Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [god] => Array [[Persephone]] can still lockdown [[Ares]] with her ultimate [[Grasp of Death]] and deal lethal damage to him with her other abilities. ) ) ( [[Chang'e]] can negate your ultimate [[Grasp of Death]] with her ability [[Moonlit Waltz]] stopping you from taking advantage of the setup that comes from your ultimate.

[god] => Array

( ) [1] => Array Will give the cooldown you nedd and a little magical lifesteal ( )

I chose to make a guide on Persephone solely because unlike a lot of people, I actually enjoy playing her, she fits my play-style, because I enjoy fast paced gods that can self sustain and take on multiple opponents at once which reminds me of Chang'e (got 11 stars on her).

Instead try to clear the wave faster and poke like crazy so you are the one dominating. ( 1. or should i get like 2 or 3 defense items? [scoreVal] => 5 ) Flourish avoids the damage that can be caused by "Grasping hands" [god_id] => 6 )

[url] => isis Cthulhu is able to run you down and in most scenarios do not care for your flowers. [notes] => [[Isis]] will have a difficult time facing a [[Persephone]] as her abilities will not be able to trade with you in terms of damage output and to add this, her lack of movement will give [[Persephone]] another advantage over you. [god] => Array This guide will primarily focus on what I've learned about Persephone and the hidden knowledge that I've managed to uncover.

[url] => kukulkan Personally I prefer maxing her 2 first. ( If you're forcing jungle to rotate then you're doing good (just be sure you're warding to know when they might be coming). )


) 1.

[notes] => [[Cthulhu]] is able to run you down and in most scenarios do not care for your flowers. [scoreVal] => 3

( After getting my 2 to rank 3 I get my 1 to rank 3 as well as you need the points in it now for long range poke and better clear, level your ult when ever you can as the damage you get from leveling is worth cause persephone always what max CDR pretty early. Persephone can be a very strong god if in the right hands. [god_id] => 46 ( Persephone Mid: Queen of the Underworld Guide (6.9 based). Copyright © 2019 SMITEFire | All Rights Reserved, Array SMITEFire is the place to find the perfect build guide to take your game to the next level. [notes] => [[Thoth]]'s ability to deal damage from range makes him a difficult opponent for Persephone to face. Fire Shards also can be countered by the healing mechanic from Harvest skulls which might save you depending on the healing and amounts of skulls you are able to consume during the short window you have before you take damage. [minor] => Array ) [notes] => [[Aphrodite]] can have a hard time dealing with a [[Persephone]] as [[Grasp of Death]] can force [[Aphrodite to use her only means of escape [[Undying Love]] which should allow [[Persephone]] to kill her with her [[Harvest]] plants. Serqet the Goddess of Venom will make you suffer from her poisons. ( (

[notes] => [[Aphrodite]] can have a hard time dealing with a [[Persephone]] as [[Grasp of Death]] can force [[Aphrodite to use her only means of escape [[Undying Love]] which should allow [[Persephone]] to kill her with her [[Harvest]] plants. (

His Shackles can also force her to beads in a situation where she is in need of using Flourish as a means to escape or engage. ( Also I don’t think you have to max CDR on Perse (though I do usually get at least 20%), and neither Chronos’ or Deso are core on her (though both good options, but rarely are you going to get Deso over Divine or Magus early). You can support us ad-free for less than $1 a month!

) ) ( ( [display_name] => Aphrodite

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