As compensation to his win, Tetsuji promised to teach him his skewering techniques. Megumi began to panic since there was no time to soften the meat, but Sōma came up with a solution and the two set off to work. Towards the end of his first year, Sōma even won the 1st Seat of the Elite Ten, an unprecedented feat. To make matters worse, Erina's own dish was stealing much of the guest's attention. As Sōma told the girl that he was Jōichirō Saiba's son, the girl immediately punched him, revealing that she is Jun Shiomi and that she did not want to remember him. In his effort to prevent an ingredient from touching the floor, Sōma fell and hit his head on the corner of the table, resulting in a lasting scar over his eyebrow. Sōma quickly prepared a Chaliapin Steak which Kanichi deemed worthy enough to challenge an A5 meat prepared by Ikumi. Any outsiders, including inner-members of the Sohma family, are to get their memories suppressed by the Memory-Suppression Technique, which is a psychic ability which has been passed down from generation to generation. Lose: Tosuke will not join the Rebels' team. Sōma also met up with Alice who told him that all Elite Ten members once participated in the Autumn Elections and looked forward to the day the two of them would fight for the Elite Ten seats. Though the Polar Star residents were disturbed by Subaru's infiltration, Sōma invited Subaru to enjoy a meal prepared by him. Sōma quickly fetched some old cooking journals from his room and, with input from Ikumi's knowledge of meat, Sōma quickly began to create the best karaage he could. Sōma was born to Jōichirō Yukihira and his wife Tamako. As the summer break concluded, Sōma arrived at the event hall where he was reunited with his fellow Polar Star members, the Aldini Twins, and Ikumi. For the active ingredient pantoprazole. Returning from his vacation, Sōma was informed by Satoshi that he, along with Megumi, Shun, and Zenji, had been selected to participate in the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election. Chapter 1

The judges were surprised that Sōma used a layered bento box instead of a square container. Sōma revealed that he had spent the remaining time he had since his epiphany curing as much sauries as he could to produce the best possible Nuka Sanma for his dish. He started to prepare a dish from Yukihira's secret menu, Transforming Furikake Gohan. Because of this, Sōma constantly finds himself in very difficult situations in his various duels and challenges which would break the spirits of most chefs.

Alice taunted Sōma, stating that he does not have the caliber to stand at the top of Tōtsuki and told him that he barely passed the assignment. However, he added that the Don RS cannot be targeted by Erina's project and Ikumi must join the Don RS if he won and she accepted the terms.

Accepting Eishi's request for a volunteer sous chef, Sōma impressed both the class and Eishi by working flawlessly alongside the First Seat. He will plunge head first into trial and error until he gets to the end results that he displays in his duels, spending days or even weeks exhausting every possible option until he finds the best one.

Erina voiced her skepticism against Sōma's grade in Roland's class and his victory in the Shokugeki against Ikumi. According to Momiji Sohma, the ones affected the most by the Sohma curse are the mothers of the cursed children, as well as the children themselves. Sōma had no ingredients to make a dish but he asked to see the kitchen. As with Subaru's Quarterfinal match, he convinced Sōma to accept a Shokugeki for their match with his knife on the line in exchange for Takumi's recently relinquished Mezzaluna if he lost.In a further attempt to rile up Sōma, Subaru called Takumi "pathetic" hoping that Sōma would angrily defend him. Sōma was speechless as he left the room, unable to comprehend that his dish was not good.

Despite his skill, Sōma has not been able to win a single match against his father. Sōma challenging the members of the Elite Ten Council. Sōma and Megumi managed to save their dish and served it to Roland. When judgment time arrived, the result was a complete, one-sided loss. The next day, the Polar Star students gathered on campus to see the official participant postings. Fed up with their insults, Sōma grabbed Yoshiaki by his collar and held him up, telling him not to insult his family's restaurant. Currently, the family is “divided” into two sides: Akito’s side of the family, and her mother, Ren Sohma’s side of the family. In another flashback, Sōma was bogged by a huge surge of customers. On his way to the hot-spring he bumped into Erina. Akira and Ryō immediately pulled out their pacific saury, which glistened in the light. After boarding the bus, Soma noticed that his signature headband had been left behind. As such he is not afraid to examine his own deficiencies, and is even eager to learn whatever he needs to in order to overcome them. For your servants hold its stones ... Today we commemorate the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.
Returning to Restaurant Yukihira, Sōma began to create a few Karaage samples like the Cheese and Curry Karaage. The unit is small and surprisingly quiet.

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