By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The difference is really intuitive if you've ever driven stick shift. Advertisement . save. It also alters the shift patterns, sorta like the difference between Drive and Sport but more subtle. Posted by 6 hours ago. But it sounds like you use it the same way I do on my 16 lx.. which pretty much does nothing other than lower your mpg. Dealsrs say not really, cousin says 1.5 is a beast and sport specs are Corolla esque (you can make fun of him if youd like) Honestly, can sport mode be fun enough? Pretty sure it just hangs too long for 1st to 2nd. Looking at the 2020 Civic hatch sport, there are significant upgrades over the 2019 (android auto, remote start, smart entry, better styling) but no incentives so I don't think I could get much discounted. They are versatile, reliable, lay down solid MPG’s – and come at a price […] Author has 96 answers and 290.1K answer views The sport mode in the CVT Civic programs the CVT to stay in the higher RPM range so it's closer to the peak engine output in the powerband. Would like to know cause I wanna try saving a buck if I should be using 87 octane or 91 lol. not a problem to leave it in S all the time. It's all mental. However, it will shift to a higher gear before potentially expensive damage occurs. You will regret getting the sport. If you want the turbo engine get the ex sedan but if you are on a tight budget you might want to look at the sport hatch. I haven't been able to test it out but it does kick up speed fast which is cool Just a bit heavy of a car. Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Survey, Second class citizens - lack of aftermarket CVT tunes, Swapping Differential Gear CVT - Final Drive Ratio Question. Was going through the owners manual reading the refueling procedures to see what octane gas to use and it said that 91 octane is meant specifically for cars with sports mode., huh, TIL. save. Go. So to sum it up, is an EX worth 2k more just for a 1.5L and nothing else? With sport hatch, the turbo gains 6 hp using premium gas so you get 180 hp instead of 174 hp. Lane assist and Heated fron seats are nice but not necessary. Sport Mode? share. My question is, is it OK to drive in "S" for extended periods of time or is it really meant to be used off and on for shorter periods of time? Coming from a 2008 Toyota Corolla LE in NJ. Other features, I'm not too sure about yet. In my 2016 Coupe, Sport mode doesn't change gears I have to do it with my paddle shifters, I hear it was only available in Canada though. You must log in or register to reply here. From a press release on Honda's website, specifically about the Civic: To allow the driver to alter the operation of the CVT, the console-mounted gear selector includes an "S" or Sport mode that provides a sport-shift schedule that delays upshifting for more available power, and provides greater engine braking. 2017 Civic Hatchback with a CVT transmission. Mechanically this makes no sense to me but even my wife, as a passenger, agrees that sport mode provides a smoother ride 1st to 2nd gear. Thanks guys, you've been super helpful with helping me pick out my first car! share. Just short shift between those gears. Get the turbo. Not one. First Name tom Joined Feb 4, 2018 Messages 28 Reaction score 9 Location california Car(s) civic hatch Feb 5, 2018. It's like D3 in the old automatics which uses the lower gears for better acceleration and increased engine braking. Is it possible that the gas pedal sensitivity being changed in sport mode actually helps eliminate the jerky feeling ? The sport mode in the CVT Civic programs the CVT to stay in the higher RPM range so it's closer to the peak engine output in the powerband. also something weird i noticed when i saw and drove my buddy's EX hatch last night: my hatch sport CVT only has D and S modes, while his hatch EX CVT has D, S, and L modes. share. The sport hatch is basically a lx with a tweaked engine and extra sporty accessories. I've found that mild padding does improve the 1-2 shift to a degree. This happens to me when letting off in 3rd from around 3000rpm and it does a jerky dance but in sport it doesn’t do it what so ever. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I honestly do not care for any of the bonuses in the EX. JavaScript is disabled. After uploading a base Ktuner tune, it'll race up to max rpm from a dead stop and bounce off the rev limiter. Reactions: Design, jpuhl777, repeet and 2 others. Thread starter svntam; Start date Feb 5, 2018; 1; 2; Next. /r/CivicSi - Sport Injected r/ CivicSi. When the Honda Sport Mode is paired with the Accord’s automatic transmission, it will let the engine run a little faster, approaching the redline on the tachometer. It will also increase throttle response by making the wheel the that compresses the band for the CVT more reactive. Other than that you won’t have any negative effects. Do you happen to know what the psi in econ mode is? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Got the speakers, dark grey rims (looks like that's the ex rim style not bad) and that 1.5. All trim levels of the hatch come with the turbo, the lower two trims of the sedan and coupe have the na engine. The only problem I have is that I prefer the CVT to stay at max rpm when I go full throttle. Press J to jump to the feed. Oh and on tsp 1 map 3 when this happens to me btw. Is there really that big of a jump in speed difference between sport and EX? Thread starter #1 I've been doing research about ktuner, and something came across as a concern. One question I still have is that many of the responses talk about 'shifts' and I actually feel my car 'shift' but I was of the understanding that CVT means Continuously Variable Transmission and there would be no shifts, just a continuously variable 'gear'. Is it worth more than 1.5k to get it just for that. All Things Civic Related. Sadly the areas I have been in, haven’t been able to test drive acceleration with small roads and whatnot. Is the stock MT clutch engagement very sensitive or is it me? I’m guessing it’s the better throttle response in sport that helps. Idk if it changes things specifically but I definitely notice a much more responsive feel with steering as well. 20. When I have sport mode on with fully ads off (ac is on as well). arpypat Senior Member. Sedan/Hatch/Coupe .................. LX/Sport/EX/EX-L/Sport Touring. 25. The u/chino_honda_civic community on Reddit. card. You must log in or register to reply here. Messy Monday terrible Tuesday wounderfull Wednesday terrific Thursday and fd up Friday shixxty Saturday and superb Sunday ... Then the next week it's totally mixed up. Sport mode adjusts the CVT's computer to keep the engine operating in the "power band," or most efficient RPM (not fuel efficiency, but energy efficiency -- it's the space between peak torque and peak horsepower). 20. dc2turbo Senior Member. No I already know this, the question is, is it worth it or is it a noticeable difference for 2,000 more. The higher trim levels of the coupe and sedans have the turbo. 2020 Civic Hatchback Sport Headlight Compatibility with other stock headlights. Edit: I believe the na engine has 158 hp, I am not sure if the sport sedan engine is tweaked or not. Moonroof meh but other features I'll need to talk about. i did put the base tune on it (the LX)but it really could not handle the extra power with the stock tires, took that tune off and went back to stock untill a later date. The one major difference is the sport sedan does not come with the turbo whereas the ex sedan has the turbo.Edit: The non turbo engine is 158 hp while the turbo engine is 174 hp. I'm always careful about driving nice and easy until the car gets up to temp. The sport coupe and sedan come with the na engine. Obviously can’t speed alot cause I live in NJ (idiot cops & traffic like a mofo but nights have empty highways ). OP, the 19.5 normal/23 psi sport tune is for the Si. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I agree. 2017 ex-t coupe here! never corrected it as i'm sure it required a tune.maybe only an adjustment rather than a full tune. How would one change between modes for that? Created by Honda Enthusiast. Hatch is out of the question, its not for me. Hot. I only get it when I'm on and off the throttle alot like in traffic. Those are the numbers the tune says itll give. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Its not for me. My “S” mode allows me to use the paddle shifters to change gears. Any input on that? Owner of 2019 Si coupe. This thread is archived. Have driven both turbo and NA. In a Honda with a V6, it disengages to the cylinders, turning it into a V4. I'm hoping motor mount will help some other wise I'll be adding some throttle padding. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sport mode just uses more responsive gear ratios than normal. 10 comments. Only the sport hatchback comes with the turbo. Joined Jan 27, 2016 Messages 2,920 Reaction score 2,048 Location usa Car(s) civic,teg Oct 20, 2017 #6 Myx said: Ahhh....I've been looking for this info right here for a while now. It’s fine. Once you get over the "rev hang mental block" you will find its a big Mr. nothing bar. Thread starter #1 Hey guys, I recently just hit 1k miles on my 18' hatch sport trim and I'm just curious about how you guys drive your cars. But, if you’ve put Civics solidly into the “daily driver” category, it’s time to rethink that. In the CVT it simply changes the ratios to mimic lower gears to achieve the same. 68 yrs old and driven manual transmission all my life. yeah, i checked the actual 2017 civic hatch owners manual, and it does not give a name to S mode. You can copy the boost tables from the other tunes and paste them in the dual tune, use the drop down to change between eco and non eco mode, oh mint I’ll have to see if I can find that, KTuner V2 / customized TSP Stage 1 - DC Sports front sway bar - aFe Pro Dry S filter - PRL silicone intake hose - Stainless steel door sills - Gloss black grille overlay - Helix (Unity) side markers - Carbon fiber interior/exterior trim - Aluminum sport pedals/footrest - Si rear sway bar. The hatch is shorter than the sedan but has more cargo room and I think a bit more headroom in the rear. Or is it the same button, just labeled differently and the software will know what to do? In reality rev hang has zero effect on shifting.

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