But what’s the story behind his trademark tat?

Does 'Scrubs' Have The Worst TV Doctor Of All-Time?

How one rapper's violent life has become shallow entertainment for thousands. They then make their jobs unreasonably difficult for themselves by granting Imhotep the power to come back to life and then guarding his corpse for 3,000 years to ensure he never does so.

“He was a real wild nigga,” Savage recalls, fondly.

So you don’t really feel it, when it’s going on.”.

While many people might do more extreme things to themselves than ink their body after seeing their younger sibling get murdered, it’s just another tragedy in 21 Savage’s turbulent life so far.

The fundamental premise of Alpha Dog is that maintaining a gangster image and lifestyle is essential. It's just almost never correct.

Fortunately, this is absolutely the only thing about Waterworld that doesn't make any sense. Michael's body is covered in mystical angel tattoos written in a made-up angel language called Enochian that he says are instructions for the baby's protector. In other words, before the guy was dead, or a mummy, or cursed to return, they were just a bunch of pharaoh's bodyguards, hanging out with Imhotep while bearing written declarations that they were going to eventually have to kill him and guard his cursed corpse for the next 3,000 years. In both the film and reality, a Russian prison tattoo is an elaborate code that tells one's entire criminal history. But I guess they say your adrenaline be rushing. Justin Timberlake is declaring his love for ice skating, in Chinese. Justin Bieber's got some tatts, and I love you, but I know I'm way tougher than you. It actually makes perfect sense for a secret society whose job is to keep the secret of an evil, hidden mummy destined to rise again. Specifically, the approximate English sounds for these five characters are I, M, H, T and P -- Imhotep.
If Jadakiss is the rap game Jason Voorhees, then 21 Savage is Freddy Krueger. In fact, Michael says specifically in the movie, "My love, my hope for mankind, was no less than His. Despite trolling the internet earlier this year by pretending he got his ink removed and became “a changed man,” 21’s dagger tattoo remains sharper than ever. Whether you like his music or not, there’s no denying 21 Savage is a pretty scary dude. Before you even hear spine-chilling songs like “Red Opps” or “No Heart,” there’s one very distinct part of 21 Savage’s fear factor: the dagger tattoo that sits between his eyes.

You get the feeling he’s more of a sneak-up-on-you-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-slit-your-throat kinda guy.

Actually, make that zero percent. Read more on Guyism.com. They don't so much as tell him how to change a diaper. It actually reads, "For indeed the hand of the Lord was against them, to destroy them from among the host, until they were consumed." How did they miss that one?

So instead of choosing words like "stab" or "violence," his body is adorned with words like "feng," "tu," "shui" and "huo," the characters for "wind," "earth," "water" and "fire," just one step short of summoning Captain Planet.

In seventh grade, 21 was caught carrying a gun to school as protection against bullies. In a new cover story on the Atlanta rapper, The FADER’s Amos Barshad finally uncovers the mystery behind 21’s dagger tattoo—and it isn’t pretty. It was around this time that Savage got a tattoo right between his eyes.

Death rules everything around 21 Savage. He added: "Middle school, I would cry myself to sleep every f***in' day. It's in Chinese. And, I don't think that's anybody's fault; it has to do with something predisposed in you.". Consequence and karma have been a big part of 21 Savage's life and blossoming career. Once again, there was a genuine attempt to do Chinese coordinates.

I ask Savage later.

The FADER piece delves deeper into the rapper’s brutal experiences with guns, drugs, and violence.

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