I don’t see a telephone number on your website to the customer service. It cannot be opened in the download window of the sw to update it. Here’s some Highway vs. City Mode testing. Note: If you don’t see these options in the menu, make sure your display brightness is set to “Auto.”. I've been a long-time fan of Vortex. unbiased reviews and will give you the best information possible on tbe products he test. All installed and permission granted per your video. Excellent reviews of all the radar detectors. K Band: On (If you drive in CA, you can typically turn this off. I’ve gone ahead and updated the post accordingly. I updated it to 1.29. I get a TON of vibration using the dual suction cup mount, and cant really use the single cup where I want to mount it. Ok. Vortex. You can mark these points so the detector will announce Just be totally sure that you are indeed locking out a stationary false alert, not a nearby car or an officer up the road. Very informative and answered a ton of questions I had. I have the ultimate test. , Why can’t I get update for r 7 on uniden website. Does it have Bluetooth that can pair it with a Smartphone app? videos. My R7 is set for configured to auto mute, but it seems it also mutes the KA? Gentleman, please be respectful if you have a difference of opinion. Many thousand people need Spanish subtitles in your videos. Can i use the ×86 driver ? But I can’t seem to find a data cable to use for transferring the latest updates. Enable voice alerts for radar or laser signals (ie. Awesome guy with awesome content. He really knows his stuff! Note 1: These are GPS-based notifications that come from the downloadable database, separate from radar or laser alerts. Hi Vortex, You are the best. For tech support, you can post on the forums here and people will be able to help: https://www.rdforum.org/index.php?forums/169/. and storage too. You can also exit the menu by long pressing the menu button or waiting for the detector to automatically time out. Note: Switching to Advanced mode only activates the ability to individual adjust the sensitivity of the different radar bands. I purchased the r7 and got it all updated but the difference in settings has me confused as im a noob. Can the settings be done with the unit out of the car. Am I the only one seeing this? With built-in GPS you are able to mark geographical points where you may typically encounter radar alerts. They’re better than the Escort shifters and I’d recommend them no matter which RD you run. Add segment 4 because being used in Nm . Accuracy in detecting speed camera alerts and other equipment is impressive especially due to the dual antennas. He seems to be a great, honest guy. This guy knows his stuff!! Either way, it’s a good idea to know how to update to keep it current regardless. It then asked me to change permission when it installed and it work great. FYI, I had trouble getting my R7 connected to my PC and Mac with the USB cord. Good to have new features! Adjust the range of frequencies that the R7 scans for on Ka band. Choose if distances and speeds are displayed in imperial or metric units. was a huge help on picking my uniden r3, lots of info on styles of radars for comparisons, to find what radar is best. Have you been experiencing more KA falses after the recent firmware update? It is available once you update to firmware 1.22. Ideas? You’ll need updated software for the R7. Thank you I’ll try the x86 driver maybe it will work, I have a Uniden R7, I live in Silver Spring Maryland, the police here is using something else and my R7 is not pick up what there are using….Do u have any setting you recommend for my area….Thanks. Bought an R7 on your advice and its been a great purchase. Really like your vids! Vortex, You are amazing. “Ka Band”), direction (“Front,” “Side,” or “Rear”), as well as for the different menu options. I am trying to power on my R7 through usb, but it doesnt want to power on? Second. X band is actively used in OH and southern NJ, but mostly phased out of the rest of the country. The Mute Mem feature is now working for the MRCD signals. Quick opinion question… Should I upgrade to the max 360 C and return my R7? Best instructional and detailed videos ever. . I drive a lot after dark and don’t like when a LEO is behind me and can see the RD lit up. This guy is the king when it comes to detectors. For pc with win10 on it what driver to select ×64 or x86 ? that’s strange. Exit the menu. Just trying to understand it better With MRCD on Will that in anyway increase my K False alerts that I’m getting? Very thorough / excellent video quality. Pressing the menu button clears all of your lockouts. More importantly, he is not a salesman. So, to update it to a new software version, I’m concluding it needs to be hooked to a 12v source and have a laptop connected to the USB for updates.

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