Get Your Music into Holiday Retail Rotation and Earn Royalties, Get Your Music on NFL TV Broadcasts and Earn Royalties, Get Your Music on an Apple Music Playlist and Earn Royalties, Get Your Music in a VR Simulator Game and Earn Royalties, Get Your Music in a Home Improvement Commercial and Get Paid, Get Your Music in a Commercial Library and Get Paid.

Outside-the-Box Busking Tips: An Interview with Headwater, Bandago: Affordable Van Rental for Touring Bands, The most common mistake artists make when sharing their new music, How to get verified on Amazon Music for Artists.

Well, one way is to sign your music up for CD Baby’s sync licensing program; through our partnership with Rumblefish, your music will be included in a pre-cleared catalog of tunes available to music supervisors who’re looking for just the right music to fit their project. There is no “catch.” The bottom line is that you still own your music and you are only pay us a nominal fee to make calls, do mail-outs and create compilations for in demand music supervisors and ad agencies to review. Put your strongest material first, and only include 2 or 3 songs.

POC Freeskiing Webisodes - Song Placement Opportunity.

The Song Placement Program will never negotiate deal structures and payments on your behalf.

Help & Support. is pitching a second round of top independent tracks to a production company currently working on multiple Netflix projects.

This is where you begin to forge that whole “good working relationship” I mentioned above. FAQ. Members of the Taxi A&R staff will then listen to your submissions and screen them to ensure you pitched a quality song that is suitable for the music placement opportunity they published. Products. Sell your music with CD Baby DIY Musician Conference, Your Songs + Our Tools = Musical Independence, More Resources For Musicians 6 things you should do before you finish your recording session, CD Baby Pro Publishing reaches 250,000 songwriters, Your music now on Xiami, one of China’s most popular streaming platforms.

CD Baby Podcast Your sappy love song isn’t going to work in Clash of the Titans 18, but it could be perfect for Spiderman 8, or… ya know,… Grey’s Anatomy. Our goal is to provide an affordable song placement program that gets results.

An invitation to submit a new song or songs directly on the website (up to 3 per month. Need Help Finding the Right Song? DIY Musician Conference These advantages include positive and constructive feedback on their submitted musical material, entry into a networking community that can assist in helping them complete their projects (i.e. Promoting your live stream events on Spotify, The truth about LIVE-STREAMING on Facebook (Musicians, DON’T panic!!! Find My Song. For TV shows, watch several episodes to get a feel for the vibe and genre of the music. This transition led him to focus on writing and production for artists of different genres and music projects including films. We will find the perfect song for your project. Check out a panel discussion on sync placements and you’re bound to run into a few music supervisors. THIS IS YOUR CAREER. Filmsupply. Create Account. 10 or 15 years ago, it would’ve been tough to get a music supervisor excited about an independent music release, but nowadays they love discovering new artists and introducing them to viewers.

According to Joe, though, the best way to get in touch with a music supervisor is through a  trusted referral from someone else that already has a great relationship with them. connecting songwriters to beat-makers to create/complete new projects for submission), and most importantly the right to submit their music for ongoing song placement opportunities. Build a website Best of all, our sync licensing program is non-exclusive, so you’re always welcome to seek out sync opportunities directly or through other agencies as well. In short, your “job” is to submit your best work and let us shop your songs for the best placement opportunities. A report/newsletter letting you know what songs were placed that month. To inquire about submitting multiple tracks for a discounted bulk submission rate. For the low introductory fee of $20 per month for the first 12 months J4U Entertainment ( will use its resources to place your music in TV, Film, Retail Radio (the music you hear in malls and retail stores), Compilation CDs, etc. Netflix TV Series Placement Opportunity. How many albums did Eric ‘RAVO’ Bravo have to…. Joe also recommends you check out the website for the Guild of Music Supervisors, watch the names scrolling in the closing credits, and do the occasional google search for “music supervisor.”. We are an organization of songwriters, music supervisors , music project managers, and music lovers. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. Politely inquire about their music needs, and mention a few ways in which you think your songs might be a good fit. Bandzoogle: Websites for Musicians, International Blogs Somos Música - Portuguese Live Chat | (800) 380-8154 | Email Us. 1-800-380-8154. How to make cover art for your album or single — for free. Music supervisors are the folks who are in charge of what music gets used in film and TV. Moody industrial rock probably isn’t a great match for The Office, but it might work in Breaking Bad. Only mail broadcast-quality finished masters.

Email Us. Posted by: One 5 Media Booking 1 Sonicbids band $0.00 ... Freeskiier alone gets around 100,000 views per video on their site, so this is an excellent opportunity to get a lot of exposure in a very loyal market. We have navigated through the ups and downs of the industry to create solid success for our artists and ourselves (i.e. Are you REALLY monetizing your music on YouTube? April 24, 2018. His focus in this arena became a powerful tool and his passion for songwriting led to the co-writing a great musical hit which became the showstopping performance in a wildly popular international film.

Check out this helpful video from Hollywood record producer Joe Solo, or read my summary of his advice below on how to get your music placed in film and TV. Use Spotify Promo Cards to personalize your streaming promotion!

Have you had success pitching your songs and compositions to music supervisors? This time frame allows each member to experience a high level of benefit from our multi-faceted service structure. avoiding bad record deals, securing songwriter/publishing contracts, and getting our music on commercial radio and in films.). With that in mind, click HERE if you’d like to view more free Music Success Video Nuggets from Joe Solo. They’re also in charge of negotiating the terms of that usage between the copyright holder (you!) If you submit an exceptionally great track, then we may contact you about shopping it in an exclusive way. But how do you get your songs placed in film and TV? Sell your music A few years ago our founder saw the need to empower other young artists after years of performing and producing music for his own music group. Then you retain ownership of your music and get the compensation you are entitled to.

We know you are interested to learn more so let us answer some of your questions…, Good question! How many albums did Eric ‘RAVO’ Bravo have to sell to get on the Billboard Charts? Target the projects that need the kind of music you already create. THIS SOUNDS GREAT! I try to moderate comments twice daily, but hey, weekends and crazy times happen. The song is currently on a playlist followed by nearly 100,000 listeners along with other urban artists such as Drake, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj. TIME TO TAKE ACTION! Your music on Resso, TikTok’s new sister streaming app.

If you don’t make it past this quality screen, Taxi’s music reviews provide some feedback to explain their decision for rejecting your song submission. Save your scrappy, scratchy home demos for another day.

Also, check out Variety and IMDb Pro for news on shows and movies that are currently in production. As you can tell, we work very hard to keep overhead down and keep your costs to the absolute minimum. Opportunities. Create a free website or blog at Music Clout is a website that list current opportunities and projects for musicians to learn about, and if interested, submit their music to for consideration Knowing the challenge ahead for many of these individuals, our founder called together a team of colleagues and professionals to assist as he worked diligently to gather the right contacts and proper networking agreements that would ultimately simplify the seemingly arduous task of getting one’s music into the right hands for review.

Check The Hollywood Reporter, and click on the “Industry Tools” link and scroll down to the “in production” pages for film and TV. For Free. The culmination of our work has led to the development of The Song Placement Program an online music placement service and network that provides songwriters a coveted industry advantages. Create a free website or blog at If you decide to wade into the water of music licensing on your own, you need a solid sync-placement strategy. There are a few great resources you can check to see what projects are being made by who, and when. All donations support music-based charities and organizations, providing greater opportunities for artists like you. Posted in Uncategorized | Comments Off on. Production schedules are very tight. Free musician guides HOW DO I START? The music will need to have a good variety. Valuable extras like song evaluations, music industry tips and other opportunities. Those packages are always more exciting to receive, right? ), How to add your Twitch live streams to Amazon Music. We have placed hundreds of songs in television shows including Smallville, Americas Next Top Model, Lifetime Television Original Movies. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts, and being a part of the CD Baby community! Log In. Is your music a good fit? Congrats to 13 CD Baby artists nominated for Latin Grammys in 2020!
Let us know about your experience in the comments section below. What’s the difference between a Spotify pre-save and an Apple Music pre-add? Create an Account. Contribute to the global growth and advocacy of independent music professionals. Send it overnight delivery or 2nd-day air.

Also, a good old fashioned email never hurts. Latest Placements. Our song placement services provide the songwriter and artist the opportunity to have their music placed in a TV, Film or Commercial.

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