It's fantastic - the feel of the putter is great. In previous attempts by Wilson to remake this putter, they have fallen woefully short. Wilson Staff have included a Lamkin 3GEN grip that is smoothy, tacky and very comfortable in your hands. Been playing an 8802 for about 20 years (still has the original leather wrap grip). Never up, never in. I’m not familiar with that engraving or the valuation of 8802s, new or vintage. What will surprise those who have yet to feel a Napa/8802 head is the heavy, almost velvety full feel. I have tried the new 8802 and it’s not only a honest work of art it feels better than the Scotty and Ping.. We Tried It: Fiix Elbow Tennis Elbow Treatment, Ball Lab – Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball Review, Callaway X Forged CB Irons and X Forged UT Utility, Ball Lab – Costco Kirkland Performance+ Three-Piece. Its topline is thick, and the putter is virtually free of embellishments save for the Wilson Staff shield on the face and the simple engraving on the sole. Rossie and R-Line Arrow put to the test... 13 time PGA Tour winner's putter now available! To clarify. Old school putter all the way.

Looking down at the putter is daunting at first but the more you use this putter the harder it is to go back to your other putters.

If a user wishes to subscribe to my RSS Feeds or Email Updates (powered by Feedburner), I ask for contact information such as name and email address. This is an old-style, pure, simple putter that will appeal to those that perhaps remember the original 8802 or fancy a modern take on a classic design. Having turned 100 in 2014, Wilson Golf didn't want to let such an occasion pass without marking the occasion. Beautiful club and condition. Anyone know what this is? Wilson re-introduce a modern version of one of the most iconic putters of all time. I have an old Wilson Tour Blade II that I rolled this one against. Wonderful feel. The two putters that sprang up in the 1960s were the flange, now most commonly referred to as the 8802, after the Wilson model that became a …

There is one thing that must be mentioned though about this 8802. The old 8802 will feel so much better because of the shaft.

I have putted with both the original head speed and replacement/remakes of the shaft. The two putters that sprang up in the 1960s were the flange, now most commonly referred to as the 8802, after the Wilson model that became a classic, and the center-shafted brass blade, the Acushnet Bulls Eye. By the way, has anybody got some salt and pepper? I’ve tried using different companies versions of it but just too much rotation. Just wish I could putt with it!
I dunno, but I like what they are doing.
Wilson Staff really nailed it with this new milled 8802. Not this one. These are the putters that set the standards and trends for putter design. My previous take on playing an 8802 was that it was a putter for expert players only.

Coming back to golf as my kids are no longer little ones, I don't expect to hit the ball the way I once did but other than losing a few yards, that was not the problem.

Maybe it ties nostalgically into how they learned the game. They look identical, but most of the 8802s I see on eBay are going for $50-$70 more than all 8813s.

It’s not quite the arm-numbing sting of a skulled 3i blade, but you know when you have wandered from the sweet spot.

Good catch there. As I just mentioned, its influence persists in the modern putter, even if the original has not been produced for a while. It’s beautiful… but I’ll never play it. I just came across an 8802 putter with an engraving The Lil David. Re the location of the sweet spot: on the earlier models it was towards the heel. This would have been perfect if they had milled it out of carbon steel. Modern golfers and equipment cater for a softer touch, hence the face milling. Now on the PGA Tour Champions, he still uses the Bullseye, whose lettering on the bottom has been nearly worn off. I think this new version will answer a few issues so, I can hardly wait to give it a roll !

It cost me the grand price of £12 new, much easier on the pocket than today's.

Almost all putting.

Good putters still feel the Putt and make it happen. While the vast majority of those selling these putters on eBay, via Craigslist, and even in golf shops specializing in used equipment are well intentioned, many putters claiming to be real "original" 8802's in reality are not the genuine article.

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