Required fields are marked *. I saw one person comment that they made an alt and used the extension and got banned. Wizard101 Trivia. Posted by 1 month ago. Q: What book was Anna Flameright accused of stealing?A: Advanced Flameology, Q: Sir Edward Halley is the Spiral’s most famous what?A: Aztecasaurologist, Q: Who is NOT a member of the Council of Light?A: Cyrus Drake, Q: What is the shape on the weather vanes in the shopping district?A: Half moon/moon, Q: Kirby Longspear was once a student of which school of magic?A: Death, Q: The Swordsman Destreza was killed by what?A: A Gorgon, Q: How many portal summoning candles are in the Burial Mound?A: Three, Q: What did Abigail Doolittle accuse Wadsworth of stealing?A: Imitation Golden Ruby, Q: What was the name of the powerful Grendel Shaman who sealed the runic doors?A: Thulinn, Q: What level must you be to wear Dragonspyre crafted clothing?A: 33, Q: Which Queen is mentioned in the Marleybone book “The Golden Age”?A: Ellen, Q: Who is the King of the Burrowers?A: Pyat MourningSword, Q: Who is Bill Tanner’s sister?A: Sarah Tanner. Some of these answers may not be used, but they are roughly in the order from greatest to least appearances from when I did it, and I did all of these tests about 4 times. As of 2020, who still actively composes music for the game's expansion? The word Trivia signifies something of small importance. 32. When they decrease the computer enemy's health to zero.

Game currently scores an average of 77.5% from ratings on? 10. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Create an account and follow this link to create a post with your suggestion. They both writes a total of seven atmospheric tracks for Wintertusk. Which is divided into many worlds, each of which has multiple areas? Wizard101 Trivia Bot | Chrome Extension | 100% FREE - YouTube You can earn up to 100 crowns directly sent to your wizard101 account by answering 10 Trivia on their website. Get a roundup of Karamelle treats over the past month, read the winning entri…. Name? I personally used it like 2-3 weeks ago and I checked my account today and it’s doing just fine. Q: The Inzinzebu Bandits are harassing the good merchants inA: Baobab Market, Q: Koyate Ghostmane accuses the player ofA: Being a thief, Q: Zebu Blackstripes legendary blade was calledA: The Sword of the Duelist, Q: Who is not one of the Zebu KingsA: Zaffe Zoffer, Your email address will not be published. In July 2013, KingsIsle stopped updating its which servers? The creator also asked Kingsisle if there was any other way he could keep it and they responded with “No.” Like nothing else..Just “No.”. report. Wizard101 launched a European Beta version on? All you had to do was press the “Im not a robot button.”, From what I understand, the person who made the extension posted on Reddit that Kingsisle requested a takedown of their extension. To my knowledge, There hasn’t been any confirmed cases.

109 reviews 4/5 "amazing! Let's, first try to answer these questions and update your information. 26. These are different from any creative writing.

11. Hopefully you like to read this….. 34. Allison DeathWielder. 24.

45. Who worked with KingsIsle for two months? There are confirmed cases of bans yes. Want to know about Disney princess?

Q: What are the main colors for the myth school?A: Blue and Gold Correct! Yeah I used about 3-4 alt accounts and none of them got banned. https://www.wizard101.com/quiz/trivia/game/wizard101-trivia, Krokopatra Exalted Duel Drops & Cheats guide, Wizard101 death spells guide ( full list ), Wizard101 storm spells guide ( full list ), Wizard101 balance spells guide ( full list ), Wizard101 life spells guide ( full list ). Trivia new link: https://www.wizard101.com/quiz/trivia/game/wizard101-trivia, Q: Which of these are not a Lore spell?A: Fire Dragon, Q: Which of these is NOT a Zafaria Anchor Stone?A: Rasik Anchor Stone, Q: Shaka Zebu is known best as…A: The Greatest Living Zebra Warrior, Q: What is the name of the book stolen from the Royal Museum?A: The Krokonomicon, Q: Who is the Bear King of Grizzleheim?A: Valgard Goldenblade, Q: What type of rank 8 spell is taught to Death students at level 58?A: Damage + DoT, Q: An unmodified Sun Serpent does what?A: 900-1000 Fire damage + 300 Fire damage to all enemies, Q: What does the Time Ribbon protect against?A: Time Flux, Q: Which Aztecan ponders the Great Questions of Life?A: Philosoraptor, Q: How long do you have to wait to join a new match after fleeing in PVP?A: 5 Minutes, Q: What hand does Lady Oriel hold her wand in?A: Trick question, she has a sword, Q: What is Professor Falmea’s favorite food?A: Pasta Arrabiata, Q: What determines the colors of the Manders in Krokotopia?A: Where they come from and their school of focus, Q: In Grizzleheim, the Ravens want to bring about what?A: The Everwinter, to cover the world in ice, Q: What is the name of the secret society in Krokotopia?A: Order of the Fang, Q: Who is in the top level of the Tower of Helephant?A: Lyon Lorestriker, Q: What school is the Gurtok Demon focused on?A: Balance, Q: What is unique about Falmea’s classroom?A: There are scorch marks on the ceiling, Q: What is the name of the new dance added with Khrysalis?A: The Bee Dance, Q: What school is the spell Dark Nova?A: Shadow.

We’re proud to announce this Free KI games trivia answers tool! Game released a European beta version in partnership with? 41. Worth two regular pips for spells that are of the player's class. Founder of Company KingsIsle Entertainment? You can suggest improvements with the extension in the forums. 42. Seems like I'm pretty late to the party but can anyone explain to me what this extension is and why people are getting banned? The creator of this tool is William DeathWhisper, who originally started creating articles on the Duelist101 Community. These questions help your brain popping up some new ideas. Two teams made up of how many players? I would be that user.

: 50+ mammals trivia questions and answers[All Types]. Want to know about Disney princess? Game has experienced a steady growth in the number of accounts. A: Yojimbo, Q: What special plant was Barley developing in his Garden?A: Cultivated Woodsmen, Q: Who taunts: Why I oughta knock you to the moon, you pesky little creep!A: Mugsy, Q: What does Silenus name you once you’ve defeated Hades?A: Glorious Golden Archon, Q: Who needs the healing potion from Master Yip?A: Binh Hoa, Q: Who taunts you with: “Prepare to be broken, kid!”A: Clanker, Q: Who tells you to speak these words only unto your mentor: “Meena Korio Jajuka!”A: Priya the Dryad, Q: Who teaches you Balance magic?A: Alhazred, Q: What term best fits Star Magic Spells?A: Auras, Q: How many pips does it cost to cast Dr. Von’s Monster?A: 9, Q: Which spell can’t be cast while polymorphed as a Gobbler? 39. Overall this trivia is fairly difficult, but anyone who’s run through the game at least once will be familiar with a majority of these answers. May be, most of you know much about this game. 40. Q: Tish’Mah specializes in spells that mostly affect these:A: Minions, Q: Ether Shield protects against what?A: Life and Death attacks, Q: What isn’t a shadow magic spell?A: Ebon Ribbons, Q: Who can teach you the Life Shield Spell?A: Sabrina Greenstar, Q: What does Forsaken Banshee do?A: 375 damage plus a hex trap, Q: Who sang the Dragons, Titans and Giants into existance?A: Bartleby, Q: Where is Sabrina Greenstar?A: Fairgrounds, Q: What is the name of the school newspaper Boris Tallstaff knows?A: Ravenwood Bulletin, Q: What is the name of the bridge in front of the Cave to Nightside?A: Rainbow Bridge, Q: What are the school colors of Balance?A: Tan and Maroon, Q: Who is the Wizard City mill foreman?A: Sohomer Sunblade, Q: Who taught Life Magic before Moolinda Wu?A: Sylvia Drake, Q: Who is the fire school professor?A: Dalia Falmea, Q: What is the name of the Ice Tree in Ravenwood?A: Kelvin. 38. 25. In this article, we will share you wizard101 adventuring trivia Answers. Wizard101 Taiwan officially launched on? This game is suited for whole family. It can decrease enemy's health enhance the health of your freinds, add shields that lessen your damage. Reviews. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It breaks Kingsisle’s Terms of Service. wizard101 trivia answers KI free games allow you to earn free crowns by answering questions about wizard101 & pirate101. 12 comments. 46. It goes to the website, but doesn't answer any of the questions. 7. Thank you. How many of you play this game. 21. The max you could get was 100 crowns daily. William DeathWisper collected the correct answers to help you get the 100% you need to earn 10 crowns! Like someone will pay for an extension to get free crowns. Below trivia including questions related to the wizard 101 games. You can report problems with the extension in the forums. Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. A: Pie in the sky, Q: What term best fits Sun Magic Spells?A: Enchantment, Q: What type of spells are Ice, Fire, and Storm?A: Elemental, Q: Which spell would not be very effective when going for the elixir vitae Badge?A: Entangle, Q: What level of spell does Enya Firemoon Teach?A: 80, Q: Which Fire spell both damages and heals over time?A: Power Link, Q: Mildred Farseer teaches you what kind of spell?A: Dispels, Q: How many pips does it cost to cast Stormzilla?A: 5, Q: Cassie the Ponycorn teaches this kind of spell:A: Prisms, Q: If you can cast Storm Trap, Wild Bolt, Catalan, and the Tempest spell, what are you polymorphed as?A: Ptera, Q: Cassie the Ponycorn teaches this kind of spellA: Prism, Q: If you’re a storm wizard with 4 power pips and 3 regular pips, how powerful would your supercharge charm be?A: 110%. A player gains how many pip every round? Pixar’s model played into the inspiration behind? Your email address will not be published. Copyright © 2019 triviaquestions4u.com All Right Reserved |, 60+ video game trivia questions and answers, 90+ college football trivia questions and answers, 57+ Basketball Trivia Questions with Answers(NBA), 79+ best football trivia questions of all time, 55+ Baseball Trivia Questions with Answers(quiz), 70 Baby Shower Trivia Questions and Answers. This portion includes an introduction, who's developer, director of this game, and many more. Q: Which one of these is not a symbol on the battle sigil?A: Wand, Q: What color is the door inside the boys’ dormroom?A: Red, Q: Zafaria is home to what cultures?A: Gorillaz, Zebras, Lions, Q: Which below are NOT a type of Oni in Mooshu?A: Ruby, Q: Why are the Gobblers so afraid to go home?A: Witches, Q: What’s the name of the Balance tree?A: Niles, Q: What is the only school left standing in Dragonspyre?A: Fire, Q: Who prophesizes this: “The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall…”A: Morganthe, Q: Why are the pixies and faeries on Unicorn Way evil?A: Rattlebones corrupted them, Q: What can be used to diminish the Nirini’s powers in Krokotopia?A: Flame Gems, Q: What is the shape of the pink piece in Potion Motion?A: Heart, Q: How many worlds of the spiral are unlocked as of May 21st, 2014?A: 12, Q: Who is the registrar of Pigswick Academy?A: Mrs. Dowager, Q: Merle Ambrose is originally from which world?A: Avalon, Q: Who sells Valentine’s Day items in Wizard City?A: Valentina Heartsong, Q: Who is the Nameless Knight?A: Sir Malory, Q: What did Prospector Zeke lose track of in MooshuA: Blue Oysters, Q: What is the title of the book floating around the Wizard City Library?A: Basic Wizarding & Proper Care of Familiars, Q: Which of these locations is not in Wizard City?A: Digmoore Station, Q: Who guards the entrance to Unicorn Way?A: Private Stillson, Q: What book does Professor Drake send you to the library to check out?A: Book on the Wumpus. save. 35. They moved the quiz to the official Wizard101 website. https://reddit.com/r/Wizard101/comments/imr7df/triva_bot_bans_confirmed/. 56. 22.

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