He's posted very little content to his website or YouTube, and, with the death of the old video hosting platform they used to use, many of his old videos may have been lost. This was pretty standard Spoony humor if you ask me, but Obscuras Lupa found it to be sexist and creepy and called him out on it and his dog's account. Follow up Question: What is the MST3k Stile? around the time he won his Mashable in 2009. Please note that I may not have all the facts straight after so long. And now he doesn't. A bit after his breakup and when he was still doing videos I got the chance to exchange a few sentences with him in stream chat and on Google+ of all places and he seemed really nice and outgoing at the time. Because of his race, the police do not perceive Rashad as innocent. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. You can see it in Wrestle Wrestle, Black Hole of Board Games, and just about everything. His own behavior bit him in the ass. I am really sad to lose him as an entertainer and to see him fall into such he deep hole he does not seem to be able to get out of. cope with his demons (addictions, mental disorders, etc). David and Spoony represent two polar opposite reactions to the issues of police brutality and racism. "I'm a longtime fan I started watching him in 2007.". He made promises he did not keep and he often puts a HUGE project on his own shoulders and then abandons it. That really is what broke him. https://thatguywiththeglasses.fandom.com/wiki/The_Spoony_One?oldid=68235, Wrestling reviews/rants on WWE PPV´s,RAW,Smackdown & NXT (by, Wrestling reviews/rants on TNA PPV´s & Impact (by Noah Antwiler), The Footballpodcast Turducken is Tasty (by, Sage and Space Thunder Kids Commentary (January 2nd, 2010), Santa With Muscles Outtakes & Bloopers (January 4th, 2010), E3 2010 Coverage (Day 01) (June 20th, 2010). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the thespoonyexperiment community, Continue browsing in r/thespoonyexperiment, Press J to jump to the feed. Reviews will continue during this time, of course; the added revenue will help supplement production costs of the movie, if and when it goes into production. He now does streaming and semi-regularly posts live stream content on YouTube. I can relate to his mental struggles and even understand him constantly lashing out because that is what I did for a very long time. His girlfriend had recently broken up with him and he was taking it very badly (or his public persona was, hard to say). He's right about how shitty Trump is though. This includes but is not limited to: private photos, blog posts, updates about new videos, and updates about new reviews. His bipolar II disorder, losing his first girlfriend Scarlett, the pressure of becoming a $5,000 a month patreon recipient, years of struggling with underemployment, coming out of college to a field devastated by outsourcing, and probably a host of other problems we have no clue about because we don't know what's in his mind or in his heart.

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