In WNBA’s first year, I was in a bar in Greenwich Village with my cousin, Mike. You're fortunate to read a set of the 11 funniest jokes on wnba. 21 sounds great. In other words, when the average NBA and WNBA player jump, the top of their heads are both roughly 101 inches and 86 inches in the air.

If MLB The Show’s makers decided their next big play was to give you winter ball and the Caribbean World Series, especially in a career mode, nobody would groan about being forced to attend diversity training or make racist jokes about those players. The average NBA vertical is 22 inches? And while it … Otherwise, the league would have folded years ago. Kotaku correctly notes that when WNBA players were first added to NBA Live 18, the response was mainly supportive. Lmao this would actually make me want to watch, just to see someone hit the golden snitch shot and end the game in 3 seconds and how awkward it'll be for the teams and TV program, Edit: But if this is serious, the 2 second rule makes no sense. And as of 2014 that has only happened 11 times in the entire history of the WNBA. Also, the un ironic use of “sjw” and “I’m a liberal too” scream of r/AsABlackMan. The funniest sub on reddit. While I’m sure there are multiple reasons for the WNBA’s lack of popularity, most sports fans, including myself, agree that the primary reason no one, in layman’s terms, “gives a shit” about the league. Do I even have to type the punchline for this one? To be fair the NBA was on its last legs in the 1970s as well. I think the question to ask is something more along the lines of “if the same amount of resources were put into the WNBA, would the revenue difference between WNBA and the NBA continue to be so enormous?". Note: An earlier version of this post contained two screenshots of Facebook users commenting under their real names. Otherwise, the league would have folded years ago. They split this 50% between 30 teams, which means approximately 1.7% of total league revenue per team. In the one-on-one, each player on the court is responsible for covering a specific player on the opposing team. The only reason the WNBA continues to exist is because the NBA - for whatever reason - pumps millions of subsidy dollars into it each year. There is no "fairness" involved. NBA teams are required to have at least 14 players on their roster. The WNBA needs a new direction. If you want to judge disparity between men and women in terms of money, you should judge their value in terms of money. And say it costs $1000/day to run. Someone has to pay the salaries, and if I'm an owner I'm sure as hell not paying 10x what the team makes in salaries, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the nbadiscussion community, Press J to jump to the feed. What if someone makes it at the end of the first quarter. Get used to it. WNBA, Ladies learn power point, the magic act, the soccer match all seemed out of touch. over half of WNBA teams operate in the red and the only reason they stay afloat is due to NBA game revenues. I mean, doesn’t that uncertainty add yet another level of excitement? It’s an absurd argument that likely does not exist outside of op’s fields.

I think these are actually a really good list of proposals. If you take 1/3 of the WNBA owners’ revenue and pay it to the players, the league would either require even more subsidies from the NBA or would shut down entirely. 2) Artificially raise the salary % from 20% to 50% even though there’s less than half of the teams. Yeah, but, come on. But so far, the NBA has become more global and far-reaching than any other of the major American sports. They’d probably, like I did with women’s basketball players in last year’s NBA Live 19, be grateful for the chance to think about a sport they love in a different way. [Which was also the year Nick Carter showed us the meaning of being lonely.] She was asked about why she makes as much money as the top men fighters and she said that it wasn’t because of the UFC trying to be fair, it was because she brought in a ton of money to the company. You work 80 hours or more every month and when something goes wrong you have be in charge. A big list of wnba jokes! Wtf I thought it would be 30. Play each team in a three game series to reduce travel expenses. The best WNBA jokes, funny tweets, and memes! People just don’t care about the league enough yet for them to be asking to make the same amount of money. This needs to stop.

But, I think 8 teams is the perfect size for this new WNBA league. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, It's far less entertaining in my opinion. Both of your salaries are tied to the company's revenue.

But any informed and honest view reveals that, no, this was rancid and widespread enough to warrant indignation. It's easier to catch every single game of the WNBA season, they're super crucial to the standings, and people could have a more informed opinion on certain matchups going into the Playoffs. The NBA is the one generating revenue. OP’s arguments are clearly bad faith. If two of those teams have the exact same number of points allowed, we go to overall number of points scored. No thanks. by Janice Hough Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler to ESPN, upset about WNBA's support of "Black Lives Matter, says fans "may feel excluded from this sport & other sports that make them feel … You look at the MLB where the players association si trying to get some of the MLB advanced media loot the league is raking in. The WNBA players are not so valued and do not attract that level of interest. Deal with it. A subreddit dedicated for NBA news and discussion. I was taught this as a certainty in a “Cross-Cultural Journalism” class that was really a “SJW, Liberal is the only way” class. The game isn’t even out but somehow, because everything has to be a zero-sum view, there is no way NBA 2K20 could have added the WNBA and still given, I dunno, a crisper jab step for Paul George. Every year people run their mouth how this year’s game, whether that’s FIFA, Madden or NBA 2K, doesn’t have anything new to offer. ... What do racists and WNBA fans have in common? Press J to jump to the feed. The official site of the Women's National Basketball Association. My argument, while I greatly respect the WNBA and consider things like All-Star Draymond Green saying he watches the WNBA frequently to learn from plays and ball movement, I don’t believe they “deserve” the same pay.

The WNBA’s is 30 seconds. It would bankrupt the league,and then they would go away finally. If those two teams have the EXACT SAME number of wins, points allowed, and points scored, well… fuck. Now, we don’t want to get too carried away, because having too few teams is also an issue. WNBA players should be thankful that they get paid all. If op is misrepresenting the point given by those dastardly sjws, then yes I think it’s unjust that WNBA players earn less than half of the WNBA’s revenue. Note also how many experts say WNBA teams and players are fine, but only after they perfect the servers (whatever that means), only after more depth is added to MyPark, MyLeague, et cetera. They’ll be thanked with cracks about button-mapping kitchen chores. The WNBA players want raises. 7 of them, in fact! The public at large has determined that the WNBA is less entertaining by a significant margin, and they have demonstrated that with low viewership and low consumption.

That’s not to say that there aren’t fierce rivalries or close games in the WNBA, but people want to see human beings dunk basketballs on each other. Unfortunately, that show only fixed up cars, and was cancelled a decade ago, so I will just have to do my best Xzibit impression in this article.

Even commissioner Adam Silver said, “this is not a Title IX issue, this is a business issue.”.

Its simple business, why would anybody fund an unsuccessful product, especially one that's been unsuccessful for over 20 years.

Wnba Jokes. Fuck I’m pretty sure that with 5 dollars I could advertise my reddit account during their games.

Time for another sexy Instagram girl and pop artist! With three new shots, including one that literally ends the game, blowouts are a thing of the past. That’s how I felt about WNBA players in NBA Live 19 last year, where I spent more time in multiplayer as a created woman than doing anything else. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Come on. The opposite of a zone defense is a one-on-one defense.

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