Still, between the research tree and the construction there’s enough of a sense of power progression to sustain Starcom Nexus throughout its campaign as you go from a rinky-dink shuttle to a heavily-armoured dreadnaught with a dozen plasma turrets, missile pods, activatable shields and even a railgun, and which is still capable of hurtling across the galaxy at a fair clip. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Some of the encounters are multi-stage and involve solving navigational puzzles or visiting several different locations in sequence, which can get interesting because Starcom Nexus doesn’t have anything quite as gauche as automatic quest markers or waypoints breadcrumbing you towards objectives; it does have a list of outstanding missions but figuring out where to go and what to do to complete these missions is entirely on you. Because ship modules can go basically anywhere and positioning doesn’t matter all that much outside of armour modules (which boost the armour of adjacent modules) what you’ve actually got here is an overcomplicated interface for using a simple counter to increment and decrement the number of engines/guns/reactors on your ship. Picture of the flying wing of engines & reactors I built to find it, goes 439 in deep space while on continual boost. This is not much with which to face the scenario the game tosses you into roughly thirty seconds after you boot it up: a magical rift in space appears (some might even call it… a Nexus) and tosses both your ship and a nearby friendly space station into a totally uncharted region of the universe, full of weird new phenomena and unknown alien races to make friends with/blow up for resources. You use those resources at the friendly space station to bolt new modules onto your ship, growing it from a rinky-dink shuttle into a titanic space behemoth that lays waste to everything around it, while solving the central mystery of where you are, how you got there, and how you can possibly get back. Yes, the gameplay rewards for hunting down these things are necessarily limited to a big chunk of XP or a bunch of rare materials for building ship modules  (plus occasionally unlocking an otherwise-hidden technology) because the gameplay systems don’t allow scope for much more than that, but I think solving these little puzzles was a worthwhile goal in and of itself. This was a new game with the latest patch. Here is the Saurid Science Station Guide in Starcom: Nexus game. However, to those who don't have such equipment, they offer only a death trap. Hello fellow Captains, I am at a point where I went to all the systems that I see in the map, explored all of them. (That’s a lower case L). There’s going to be quite a bit of blowing stuff up with an increasingly powerful starship. Your email address will not be published. - Text in the "blueprints" dialogue overlapping First, is the post-mortem for Starcom: Nexus which will describe . We went to the beautiful island of St. Martin […], In the past week I’ve continued to investigate creating content development tools for my next project. this game is freaking cool if you like space sci-fi. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I dont know all achievements yet. Log in sign up. So without further ado: In this guide i want to gather all achievements and ho... STARCOM NEXUS A lot like Star Control - Nooblets Plays, How to find the planet whose image you found on the sunken ship, Starcom: Nexus - Starflighty Goodness - Let's Preview. Currently there is a fast travel tech, but it’s limited to short hops, more for tactical advantage. */. Because you can theoretically go anywhere in the game from the word go (just so long as you know where it is and you’re willing to invest the time to get there), Starcom Nexus has a rather freeform feeling that’s quite important in a game whose beating heart is the Star Trek-esque exploration of new worlds and new civilizations. Unlike Star Control, Starcom Nexus won’t let you recruit friendly alien ships to serve as part of your fleet, but it makes up for it by having a far more detailed set of systems for upgrading your own ship. ... To the dev - thanks for a great game. Starcom: Nexus. You rescued their scientists on that early game world, then destroyed the chtik station, that allowed you to trade with them, after you had discovered the Aroaha bird people then the next time you talked to the Saurids they asked you to go check on their space station. I absolutely loved Neo Scavenger but just could not force myself to trawl around for a ridiculous number of one item. This guide will help on this issue . - UI layout when switching out of full screen We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } Many have anomalies—unusual features that require sending a landing team down to investigate. Space aRPG action game about exploration. Powered by WordPress and Stargazer. Starcom has the now-familiar galactic map of star nodes connected by warp lanes (with the occasional stellar nexus that acts as a fast travel point), but an interesting thing it does is to also let you eschew those warp lanes and travel from solar system to solar system using your regular engines in real-time. Starcom: Nexus – Saurid Science Station Guide. Nexuses provide a method of faster than light long distance travel to those with Nexus Navigators and form the only method of interstar system travel. Maybe some will trade with you. In fact there’s a distressingly high number of “Oh, this thing you just found? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Looking forward to the sequel... As of 1/31/20, the game now officially is listed as supporting Linux, thanks to a number of playtesters who have confirmed it as stable.

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