Use this form to (1) surrender your registration voluntarily for cancellation under Section 7(e) of the Act in its entirety, i.e., as to all classes in the registration; or (2) surrender fewer than all classes in the registration. Can you describe the problem? What Happens During a Section 8 Inspection? for use in submitting a filing. Yes . If you want to rent your property to a tenant who has a Section 8 voucher, your unit must pass a health and safety inspection. 15 U.S.C. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The USPTO will then update its records to cancel the corresponding extension of protection to the United States as of the expiration date of the international registration.Note on representation: The USPTO considers powers of attorney to end upon either (1) the date of registration; or (2) the final acceptance or denial of a required post-registration filing. Judges are expected to weigh up a number of factors when deciding whether or not to grant possession. Do not use this form if your application has not yet registered; otherwise, a different TEAS response form would be appropriate. Note for registered extensions of protection: §15 Declarations for registrations issued under Section 69, 15 U.S.C. You can apply online or you can contact us by writing a letter or email as soon as you notice that your licence or registration certificate is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. Click a topic, or press the enter key on a topic, to reveal its answer. Do You Need a Certificate of Occupancy for Your Property? How satisfied are you with your experience today? Learn about our current legislative initiatives. These areas are known as performance requirements. 4. Access our online forms. The manager will review the facts and make his/her decision in writing. appoint a substitute licensee to work for more than 30 days, the name of each person who holds the licence, their registered business name (if any) and place of business, the status of the licence—current, expired, refused, cancelled or suspended. §1141m. Madrid Protocol & international protection, Checking application status & viewing documents, Checking registration status & viewing documents, Enforcing your trademark rights/trademark litigation, International intergovernmental organizations, Transferring ownership / Assignments help, Combined Declaration of Use and Incontestability under Sections 8 & 15, Declaration of Use and/or Excusable Nonuse of a Mark under Section 8, Combined Declaration of Use and/or Excusable Nonuse/Application for Renewal under Sections 8 & 9, Declaration of Incontestability of a Mark under Section 15, Section 7 Request for Amendment or Correction of Registration Certificate, Surrender of registration for cancellation, Declaration of Use and Excusable Nonuse under Section 71, Combined declaration of use & incontestability under Sections 71 & 15, Response to Post-Registration Office action. The filing of this form will automatically update the "Attorney of Record" and the "Correspondence Address" data fields in the USPTO's TSDR database. For the request to divide to be processed, you must also record an assignment with the Assignment Recordation Branch and pay the $100 divisional fee for each new registration created by the division. HUD provides funding to housing authorities to run these programs. A Section 8 notice is available where you have granted an assured or assured shorthold tenancy and one of the grounds for possession apply. Fill out this form to renew or restore your property licence. Preview Section 7 Request Form [PDF] prior to accessing the electronic version through the numbered link, above. A request to amend a registration may be submitted to request immaterial changes to the mark and/or other information on the registration certificate.Note: The correction of a USPTO error that would result in a material change to the registration may not be requested through this form. As of 29 August 2020, the Government has amended the Coronavirus Act, introducing various new notice requirements when serving a Section 8 notice. Appointment of a property agent, resident letting agent or property auctioneer, Disclosure of beneficial interest to the seller, Application for a real estate salesperson registration certificate, Application to appoint a substitute licensee, Application for mutual recognition of occupational licence, Application for mutual recognition of certificate of registration/occupational licence, Notification of opening, closing or change of name of trust account.
Go to the Document Upload Portal to securely send documents to HPD. To prepare and file the electronic form, you must click on “Section 7 Request for Amendment or Correction of Registration Certificate” at the top of this section. Issue date After the inspection, you will be given a list of all items that have failed and why.

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