So, to answer the question, since Fox asked, NO! ATHLETES ARE HELD TO HIGHER STANDARD Student athletes often are held to higher standards in academics and conduct than their nonathlete counterparts. Let’s say a basketball player carries their team all the way to the state championship, but also maintained straight A’s and never got in trouble. Some think that they deserve the same treatment as any other person while others feel they should be placed under higher moral standards. They no longer have. “Every person at some point in time messes up. Major Melson, Staff WriterJanuary 2, 2020|3,326 Views. Many athletes get away with crime already, look at how Ray Rice was punished. But Mayfield still won the Heisman, still played in the playoffs, and will still get drafted. Youth today need role models. Let’s say a basketball player carries their team all the way to the state championship, but also maintained straight A’s and never got in trouble. This website uses cookies to make your expierence better and easier. Your complete guide, WBBL live: Hurricanes and Renegades look for first WBBL wins, Melbourne Cup day arrives without the crowds in a year like no other, Promoting youth is fine, but experience also counts when selecting the Australian men's Test XI, Who will be the next Australia Post boss? For some reason we tend to put athletes on a pedestal in this country, and they don't deserve to be there. But we can and should expect them to struggle to be moral, compassionate and respectful of every person. The sports associations derive their right to act against players for "off-field" behaviour under the playing contract (which includes Codes of Conduct ) if the athlete is deemed to have "brought the game into disrepute". Its BS. Melburnians have had it tough. Also, they are supposed to represent their team, teammates, school, and hometown. Due to our inclination to idolize, many Americans believe athletes or people in positions of authority should be held to a higher moral standard than we are. Voters Should Not Rely On Presidential Debates, District Should Fund More Extracurriculars, Not School Choice, Trump’s Border Wall Promises Continue To Fall Short, President Trump Should Be Removed From Office, The Rider Online | Legacy HS Student Media, The Rider Online | Legacy HS Student Media • © 2020 • (682) 314-0717 • 1263 N. Main St. Mansfield, Tx 76063 • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in, Sports and athletics, I believe, are two things separating America from other countries. Athletes should be held to higher standards In sporting news, it seems like there are more articles on college athletes being arrested on various charges every day. Who knows if athletes want to be role models. Professional athletes, like all other professionals, must behave in a manner befitting their profession, but it seems the behaviour for professional athletes is accepted to be both of a higher standard and less precisely evaluated than all others. Athletes are some of the most watched people in the world and even the most popular around school. Which really is a lot of people. All athletes are people like you and me, they are just gifted with extraordinary physical and mental capabilities but they still make mistakes like every other person does. Pro athletes are people that have great talents and skills. “I suppose they need to acknowledge it fairly early in their careers,” Klein said. Courtesy of Savannah Haas. In high school, Everyone thinks that since the student came from that school that everyone may be … About 300 lawsuits have already been filed over the US election. They look up to athletes to further their expertise in their selected talentExpectation- The public expect more from athletes than they should. This was interesting to see, and some would say it was very inappropriate. When their, do something wrong and get off easy, a fan. People are becoming more ridiculous these days and should know better. For instance, a student athlete gets in trouble for acting up in class, they would probably be sent to their coach rather than an AP. Want to join the conversation? There’s. Enter your email address below to receive our daily email updates. In high school, everyone thinks that since the student came from that school that everyone may be the same, so they take it out on the WHOLE school. All people make mistakes, athletes are human,but they are treated differently. Athletes are humans like you and me. Mitchell Atencio, Cronkite student and previous student assistant to the ASU football coaches, believes that it’s important to pick role models based on their actions and not necessarily their titles. And it should also make people wonder if it's appropriate that professional athletes are held to a higher standard than people in other careers. Athletes should never be held to a higher standard than others only because that it is their responsibility that what they did was a mistake and should be no one else's. Children, look up to them as role models, and if their standards are low, the children will also have low standards, and think it is fine. But on an even lower level like high school, I believe athletes should be held to a higher standard. Although, they had no intention of being a role model when they signed up, this is the reality of the business. If they find out that player did wrong, them kids would not be able to find another idol because they can't trust players on there mistakes. But as far as them getting a free pass just for playing football or a different sport, if I was a regular student, I’d be kind of upset. By Amy Brownstein 1113 Views 0 Comment. Argue robustly over principles and beliefs, engage in debate about what is most beneficial to community and country, but set a tone that attacks the merits of ideas, and not the quality of the people who espouse different points of view. Secondly, there needs to be a debate about the extent to which these athletes should be role models. Should cycling for short distances be encouraged ? Mental Healthcare Access by Youth Operational Plan. With all of this in mind, it is important to differentiate a public figure from a role model. Should athletes be held to higher standards. One such profession that has been a subject of debate is that of the professional athletes. Some of these doping scandals are brought about by the pres. The teachers bumps his grade and everyone goes on about their day and the player, I play football here at my school and I am thankful for the teacher raising a grade. When an athlete understands their role, they should already know they’re going to have to act different. Athletics are highly valued in our culture and many youngsters look up to pro athletes. With the number one percentage of watched entertainment in the United States, the athletes performing in these competitions should be the utmost perfect example of what a valiant citizen is. Students would say ‘it’s not fair because their coach will just let them off the hook.’ When really athletes would much rather deal with the AP than a coach, and an athlete would probably say it’s not fair because. And we shouldn’t hold drug addicts and alcoholics to different standards either. I play football here at my school and I am thankful for the teacher raising a grade for my teammate to play. Both pertain to all behaviour - be it on or off the field, connected or unconnected to their sport. Why do sports associations have the right to take action against one of their athletes for behaviour that occurs in their private time and which is unrelated to the sport?

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