[4] Since 2004, nearly $150 million has been invested into Henry Maier Festival Park, including permanent stages, bars, production space, VIP amenities and other infrastructure. But what’s most striking, of course, is the dancing. "[9], Summerfest celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2007. Get the latest on music, Milwaukee and events sent right to your inbox. 2020 saw the COVID-19 pandemic as grounds for scrapping the concert part & moving others online. [3] The festival includes 12 stages with over 1000 performances. The stage was everything you might imagine in to be. Due largely to undesirable Milwaukee winters, Winterfest was never as profitable as its older summer counterpart, and ceased operations after the 1997-98 event. Grant.[7]. Inspired by his visit to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, Maier envisioned a similar ethnic-themed festival in Milwaukee, and in 1962 formed a panel of business and civic leaders to study the feasibility of a large-scale summer festival. [20][citation needed], The concerts have been mostly civil events, with two notable exceptions. [citation needed], This article is about the music festival in Milwaukee. “Look at the fucking energy!” says Fresh G. “It was a bunch of kids dancing and jumping around, everybody doing the same Hammer jump up and down dance. The stage features a mix of acts from various genres including classic rock, country, hard rock, blues, and jam. At the time there was maybe one big draw a night, and a bunch of smaller stages. “It had Hammer, Bel Div Devo, Milli Vanilli, C+C Music Factory — everybody hot at the moment, all the artists we were killing on the air,” Fresh G says. During Summerfest, the 75-acre (30-hectare) park hosts performances over 11 days, from late June until early July (including the Fourth of July). Will resume from where it left off from 2019. There's discrimination at Summerfest. George Sharp, who spins under the stage name Fresh G, was a mix DJ and on-air personality for Hot 102 for its final six years, and he recalls that the station tweaked its format frequently as tastes changed.

In 1973, a performance by Humble Pie & Jo Jo Gunne resulted in a riot, a bonfire, and about 300 arrests. By the middle of the decade, the panel drew up a proposal for a 10-day multi-event festival with the proposed name of "Milwaukee World Festival," which was changed briefly in 1966 to "Juli Spaß" (German for "July Fun") and then to "Summerfest".[6]. Sandra Bernhard did TV and radio promos for its 1986 season when she was a performer there. The logo was designed by local graphic artists Noel Spangler and Richard D. “Since I was the only DJ who did mixes on the air, we had to go out and find other DJs to fill all the slots. Summerfest Grounds 200 N. Harbor Drive , Milwaukee , 53202 , United States Thursday 5 July 1979 — Thursday 5 July 1979 Featuring Bad Company at Summerfest Grounds, Bad Company is a 1970s British blues-rock group fronted by Paul "The Voice" Rodgers.

"I don't get the credit I deserve here. Summerfest also showcases a wide variety of food from many Milwaukee-area restaurants. Summerfest attracts approximately 800,000 people each year, promoting itself as "The World's Largest Music Festival", a title certified by the Guinness World Records in 1999[1][2], but has been superseded by Donauinselfest with over 3 million in 2015. “And when the concert ended everybody from the Marcus Amphitheater flooded into our tent. Their name came from a ‘70s Western movie and they were…, Summerfest Grounds Summerfest attendance peaked in 2001 at 1,000,563 attendees. [12], Summerfest has been most famous for its music, ever since the first festival in 1968, when acts such as Ronnie Dove, The New Colony Six, The Robbs and Up With People performed. In 2011, a renovated Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard stage opened. It was also in 1970 that Henry Jordan, former Green Bay Packers defensive tackle, became executive director of Summerfest, a title he held during the event's early years until his death in 1977. [citation needed] However, the Cathedral Square rink has remained a yearly tradition long after the end of Winterfest. Summerfest Grounds 200 N. Harbor Drive , Milwaukee , 53202 , United States Saturday 26 June 1993 — Saturday 26 June 1993 Prior to his arrest, he discarded a bag of cocaine to avoid further imprisonment. Other Summerfest attractions include shopping vendors, fireworks (including "The Big Bang" on opening night), family activities, and more. The area offers interactive daily programming including sports demonstrations from professional teams, children's games, and health and fitness activities. First held in 1968, Summerfest is located at Henry Maier Festival Park, adjacent to Lake Michigan and Milwaukee's central business district. by Rachelle Blair June 2007 Former Milwaukee Mayor Henry Maier from 1960-1988 .

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