Dr. Berry, are you ready to be a fool for Christ? Have you guys ever heard that word and just got that chill in your heart, “Let’s be a faithful remnant.” There is a sense which is right and biblical, but there’s another sense when we’re just going to circle up, we’re just going to encourage each other, we’ve got the truth, praise the Lord, we’re going to heaven, we’re just going to be faithful till we die, but turning our back on those who are out in the darkness under the devil’s power. Stronger than the strong man. He can put it back together, load it, and unload it. I think a lot of times we don’t understand this. You know the verse that Paul says in Hebrews, he says, “By this time many of you ought to be teachers.” (Hebrews 5:12) Well, I wouldn’t say that here because I think many of you, perhaps the majority of you, could teach a bible study if you really wanted to, you could teach your kids things from the Old Testament and the New Testament. But oftentimes, we resort to these things because they avoid suffering. If you go to one who is straying, and you turn him from the error of his ways, you will save his soul from death. And I have to pray: “Lord, help me to take the next step and go outside the gate and do what I know I’m supposed to do.” And it is very tempting, “Oh, I’ve got so many things back in the house, I’ve got emails I’ve got to read, I’ve got this website ministry I could do, I could call somebody and have them over.” I could think of a hundred things to do, you know with my family, with ministry, with whatever it may be, but I know, no, right now, he wants me to go outside the gate, and I have to pray for courage. These things may at first seem holy, but they prove to be excuses in the end. That is not all that there is. Then raise the blood-stained banner high, He is trying to destroy souls. I thought of King David. [John] Piper said that prayer is not meant to be the telephone for room service and getting comforts. It is distractions. As Christians, we will fight the spiritual battles of a soldier. We need this. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Preaching the truth, preaching the word, spreading the gospel. That is Jesus Christ. You say, “Well, no.” Then why do you teach your children the Bible? There’s obvious things. Listen, you have the gift of teaching? How can we be good soldiers of the Lord? I want you to be lacking in nothing. Victory in Jesus Christ. Even in the physical realm it is not for the faint-hearted. The number is 164,000 higher for the month, 458,000 higher for the last three months and 1,961,000 higher over the last eight years. When you call on God and God shows up in answer to your prayer that is a mighty weapon against Satan. It's also for leaders who want to expedite their training to receive advanced standing for Master Level credit hours. Knowing the parts of the gun inside and out or shooting it and hitting the target? Total non-farm payrolls were estimated to be 156,000 (48,000 lower than November, and 19,000 lower than pre-report expectations). Extra trials will come. That is a prayer for us to pray. Why should it not be that the members of the church would go to the evangelism time that’s organized? Individuals can drop out of the labor force because of retirement, school, family responsibility or they can just become discouraged from looking for work. Love is the root of all obedience. People will hate you, and that’s true. Things like hobbies and entertainments and worldly things. But the Bible says Jesus Christ is the Lion of Judah. Are some of you ready? That is part of your identity in Christ. It’s not fun to be hated. You’re saying that if you’re fighting the battles of the Lord, God’s going to stay with you, he’s going to help you. Well, do you ever use your strength to go out against the devil’s kingdom and pound on his gates with that hammer of truth that God has given you?

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