Base form sonic is plenty fast to beat flash but getting into super sonic or hyper sonic he's way too fast for flash. Regular Sonic is not that strong but the Archie Super Sonic is beyond obscene. Who’s faster: Sonic or The Flash?, @bronze_surfer: you don't need the feats, the sonic fans know who would win. From what I know, Sonic is not anywhere light speed. Flash over feats Sonic hard and Sonic's embodiment has a time limit. Mario Kart is great for playing on your own or going toe-to-toe with friends, but if you want a cooperative experience that challenges both you and your allies, Team Sonic Racing is the way to go.

Barry Allen? I don't see a hedgehog doing much damage to Flash.

It’s part of NewsBoiler, a network of social news sites covering today’s pop culture. I don't know how this is a possible discussion.

Mario Kart is a solo racer. It's Mighty and Ray. Now in the games, sonic was fast and kick butt!!!! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If Flash and sonic had a race flash would beat sonic. But Flash would still win., hyper sonic from archie comics should be enough.

Flash: Flash can time travel with his connection to speed force, that implies he is faster than speed of light which is 670616629 miles per hour.

On a circuit, Flash would run a million laps before Sonic even came close to finishing his first one. Flash can go back in time by running so fast and even sonic can’t do that. Sorry. Wally west would own any form of sonic. He can rob others of their speed using the speed force, so he can take Sonic.

seriously sonic ? Kid Flash who do you think would win in a race? He will never tag flash in Super Sonic form. Who would win in a race between Sonic and the Flash (any incarnation). It's not even funny how hard he wins. lol how lame ,flash takes this its a curbstomp, Sonic .

Might as well do it on this but it was from pages 13-15. The Great Question A question that has raged across forums and message boards across the internet. Vote on this Sonic the Hedgehog poll: Sonic vs. Wow a lot of flash fanboyism going in here! This had been done thousand times. Every version of Flash beats Sonic in a race and a fight. They're in completely different leagues. All bets on that. Flash can moves at 2.5 x 10^48 times the speed light. Are you serious?

Sonic Forces (2017) Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (2014) Sonic Lost World (2013) Sonic Generations (2011) Sonic Colors (2010) Sonic and the Black Knight (2009) Sonic Unleashed (2008) Sonic and the Secret Rings (2007) Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) Flash even created a black hole in the series “Flash” on Netflix! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

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