Yay! I have been using it since August last year and have been immensely improving my knowledge of dialects. This page is a work in progress for English language. I’m thinking French accent next? Thank you so much." I’m about to coach the Broadway production of “West Side Story” for its Australian season so thanks for bringing New York into my living room. The way you've broken everything down so clearly, your explanations and the recordings are terrific. a bug ? Please, check our community Discord for help requests! From our creative Den in Lagos we have left our voice prints on brands like Milo, Xoom, HP, Dettol, GE, Panadol, Glo Caf Awards to mention a few. It's terribly innaccurate and exaggerated. These synthetic voices can say and read anything in South African languages, on a wide range of devices and platforms, for industry, developers and individuals. Plus, on the occasions that I’ve needed personal help, be it advice on the accents, or even download help, Jim Johnson was right on with his immediate responses. So I just modified the accent a bit and off I went.

You better believe I will be recommending you to my friends. Thanks for making such great tools!"

(April 2015)-Scott Smith, "I really love your products and have used several of them for roles I've done in the past couple of years. These synthetic voices can say and read anything in South African languages, on a wide range of devices and platforms, for industry, developers and individuals. Thanks again.” (July 2012) -Taylor Ray actress, voiceover talent, “Thanks for your wonderful notes and recordings! I had you in my ear for two days before I recorded!" (January 2014)-Selena Frey actress, "Just wanted to say how impressed I am with my Cockney AccentHelp package. (August 2015)-Aurora Kirth actress, "I have used AccentHelp.com for four different dialects so far, with great results. It must be indicative of HOURS of work! Your enthusiasm, dedication, and expertise is very much appreciated.” -Gavin L, “Just wanted to tell you I’m loving this! (May 2015)-Scott Evans actor, "AccentHelp is simply the best product available to assist you in learning any accent. I'm learning Scottish for an audition in mid May. What you're hearing is the South African English accent. As a professional dialect coach in Australia, it’s fantastic to have such easy-access to dialects from around the world at my fingertips. I did in fact download the Yorkshire accent and have visited the other website you mentioned.

(August 2018) -Andrea Cordaro actress & producer, "Man, I wish I could afford (in both money and time) ALL of your stuff. AccentHelp is my go-to resource for my dialect needs in class and performances! Vernacular English is the name given to the accent of Afro-Americans. In order to give credibility to a black african accent, a message must mimic pronunciation of a person from Africa. !” -Terry N, “Your AccentHelp materials are terrific. (Nov 2012) -Joyce Cleary actress, "The reason I have invested so much in your materials is not only the easy to follow instruction, but also the recordings of the native speakers.
Thanks for creating them.” -Claudia A, “Thanks again for going above and beyond. I credit it with getting me 3 roles so far, in Top Girls, Noises Off, and most recently Young Frankenstein the Musical." By Saturday night, I was using two different Cockney accents during my game.

Many thanks - will definitely recommend you!"

I’m currently on Sons of Anarchy.” (Feb 2011) -Andy McPhee actor, “I found a pretty amazing site to help me with accents that you, too, may find useful one of these days. Best dialect resources out there!"

It will then automatically detect the language and vocalise it with the local accent translator or accent generator of that language. The South African materials include recordings of AccentHelp coach Jim Johnson guiding you through the basics of various South African accents using the text, including Jim leading you through a monologue in the accents, and additional examples of speaking with the accent from coach Carolyn Johnson. Thank you for being so helpful.” -Katie F, “I can’t thank you enough!! dCode does not propose an audio conversion/text to speech of the African accent but an idea of its African pronunciation in writing. -Kathy Fitzpatrick (March 2012, “I’m a voice-over actor and though I have started to have some success with accents and dialects, my study has been unfocused.

(August 2016)-Julie Press actress, "I’m dropping you a line to let you know that your tapes have just helped me get cast here in London, and am chuffed to bits! As an actor who employs both regional and foreign accents, I have found your amazing offerings to be invaluable. So I put you in my ear for two weeks, and eventually I got it! This is really good stuff, thank you so much for the help. Thanks for your help!" I'm very grateful." I have never seen any one be so detailed with teaching this, so I am very very thankful." Also, I like to be familiar with as many accents as possible so that when the time comes to use one of them, the learning curve will not be so high. That’s thanks to your courses.” -Tom J, “I really like your programs! Thanks SOOO much for this!” -Ken T, “My husband has been happy with your program.
I am an Equity Actor and am in need of accent help often! a feedback ? I was in New England last week and it was fun to hear it "live." (February 2014)-Matthew Clark actor, It is a brilliant site. (September 2017) 

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