Billy Loomis

Discussion of the show, pictures from the show and anything else Scream-related. Wes decided not to cut that scene and left it in the movie. Next was Billy, who is Kieran. However, they agree to return them if Stu can win a bet - swimming a lap around the inside of a water-tower while it drains - which he does. They don't exist anymore, lol. They say, "Like Billy and Stu."

I wanna see Jamie Lee's breasts! Matthew Lillard The film gained Wood a young actor's award. Also, they find out that their father bought them a new house before he died and are happy to have a proper home again at last. Deceased

At beginning of the film, it is revealed that he dated the late.

Billy and Stu begin to stab each other to make themselves look like the victims of their scapegoat.

[Source] Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Matthew Lillard revealed in an interview after news of Scream 4 broke out that Stu was originally going to have survived his death in the first film. Stu rescues and resuscitates him together with Lidia, and Billy tells them he saw an angel, one who "looked like [Stu,] only bigger," (implied to be Stephen) who told him he had to stay on Earth and take care of his family. Stuart Macher This article is about the 1994 drama. ", "My mom and dad are going to be so mad at me...", "Ow, you f*cking hit me with the phone, DICK! The short mention of this can be heard here: The line is, "You hit me with the phone, DICK!". So in theory, the next killer should be Stu, who in my mind is Stavo. After several deals, they agree to build the tree house together. The Scariest Film Ever Made ISN'T a Horror Film - Duration: 19:21.

A horror movie fanatic, he went along with Billy slasher film-like murder spree.

Stephen, a shell-shocked Vietnam veteran, returns from a mental hospital, which he entered voluntarily because he was suffering from nightmares about the war and had in consequence lost three jobs in a row. The children can keep the place, but not before the Lipnickis throw the key onto the rotted, treacherous roof of the water-tower, telling Stu that if he wants it, he can get it back himself.

Stu then says, "I didn't kill anybody." Stu rescues and resuscitates him together with Lidia, and Billy tells them he saw an angel, one who "looked like [Stu,] only bigger," (implied to be Stephen) who told him he … Sidney runs off after the two men are distracted by Gale. So in theory, the next killer should be Stu… 4:18. Wood's performance in the film gained him a nomination for a 'Young Star Award',[1] and Roger Ebert said in his review of the film that: Elijah Wood has emerged, I believe, as the most talented actor in his age group, in Hollywood history.[2].

The idea was canceled after the Columbine High School massacre broke out three weeks before filiming was supposed to begin.
Shortly afterwards, their father is taken off life-support, and dies. From that time on the Lipnickis stop fighting with the others and stay out of their way, except for Billy, who becomes a good friend to them. Character information Piper is, and has always been the Roman Bridger of the series, which makes sense because if we're following the chronological order of the events of the movies, Roman was the one who masterminded the initial killings. The War is a 1994 American drama film directed by Jon Avnet and starring Elijah Wood, Kevin Costner, and Mare Winningham. When the kids run away from home to the tree house, they discover that the Lipnickis have returned. In the meantime, the twins Lidia and Stu try to get away from the dreary reality of their lives.

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Year:1996Cause: TV dropped on head (electrocuted) by Sidney Prescott. Billy and Stu. "When do we see Jamie Lee's breasts? Stu was referenced many times in the fourth installment.

However, Billy stabs him too deep and Stu begins bleeding profusely, complaining of "feeling a little woozy" and appears to be dying. In Scream 2, Stu was mentioned briefly just before Randy was killed on campus when he asked the Ghostface voice on the other end of the phone why he was copying two high school losers, Stu & Billy.

For the 2007 World War II documentary, see,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 July 2020, at 23:14. Status

His party was referenced along with him and Billy when the killers are saying how they will be like them. Unnamed MotherUnnamed Father Stuart "Stu" Macher is the secondary antagonist of Scream and was Billy Loomis's weak-willed, insensitive, and eccentric best friend. However, the Simmons family desperately needs money, so Stephen continues looking for work, and finds a job picking potatoes. There is no Stavo for the "next killer". Even though Stu and Tatum claim Stu dumped Casey for her, this is often seen as the obvious reason Casey and Steve were chosen as victims.

At first they and their friends argue over who has to construct it and who is allowed to use it; the three boys - Stu, Chet and Marsh - want it all to themselves, while the girls - Lidia, Elvadine and Amber - want them to work on it and share it afterwards.

Tatum Riley (present)Casey Becker (former) There he makes friends with a man called Moe Henry, with whose help he succeeds in obtaining a job working in a mine - his best one yet.

", (To Randy's outburst) "Have an aneurysm, why don't you? Despite Wood earning praise for his role in The War, the film received mostly negative reviews from critics, currently holding a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 16 reviews. Stu is the accomplice to Billy Loomis, assisting Billy in multiple murders including that of Maureen Prescott, Sidney's mother. Later, Stu throws a party at his house after classes are canceled and citywide curfew is placed. With Billy unconscious, Stu chases Sidney down and attempts to kill her, claiming that he "always had a thing for [her]." Allies He frees Moe, but is hit by falling rocks himself, and though the two men are both rescued, Stephen is badly hurt and comatose, being put on life-support in the hospital. Relatives Portrayed by

", "Surprise, Sidney." Macher's House

While the children are busy building their tree house, Stephen and Moe are caught in a collapse as they drain water out of a cavern. Meanwhile, Billy Lipnicki protests against all the fighting, asking why they can't share the fort, but is ignored. Character information Piper is, and has always been the Roman Bridger of the series, which makes sense because if we're following the chronological order of the events of the movies, Roman was the one who masterminded the initial killings.

(revealing himself as one of the Ghostface killers), The scene where Billy throws the phone at Stu and Stu cries out was actually a mistake. While Stu and Lidia fear for their father's life, the Lipnickis find the treehouse and take it over, stealing the lock and key, which belonged to Stephen. Stu would have had personal motivation to kill Casey Becker since the two previously dated, which ended in Stu being dumped on. He was going to be the mastermind behind a killing spree targeting Sidney from prison. Unfortunately Billy, the youngest of the Lipnicki kids, discovers Lidia, Elvadine and Amber on his father's territory, so the girls have to pay him to keep quiet, but later after he falls under a candy coma his brothers force him to betray Lidia's secret. Randy side talks to Tatum saying Casey dumped him for Steve.

Sidney tried to recall Stu dating Casey. Stu is the fun-loving boyfriend of supporting character, Tatum Riley. So if Kieran is the accomplice does that make him the Stu or Billy to Piper? Season 3 is a complete (stupid idea) reboot.

It is a coming of age tale set in Mississippi in the 1970s.

The film was produced by Island World, and distributed by Universal Pictures and United International Pictures. Were Billy and Stu gay with each other in the original because I've been hearing rumors that they were in some type of relationship. Gale mentions both of their names when Detective Mark Kincaid says the new killer is taking credit for Maureen's murder. Later, when Sidney goes into the movie set version of her house, both of their voices are played as she reminisces.

He called Stu a "Pussy-Ass Wet Rag" before insulting Billy., Stu Macher

Stu is the accomplice to Billy Loomis, assisting Billy in multiple murders including that of Maureen Prescott, Sidney's mother. This electrocutes and, most likely, kills him. Death

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