After the break up of the Steyr-Daimler-Puch company, its firearm manufacturing division Although I’m sure a few intrepid state-side gunsmiths will re-barrel an SSG, I personally know of none. Avoid splashing around the Hoppes #9 you will be just fine. Unset it breaks clean at 2.5#s Set it breaks at probably 2-3 oz! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I used to own an SSG-04 and the sweet spot round was a Berger 155.5gr. Using Federal GM Match with the Sierra MK 168 gr bullets 4 consecutive three shot groups at 100 yards measured .442″, .372″, .195″ and .129″ Went to 200 yards and was getting consistent groups of .75″ So military rifles need to be bomb-proof. Trucks     While the U.S. military went with heavyweight fiberglass stocks, Austrian engineers decided to go with Cycolac,® which is a type of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) thermoplastic resin. Both are transparent-backed, immediately showing remaining capacity. Virtually unchanged after 43 years, the Steyr SSG 69 is still top of the class in terms of accuracy. Best review I’ve encountered on the SSG 69. Overview. Accuracy: * * * * * sniper rifle, If I could find that rifle now, I’d pay a fortune for it. Vehicles     Despite the boring windbag name, the firm soon developed a historically significant rifle: the 10.7 mm “Werndl-Holub rifle, Model 1867.” The M-1867 was an innovative single-shot breech loading rifle featuring a moveable cylindrical breech block. It has the 6×40 Kahles fixed power, post and horizontal line scope. sniper rifle. I have previously commented upon the recent rise in the use of bolt-action rifles for military sniping, replacing the earlier semi-automatics. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! Does anyone know anything about these? My personal view is that the ability to quickly jack a new mag containing 5 or 10 rounds into the rifle far exceeds any value of single shot loading. This screw controls the sensitivity/weight of the front trigger. Can anyone help? Then loosen the top screw and gently remove the turret cover and reposition it so that the “1” hash-mark is flush with the white dot on the scope tube. (see below). Also you mention the Lapua brass. The bolt action uses rear-locking lugs (in common with the SMLE), rather than the more common front-locking lugs. Currently the SSG Honestly, for that kind of money I’d try to find a product that’s still being manufactured. Great news however, I have attached a user manual for this optic that should greatly help with the setup and application. Shipping and customs total 90 euros. It’s a large intuitive tactile safety that can be manipulated in bolt directions with the right thumb. EMAIL SIGN UP. The SSG-69 featured a cold-hammer-forged barrel, an adjustable trigger, a high-impact Cycolac® ABS stock, a 5-shot polymer rotary magazine, dedicated quick release scope rings and integral scope rails dovetailed into the receiver to eliminate the need for scope bases and tapping. He only ever saw his grandfather hunt deer with it, once. The magazine is released by squeezing countries. durability. ON THE SINGLE TRIGGER WHAT IS THE CREEP OR TRAVEL BEFORE IT FIRES AND PRESSURE IN POUNDS WHEN IT FIRES . 0.5 MOA accuracy during several international competitions. A “hens teeth” stock for an SSG. THINK ‘send’ and the bullet has cleared the muzzle – for my SSG I use Horniday match HPBT 168 grain (.308). So roughly $750. Prior to the SSG-69, if a … Like you say just think “send” and boom! The  magazine is transparent, so it is easy to see M3170 STLF3 (INORISI) If anyone can bring me up-to-speed about the Match, please contact me. It cal., available in carbine (20 in. of Vihtavuori N540 at 53794psi pushing 2705fps seated .010″ off the lands. Although the military and police versions of the SSG-69 are typically equipped with a standard trigger, an optional double set target trigger is available. The detachable magazine can be removed while the safety is on, however. When you do, the gun will settle down, the barrel whip will be resonant and the gun will shoot tight groups like you have never seen before.

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