Characters: P1-Rembrandt, Snow P2-Ajax After getting another spray can, Rembrandt finishes the burner he was working on and walks away. You have to jump across roofs. After the bartender ordered the Warparty out of the bar, the Warparty split up to give chase to Sanchez. Walkthrough Edit. While talking to Rosie, Ajax and Snow came under attack from The Warriors' rivals the Destroyers, who knocked them unconscious and then stole their vests. Out in the Bowery, the Eliminators met some wool in sheep's clothing when they tried to take a wrong train on a shooting star. - Threat, "I'm gonna snap your b-back like a twig!" The 5 Points The Warriors Box Set features: Swan – the Warriors’ Warlord. - Threat, "Your fear stinks through your p-pours like r-rotten trash!" Like Ajax, Lunkface ended up being arrested for attempted rape. - WATCH MY BACK, "Your last sight is gonna be m-m-my p-p-painted face!" Remar earned his role as Ajax after becoming so involved in the audition reading of the park bench scene, that he lifted the massive conference table, in which the director and producers were seated. Here Some The Warriors Cheat for ps2 and psp! Rembrandt: C-Style from the Panzers, Luna-51 from the Moonrunners and a whole mess of other gangs are gonna be piecin'! [11][14], Ajax was often bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative. Least we could do is trash the shit outta this place. [19] Ajax also appeared in the 2005 video game The Warriors; Remar returned to voice the character in the game.[20]. Fuck..." - When you angrily beat a corpse, "Maybe we could find a wimp that's still breathing instead!" Ajax is a heavy muscle member of the Warriors. Please advise. Scopes: Welcome to the Soho Writer's Showdown. Ajax Supposed to be a truce and everything! Ajax is arrogant, loud, and always up for a rumble. At the meeting, Cyrus was murdered and The Warriors were wrongfully blamed for his death, which led to the death of Cleon at the hands of the Riffs. The rivalry began when both Cleon and Vermin were originally soldiers serving within the gang as top ranking members and right hand men f… - To the. When you start the game, make your own profile. [5], On May 25, Cleon became aware that Sanchez, an affiliate of the Hurricanes, had been released from prison. - Threat, "Come on, hot shot. Cochise is a soldier of the Warriors.He is a real live soldier, looking for a good time and all the action he can handle.He was played and voiced by David D. Harris. Musta' got wrecked without me to help 'em out..." - OUT OF RANGE (wrecked), "You wanna fuck with the Warriors?! This failed and Ajax was able to redeem himself later when he helped Swan, Snow and Cowboy defeat the Baseball Furies. Ajax, Swan and Cobb are the only characters in the game that use the roundhouse punch as their power move. - To, "Well, right about now, Cleon's most likely got a nightstick shoved halfway up his ass!" He seems to have a rivalry or dislike for Swan, the Warchief, and he disobeys his orders, which leads him to be arrested when he tries to rape a woman after the rumble with the Baseball Furies. I'm gonna bomb this wall. As Rembrandt crossed out the large Destroyers burner on the side of the hangout, Ajax made his way into the hangout, where he found the Destroyers asleep after a party. As Ajax was led into a cop car, Snow and Cowboy watched helplessly from the nearby trees. Ajax attempted to escape from the handcuffs, but more cops arrived before he could do so. Ajax and The Warriors made their way to the meeting in the Bronx, where Cyrus discussed the possibilities if all of the gangs present unified under a general truce and took control of New York City as one gang. [15][16], Ajax first appeared in the 1979 film The Warriors, in which he is portrayed by American actor James Remar. That crew from Coney Island better be ready, though. After Ajax and Snow wasted LC, Ajax made his way into the bathroom with Lafonda, engaged in sexual intercourse with her, and then retrieved his vest from her. However, he is lustful to any girls, confident in his strength, and highly ambitious to have a high rank within the crew. However, unlike Cobb, Chatterbox doesn't grunt when he performs the attack, and it's actually Cobb's secondary power move (X+O on PlayStation, or A+B on XBOX). Cleon: That ain't cool, brother. The Warriors are able to escape to the roof opposite Chatterbox's podium, and use bricks to break a pulley and send scaffolding crashing down on Chatterbox. [10], Upon their arrival in Pelham, Ajax and the New Bloods met up with Cochise and Vermin, before the reinforced Warparty stormed the Red Devil. Even though Ajax was loyal to The Warriors and harboured an intense hatred for other gangs, he often argued with other members of The Warriors, such as Swan and Fox.

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