Ian plays pundit Terry McIlroy (picture, left) and Simon plays pro commentator Colin King... Did you prepare for your role by watching a lot of TV sports commentary? This is not to downplay the importance of Chinese and Arabic. I feel embarrassed about it. Sorry, we weren't able to sign you up. This infographic lesson looks at interesting facts and figures about bird migration. We developed the characters together and wrote six sketches all of which were filmed and appeared in the series. We’re finalizing the 2nd edition of the final series, Senior High, and as always there are difficulties but we have such a good personal and professional relationship, I think we can get over the glitches. Beyond ELT: Creativity and Lateral Thinking, Psychology and ELT: 3 Lessons For Our Field.

He was on the Board of Management of the English Language Teaching Journal for thirteen years. Michael is placed in jobs which become his whole world.

Did you always plan to play him? On a local level, we have an editor whose role is referred to as quality control. on the board of management for the ELTJ. He has written materials , lesson plans, book chapters and elearning activities for numerous publishers and articles for blogs, magazines, newsletters and journals. Even in developed countries, such as Switzerland, a C1 level in English gives someone an opportunity to seek work with +50% salary. Whilst looking at the Lego London I remarked that it wasn't very realistic as it had no little lego homeless people on the streets. I was asked, encouraged, invited and I thought they’d be interesting.

* Nebulous - The BuzzingFrom 2006. How did I get into these positions?

The series is a bit like The Good Life crossed with The League of Gentlemen.Thanks very much Kay! How to Use Europeana Collections in Your Classroom? Required fields are marked *. National Geographic’s “Life, Vietnam Edition”: First Impressions, New Ways in Teaching Speaking, 2nd ed., TESOL Press, Book Review: Language for Teaching Purposes, Penny Ur : 100 Teaching Tips – Book Review, Teaching in Low Resource Classrooms – Voices of Experience, Reconceptualising Authenticity for English as a Global Language, Using Gboard in Language Learning Settings, Time Tracking Software for Educational Institutions, Technology in Education: How Technology Can Benefit Students and Educators, Multiplayer Video Games: a Language-learning Opportunity, Why You Should Use Laptops in Your Classroom, Using “The Most Dangerous Writing App” in the Classroom, Phil Wade Interviews: Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat, Quizlet – Create Engaging Vocabulary Study Sets, Keeping it real: how to personalise classes effectively, Teaching Academic Writing in The Blended Classroom, Learning Language Online: Reflections And Reviews, Entrepreneurs: Paul Maglione from English Attack, Entrepreneurs: Interview with Duolingo Founder, Tweeting Through The Intermediate Plateau, How to Use Technology to Provide Feedback, Effective Online Teaching with Google Course Builder.

Exploring the Trolley Problem in ELT Classes. Yes, MoEs are interesting people to work with … that’s not a euphemism for ‘difficult’, simply that they’re required to set standards which represent two parties: the state and the individual. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ian: Yes, very and surprisingly tiring at times.

Your email address will not be published. Therefore whatever generation you are, it is more than likely that you will have come into contact with the wide-ranging work of Simon Greenall, whether it’s; Partridge in the nineties, Alexander Meerkat in the noughties and beyond or Captain Barnacles for his more up to date fans.

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