. Is both the 38mm and 42mm ones 'fakes'? I guess they ran out of commemorative tins. Since this is a product shot, I’m using the Kodak Elite Color color rendering and grain which adds a small amount of warmth to the image while keeping the color saturation correct. I put on a red leather strap which rather add character to it’s red army identity. Applied markers at odd numbered hours can be darts or squares (304 had either; mine has triangles). The “authentic” is 37.5mm, has a clean crown (no logo), second row of text at 6 and red text and logo across the display back (there’s a solid case back option, too). The SeaGull 1963 seemed to fit the bill with its “21 Zuan” (21 jewels), Chinese characters and vaguely communist red star on the dial. Bahram, don’t ask this guy. Also if you like the watch I would say hunt down a 38mm acrylic version with the the cream color dial and solid caseback, that is the original configuration. If you want one now you get it from Thomas. Picture. A nice progression. The pattern of the material is distinctively different from most I’ve seen. The Seagull 1963 site now lists these as unavailable. After spending $3k+ on an Omega, I had a hard time going back to lower-end pieces, but considering value for money, this seems to tick a lot of boxes. However I paid a third of a typical aftermarket clasp, and a tenth of an luxury-brand OEM branded clasp, so when it fails I can just buy another or at least I’ve deferred the decision on what clasp to get. While the watch missing the near-ubiquitous date complication, I prefer it this way. Because of this thread I have been hesitant to pull the trigger on this. But, in the US at least, you wont find Seagull brand at your local jewelry shop, in big department stores or at most on-line retailers; at least, not in the open. A mate of mine has just bought one and tested it at +4 s/d average; a lot better than the +30 I predicted. nor are officially from Sea-Gull USA (ergo they’re all fakes). Everything shimmers and shines in a unique way; there are flecks of gold, blue, silver and red in every angle. There is also the decorated ST19 movement, which is visible through the screen-printed display case back. Seagull only makes one version of the 1963 at the moment, and that watch is known as the D304. This is a look that can be dressed up or down by the strap being used. But don't think you're going to get Daytona reliability or Moonwatch resale, Thomas would tell you that himself I'm sure. The watch arrived a week later from halfway around the world. There is basically, no protection. 5 exposures, iso 200, 20mm (40mm). We should NOT. You can luck out and get a great one, or you can get a lemon. No one seems to have a problem with it since Thomas has proven himself to be trustworthy time and time again (e.g. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I, too, would like answers to these questions! They’re all of the same subject so you can see how camera/lens choice affect composition and processing. Beyond that adjustment, the processing settings are taken from a DxO preset I use for macro with the vignetting center adjusted. The 304 can be seen here and as you can tell, little has changed aesthetically for the Seagull 1963. I really enjoy that slight lack of symmetry as it breaks up the otherwise very even face. Damn, that's crazy. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It is easy to remove the back and adjust the timing of them if it gets bad. The glass of the case back has, all in red, four Chinese characters, a star in the center of column shape and the number 1963. So, as far as the Seagull brand goes. Hello, By using and further navigating this website you agree that we use cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Taking the rich but relatively obscure history of their own brand and bringing it to light via recreations, while establishing themselves as a quality and competitive watch manufacturer. The only truly authentic Seagull pieces are vintage watches which may be able to found second hand—the few that are still running. And as Z. D. Smith, the owner of this 1963, demonstrated in his Pairs Well With, the watch’s styling compliments contemporary fashions very well. Diopters tend to play funky with evaluative meters and so this image was overexposed by a half stop. Both Thomas and Watch Unique gave me EXCELLENT customer service, I simply mailed the watch back and they repaired it and sent it back. Reissues from any other source probably should be avoided though (besides watchunique if they really are AD). Heck, my Mickey Mouse watch has the same size dial and is marketed as a Ladies watch! [Seagull 1963] Apparently all 42mm versions are fakes. 21:39. Would definitely recommend both Watch Unique and Thomas to anyone. In fact, because of all these orders, there are now so many variations that a person can wonder which are fakes and which are authentic replicas. I chose to buy a Hirsch Rivetta in golden brown. Whoa whoa whoa, you guys are wondering whether this is a legit reissue? If you had a good experience I will probably go through Long Island as well. What is it with the bad bokeh that cam come from Voigtlander lenses? The only adjustment I had to do was in exposure and contrast. So what exactly is the deal with the cheaper 1963 that we see far more often? Instead I’ll talk about a watch I “splurged” on: the Seagull 1963 Re-issue. Overall, I htink it makes for a cool watch. Seagull D304. The main hour and minute hands are long and thin blued rectangles that are punctuated by the striking red of the chronograph seconds-counter. Both were nicely finished but sadly had a problem within a few months of purchasing. The Chinese versions are very, very different from the ones for export and are actually less like the original watches than the export model, because they reflect modern Chinese tastes. (304 was either cream or black (rare); mine is cream. (304 was unsigned; mine is signed with the Sea-Gull logo. I like the style of this watch because most Chinese-brand mechanicals watches pretend to be luxury watches in the Swiss, French, or German-style and, while that may work in Singapore and Hong Kong boutiques, to this American it ends up coming off as a knock-off. I should mention the dial is not entirely original. The Seagull 1963 is a re-issue of the “Project 304” watch. How do I buy from him instead of another site like watchunique? (304 was 38mm as is mine. This design was first produced in the end of 1963 and mass-produced from 1966 to 1969 by Tianjin Watch Factory for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force in China. I purchased a 63 many months ago and ultimately ended up selling it after a couple weeks of wear. Do you have any pics? There was also a lot of speculation when it was on their website; Tsinlien Sea-Gull is only an office in HK. So who actually is 'Thomas' ? A subreddit for discussion of wrist watches and pocket watches. Case back can be solid, solid with engravings, display, display with screen printing on glass, or display with various engravings (304 was solid, mine is display with engraving saying “The First Chinese Air Force Chronograph 1963 (Reissue)” in Chinese). These are watches designed to resemble, broadly resemble, the original from 1963, they use parts manufactured by Sea-Gull (including, key, the movement), and they are produced by whomever Thomas can find to put them together. For a mechanical, that isn’t bad. Yes, Seikos, Citizens, and Orients often are inspired by American or European designs but have a decidedly-Japanese take on things. One small issue is because it uses a column-wheel and the finishing isn’t perfect, the start-stop pusher is pretty hard to press, while the reset pusher is trivial—backwards from what I would want. Ostensibly, the re-issue was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the model, but there have been copies of this watch made a number of years before 2013 and continues to be made in small batch orders today. If you buy from Thomas and the thing breaks, he'll fix it for you. The Timeless Watch Channel 149,896 views. As a re-issued watch that was originally produced for the People’s Liberation Air Force, the SeaGull 1963 definitely has a solid association with the country. This image is nothing to write home about as I only take unboxing photos to document how to return something to its original packaging.The nice thing about a tripod photo is that long exposure times don’t matter (as long as the watch isn’t running).

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