You can consult statistics on the Randomizer and Solver activity on the statistics page. Not much in terms of new features, but lots of work behind the scenes: Hello @randomizer ! Thanks total for the evil ideas! preset: new technique to access items in West Sand Hole (aka Left Sand Pit) with just Hi-Jump, preset: new technique: Precious Room Gravity Jump exit, core: significant performance boost, thanks to a bunch of optimizations initiated by @cout, area: in area rando, Croc is now in its own area, and Maridia has been split in two, rando: new progression speed available, "speedrun" using the random fill algorithm, rando: other progression speeds have been modified as well for better balance between them, rando: new "ultra sparse" energy quantity setting. No worries if you don't have SD2SNES/MSU1 chip it falls back to vanilla music. 892 commits Its features: Hello, Learn more. Features:, Djlo: awesome VARIA Randomizer logo and animated location icons.

Area Rando: The scrolling sky background bug has been fixed (thanks to Smiley from metconst! We've released a new version of the VARIA Randomizer, Solver and Trackers ( dubbed "Bite my shiny metal ass". We've released a new version of the VARIA Randomizer, Solver, Tracker, Plandomizer and Customizer (, dubbed "MegaSamus X"! You can consult statistics on the Randomizer and Solver activity on the statistics page. Form Modulator. rom: VARIA logo and version on the title screen!

418 Results Found. We've released an intermediate version of the VARIA Randomizer and Solver ( dubbed "Track Me If You Can". Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. customizer: add palette randomization or other patches to an existing ROM. techniques: added suitess Spring Ball access with Flatley Jump and Insane WRITG Wall Jump, presets: renamed "noob" to "newbie", "speedrunner" to "expert". the layout patches are now optional (for EasyDanger), the save the animals suprise patches are now available (for andrew), there's now a tutorial and contextual help to explain the parameters of the Randomizer and Solver in greater details, the randomized ROMs are now generated a lot faster (between x2 and x3 gain), stabilized and improved randomizer algorithm: now it can be trolly with minor items as well (especially in slow/slowest speeds), be sure to try it! Max 0-1 tank, Mother Brain's rainbow beam damage has been nerfed (20 with Varia, 40 with Gravity/Suitless), web: upload your vanilla ROM only once and it'll stay in your session, web: get a permalink for generated seeds for easier sharing, solver: separated difficulty info for path and location, tracker: seedless user interface update. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. rando: Create a 'boss rush' seed with a minimal layout by only connecting together enough areas to match the given number of locations (from 30 to 100, default 45).

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. patches: updated anti-softlock patches, now you can get out of brinstar map room without bombs. Also by TarThoron, an awesome Dark Samus recolor, as well as a bunch of meme "Samus is rotated" sprites! tracker: unified areas/items tracker (only the locations in the connected areas are computed).

rando: new option for Morph placement: late, prevents Morph to be found in early game (Crateria/Blue Brinstar). We've released a new version of the VARIA Randomizer dubbed "Randomize the Randomizer": Hi @randomizer! settings: suits restrictions is now 'no suits in crateria/blue brinstar' for both suits (some restictions on gravity were removed). Even though it's slightly outdated this is still a good resource when it comes to the logic of the randomizer. You can choose the branch to checkout with -b, and give a Github token with -t to be able to do git pull in the Docker image: There's other scripts to start/stop the containers: /, delete the containers/images: and update the git repository in an image: -b branch .

Choose a start location, or randomize it! Running from source requires Python3.6, as well as the packages pillow and numpy. We've released an intermediate version of the VARIA Randomizer and Solver ( dubbed "Easy Ridley". ), Area Rando: The music will correctly change when entering a new area, Area Rando: Unmorphing while passing a transition door no longer crash the game, Lot of bugs corrected in the access condition of the items locations, New options to randomize the parameters used by the Randomizer, The parameters used are now displayed in the credits, As we had for Bosses and Hellruns, we now have difficulties for hard rooms: X-Ray and Gauntlet, so we've removed a few techniques for these rooms, Now there's techniques for better settings of Gravity-less movement underwater, New Randomizer's parameter to influence choice of the next location based on its difficulty. solver: the path of access points between locations is now displayed, Area randomization official release (randomization of the access points between the main Zebes areas), Rando: The maximum difficulty is now set to hardcore by default (no difficulty cap was the previous default), Rando: The eye at Morph Ball will now open for any item, not only Morph Ball.

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