Your content marketing strategy should be aimed at converting several behavioral types by capitalizing on reinforcement sensitivity and overcoming the challenges it poses. If you encourage readers to leave comments, take the time to respond to them. Our last persona is Richard, a CIO at a large company who constantly worries about the short- and long-term implications of every decision. Because users are used to finding the answers to their questions in a second, your content should be formatted so that it’s easy to scan. Set aside time to write every day, no matter what it is. It is not necessary to shower your customers with actual rewards. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with a passion for travel, music, and my alma mater (M-I-Z!). Despite having no time or inclination to make efforts to reach that goal, she buys a treadmill because she thinks it will help her reach the goal. This information determines how your content should be structured depending on the generation you are catering to. The inspiration page showcases real transformations of homes and spaces using Ikea products. Find the right niche. To understand how RST works and how people can be divided based on their reactions, you can make use of a personality questionnaire. We were able to interview him in 2013 and collect some of his insight on SEO strategy, keeping up with changing tactics, and reaching consumers. Happy Dog Web Productions3615 White Bear AveWhite Bear Lake, MN 55110, There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. You can show how your brand can help them solve their pain points. After you’ve established who your audience is, you need to dive into what your audience is looking for. While it’s said that money makes the world go round, time is one of the most valuable assets to consumers. ©2020 Gannett Co, Inc. All Rights Reserved. In order to write content that will resonate with someone, you must have an idea of who is going to read it. Audience personas are used by marketing agencies and businesses to better market their products to consumers and uncover human truths. If you write about an idea that isn’t your own, always cite your sources. Information is consumed at breakneck speed and distraction is the norm. Incorporate that into your messaging across all of your marketing channels. You already have a fair idea of various discrepancies in human reactions. It is no secret that Instagrammers and fashion brands have declared undying love for each other. If you aren’t an expert on the subject, then you will want others’ opinions to act as your voice of authority. Create a well-defined audience persona, segregate your lists with the help of surveys and tests, and then create a multichannel content mix with the help of available data. How do you do that? Writing for an audience will help guide how you structure your work, what kind of language you use, what information you include, and how you approach each topic. Remember, the more information you collect, the better your marketing strategies will perform. At Happy Dog, our intended audience falls into the earlier end of the millennial generation. In order to foster a deeper relationship, you need to spark an emotional connection. As Richard is resistant to rewards and punishment, consistent and personalized emails, educational drips, re-engagement drips, and even top-of-mind drips can help convert him by assuaging his concerns and building trust. For example, if you’re running a pet daycare, having pictures of how happy the animals are is a great way to make customers feel more comfortable about leaving their furry friends for a few days.

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