What is it saying about nationalism - good - bad? The bloody Reign of Terror came to an end in 1794 after which the square that the guillotine came to call home was renamed Place de la Concorde. She then dedicated the text to Marie Antoinette, whom de Gouges described as “the most detested” of woman. The Estates-General met in Versailles on 5 May 1789. They sent their armies out to destroy the leaders of the revolution and to try to restore monarchy. The people despised her for her lack of interest and her careless spending so they did something about it.

For the next 5 days the revolutionaries would storm prisons and murder the prisoners, in some cases they would torture the prisoners in public. 23, 1754. Louis XVI was put on the throne at the age of 20 after the tragic death of his grandfather Louis XV- May.10, 1774 until guillotined on January. What does the quote "Nationalism, on my opinion, is nothing more than an idealistic rationalization for militarism and aggression" mean? Hence the revolution. Louis XVI was a big part of the French Revolution mainly because in 1788 he called a meeting of the Estate-General before the French Revolution. OP and Valued/Notable Contributors can close this post by using /lock command. Addresses very few of the questions and tasks posed. Commonly known as the common people or the “bottom of the food chain” if you will.The third estate were called into a meeting by Louis XVI because he felt threatened by their behavior as being “one”. On October 16, 1793 her hair was cut off and she was forced to wear a simple white dress to her execution. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Many people of France saw that she was living a highly luxurious lifestyle while they were starving in the streets. Expresses ideas in a very disorganized manner. Einstein’s stance is against nationalism, but not to an extreme extent. Thus, Marie began her life at the French court acting like a spoiled little Austrian child, not gaining the love of the French people even from the very start.http://www.hyperhistory.net/apwh/bios/b2antoinettem.htmIn October 1789, the royal family was forced to leave Versailles for the Tuileries palace in the heart of Paris, where they lived in prison-like isolation. Two new things I learned about Marie Antoinette that i did not know before is that leading up to her execution she was not in good health. Sparked the “Great Fear,” these rural attacks continued until the early August issuing of the August Decrees, which freed those peasants from their oppressive contracts. The two factions fought over control of the Committee of Public Safety and how the French people would deal with enemies of the French Revolution and foreign invaders.
Olympe de Gouges wrote and published for not only herself but many of the women of France. They were caught in the small town of Varennes, half-way to the border, and brought back to Paris, prisoners now of the Revolutionary government.Marie Antoinette became a widow when her husband was guillotined to death after being tried and convicted of treason in January 1793. The National Assembly’s revolutionary spiritually shocked France, manifesting in a number of different ways. Demonstrates major misconceptions when responding. Many of his idea’s were influenced by Jean Jacques Rousseau; He believed in democracy and that all one had to do to enhance the well-being of the nation was to speak up. Demonstrates that conceptions are mostly in error. After learning Louis XVI was sent to the guillotine she became depressed and refused to eat or exercise. It was estimated that 16 to 40 thousand people were executed during the reign,6% that were executed were believed to be Clergy,14% were middle class citizens and the last 72% were workers and peasants. 898013001 Position Paper Social 20: Nationalism The idea that is accentuate behind this source is that generally nation-states or countries nowadays fail to recognize the 844 Words | 4 Pages. Marie Antoinette was brought up believing her purpose in life was to become queen of France. Another thing I learned is the most known charge against her is that she sexually abused her son. Of course she was rebellious and acting like a teenager, she was one! He is saying that nationalism (an ideology where people love their country and work toward a vision of their nation being the best) really is just an excuse, almost, for increased militarism. To me it sounds as though this woman did not have a childhood, and was given a harsh amount of responsibilities at a very young age. Record your paragraph formatted response on separate paper.

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