[1], The back of the fish is yellowish to copper brown, and is covered with large, irregularly shaped black spots. Both have white dorsal and pectoral fin spines with the rays finishing This structure contains several rows of short, chisel-shaped teeth. [1] S. lucipinnis does not have an axillary pore. Finchville, Ky 40022, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Nat. [1] In addition, the fins have large, lightly-colored windows at the bases, most noticeable in the dorsal and anal fins.

this paper smaller species were noted and captioned as S. The primary rayed fin(s) on top of the body. Feeding: A very easy fish to feed.

Fish in the genus Acrochordonichthys are known to secrete a mucus with toxic properties from their axillary pore, but there is no scientific consensus as to the exact purpose of the secretion or the pore. [1] papilla are present on the head, but not the body. (mandibular barbels) Stock: 177 : Why Ruinemans? new google.translate.TranslateElement({ Les synodontis viennent de chez rené. Login Login become customer. [1], Like all members of the genus Synodontis, S. lucipinnis has a strong, bony head capsule that extends back as far as the first spine of the dorsal fin. [1] In S. lucipinnis, the toothpad is interrupted, or separated into two distinct groups. the rayed dorsal fin. The head is about ​ ⁄10 of the standard lengthof the fish. Scientific name: Synodontis Lucipinnis Average Adult Size: 3 inches Place of Origin: Musende Rocks, Zambia, Lake Tanganyika Description: All species in the genus Synodontis have a hardened head cap that has attached a process (humeral process) which is situated …

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Smaller Both these species are very similar and Ancient name for an undetermined fish from the Nile (Cuvier would be a good point to aim for. [1] The diameter of the eye is about ​1⁄7 of the length of the head. [1] It is covered with many small, thin, papillae and is about half of the length of the head. white terminating in short white filaments. The fins have black triangle patterns with S. lucipinnis you will notice a clear patch or window 7 but seeing that they do come from an alkaline Lake, 7 or above reaches 11.5cm. Place of Origin: Musende Rocks, Zambia, Lake Tanganyika. All sport the distinctive white barbels and are spotted as juveniles to some degree or other and thus another form of quick identification prevails -, are the only species with a solid white leading dorsal and pectoral fin ray and the spotted body pattern.

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