you need to buy a smaller size than you might think. 4. sensitivity. Modelle mit sich brachten.

I found my heel almost completely slips out of the Mundaka because I have a small heel. When we started out on ‘project OASI’ we wanted to create a curved climbing shoes that works as well on friction slabs and vertical walls as it does on overhanging routes and boulder problems, and to achieve this we had to re-think our whole design process and invent new technologies. Tenaya also rightly says that the shoe can be worn like a slipper—the straps are for added security and you shouldn’t need to cinch them tightly. ( Abmelden /  Ich wählte die selbe Größe wie beim Oasi die 40,5 EU oder die 7 UK.

Here are the 5 main things you should know about this shoe. 4.

Ich habe den Mundaka sowohl am Naturfels als auch am Plastik getragen. Tenaya Iati sind aus meiner Sicht sehr präzise und Kantenstabile Kletterschuhe, welche an den kleinen Tritten wie Leisten und kleine Mulden sehr gut stehen und ein sicheres Gefühl vermitteln. Alles in einem kann ich nach dem ausgiebigen Testen den Tenaya Iati weiter empfehlen.

There’s enough flexibility in the foot, and enough downturn, to really dig into edges at the extent of your foot’s reach. EPICTV, the EPICTV logo and all other EPICTV marks are trademarks of Elisa Oyj. EpicTV is one of the first shops to stock the new IATI shoe. Natürlich kann man mit dem Iati Dächer und Überhänge klettern, aber man kann sich dabei nicht auf das Greifen mit den Zehen verlassen, sondern muss ordentlich auf die Sohle drücken, dann hält man jeden Tritt bis zum Ende der Greifphase. Das Patch wirkt nicht überzeugend, aber die Zehenbox ist wirklich bequem. Oasi: 5.5. To achieve a greater ability to adapt to the different forms of the rock and a better response to the infinite positions of the foot, Iati incorporates RBRX, a technology developed by Tenaya compatible with SXR Dynamics, which has allowed us to further improve the adjustment in movement and achieve a wider range of response giving you greater connection with the rock. Benachrichtigung bei weiteren Kommentaren per E-Mail senden.

sorry for asking but how did your iati stretch?

Sport climbing on rock of all angles, from powerfully overhanging routes to technical walls and delicate friction slabs. Like the Oasi, the Iati is fantastic for front-pointing in pockets but I found that the additional stiffness of the Iati made it even better. ( Abmelden / 

The IATI is a shoe of two parts. Obwohl diese Kletterschuhe mit Masse aus Grau bestehen, wirken die durch einige gelbe und rote Details durchaus lebendig und keinesfalls bieder. Tenaya is a shoe manufacturer that has been gaining some serious traction across Europe and the US over the last few years. Tenaya Iati. We’ve already run the Oasi and Tarifa through some thorough testing and it’s worth reading these other two reviews because, looking at the big picture, these three shoes are quite similar. Comfy upper . The Tenaya site says go down 1-1.5 US sizes down. Thanks again Nick & Sharron! Schöne Kletterschuhe mit einem Touch von Schwarz Rot Gold. Iati.
The downturn in the toe box, while less exaggerated than other shoes in the test group, is effective without sacrificing comfort. Ändern ).

The Iati is the latest high-performance shoe from the Spanish brand Tenaya.

They haven’t been available for very long but they are clearly steep sport climbing machines, just like Megos. The Tenaya IATI is truly an all-around climbing shoe. Close. The downturn in the toe box, while less exaggerated than other shoes in the test group, is effective without sacrificing comfort. Learn how your comment data is processed. For sport climbing and gym climbing the Iati is one of the best shoes on the market. EpicTV is one of the first shops to stock the new IATI shoe. Die Verarbeitung ist nicht ganz so filigran wie man das von Italienern gewohnt ist, kann aber dennoch im oberen Drittel angesiedelt werden. This patented system is so precise, so quick and easy to use and provides independent tension control over different parts of the shoe. One piece soles will offer more support and are generally better for face climbing while two piece soles are generally better for climbing really steep terrain.

But the Iati is not intended to be a specialized shoe that does just one thing really well. Banana Fingers and the Banana Fingers logo are trademarks of Banana Fingers Ltd. We use cookie on this site to enhance your user experience. Die Ferse lässt sich sauber platzieren, hat einen vernünftigen Hebel und entwickelt an der gelb-gummierten Außenseite ordentlich Reibung. By continuing to browse this website, you are confirming your agreement. Sensitivity The more sensitive a shoe is, the more information gets transferred to the climber about the shape and the characteristics of the foot holds , giving a sensation of closer contact with the rock. Aggressively downturned toe-box giving superb precision in innumerable situations. Tarifa's are nice. All these components unite to give you greater lateral control and sensitivity on the most tenuous heel hooks. 3.5. Insgesamt kann man dieses Modell durchaus mit Kletterschuhen wie Solution und Instinct VS vergleichen. Instinct S: 39.

Kletterschuhe Tenaya Iati im Test Vorgeschichte zu diesen Kletterschuhen Tenaya war für mich nie die erste Option bei der Suche nach Kletterschuhen.

The heel design of the IATI influences every other part of the shoes construction. Doch nach den ersten Erfahrungen mit Oasi und Tarifa rückte diese Marke deutlich in den Vordergrund meiner Testaktivitäten. Whilst variety in a product is always great, climbing shoe rubber takes some time to perfect and when looking at a high performance shoe such as the IATI it's reassuring to know that you are investing in a tried and tested rubber. Includes RBRX technology enabling superior fit and control together with the intimate feel and responsiveness necessary for minimal edging or friction holds. But the narrow width is what makes the Iati such an exceptional face climber. Like other models in the Aerial Plus Line, the Iati features a slightly downturned toe box in relation to the rest of the sole, resulting in a moderate curve, which makes foot placements easier and more effective on any kind of foothold. Im Einsatz entpuppt sich dieser als eine echte Waffe in Toe-Hook Situationen.

The Oasi also has more vertical clearance. Wie oben erwähnt ist die Passform der des oasi sehr ähnlich. Von Komfort bis Performance war alles geboten. Der etwas weichere Mittelteil des Schuhes sorgt bereits beim Anziehen für ein angenehmes Gefühl am Fuß. The shape of the heel cup on the Iati seems to be borrowed from the Tarifa. Danke für deinen Test! The bulk of the shoe is made from natural leather, but the oversized tongue is made from Lycra, making the IATI very easy to take on and off and much more comfortable than its sister shoe the OASI. On steep terrain, the Iati gets a solid A-. Das Gefühl für den Hook ist in Ordnung, aber ich habe echon sensiblere Fersen gesehen. Is the Oasi more downturned and does the Iati last longer?

Was kannst du zu der Formbeständigkeit mit der Zeit sagen? Testarossa: 38.5. Modelle…

I originally purchased a pair of red chili’s (which are great shoes) but i was ans idiot and got them way to big. Hi,So I'm new to climbing and I'm looking for my next pair of shoes. Diese Kletterschuhe bestehen aus Kunstleder oder Micro-Fibre Material, welches durchaus ein Stück nachgibt und die angenommene Form auch eine Weile behält. Tenaya say that they are similar in design to the OASI shoe, which Megos was wearing when he onsighted the 9a 'Estado Critico', but they are slightly more comfortable to wear than the OASIs. The bulk of the shoe is made from natural leather, but … 189.95 $ rigidity. Climbing shoes will generally have either a one part, or a two part sole. Der rechte, der bestellten Kletterschuhe, scheint schon des Öfteren angezogen worden zu sein, was sich in Form und Platz etwas (aber nicht negativ) bemerkbar gemacht hat. Tenaya Iati ist für mich persönlich, der breitere Kletterschuhe mit einer mittelharten Sohle bevorzugt nahezu optimal.

4. Mein quadratischer Fuß fühlte sich jedoch auch ganz wohl, obwohl von ersten Moment klar war dass die Passform für meinen Fuß nicht 100% optimal ist. Der Grund ist schlicht und einfach – das überzeugende Gesamtpaket, welches die beiden o.g. The stretchy material extends further up your ankle than other climbing shoes, which helps to reduce pinching.

Comfy upper. Vorausgesetzt man benutzt diese Top Kletterschuhe beim Bouldern nicht als Crocs und läuft ständig damit durch die Gegend. Super Infos auch hier. The IATI fits like a glove, it’s tubular construction and five-micro-layer bellows tongue, made from incredibly thin materials, provide the ultimate in comfort and precision. 3.5. rigidity. The Oasi also has more vertical clearance. The Tenaya IATI is truly an all-around climbing shoe. Instinct VS: 39.5.

Well, he probably does or will…The IATIs are the latest shoe to be produced by Tenaya. Iati has a wider toebox than the Oasi, but not quite as wide as the Mundaka. Tenaya IATI 1. If you want to find out more, then you can talk to any of our experts online right now at the EpicTV Shop.

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