When Fjord lost his powers in Rosohna and attempted to walk away from the party, he said that he wanted to go talk to Wursh. "Duplicity" (2x55) She was given the name Orphan-Maker, a prediction of her future, and eventually met Zuala. Aliases While Yasha did find Beau fascinating and attractive, she initially had no interest in any romantic relationships. yasha nydoorin critical role yasha critical role cr yasha critical role fanart cr fanart yasha god i love her so much. "A Turtle By Any Other Name" (2x60) The other members of the Mighty Nein did not seem bothered by her transformation but wondered after the fight if there was a deeper meaning to it. Yasha also aided him in starting a rooftop garden for the Xhorhaus. She admitted the situations were not at all the same, but offered commiseration over losing a loved one. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Fan art of Yasha's wings, by Linda Lithén. 19[13]

A book received from Molly with a four-leafed clover and Nott's flowers pressed between the pages, A harp made from a humanoid spine; it was constructed by. Yasha ran away in freight, and continues to mourn her wife. Ashley Johnson. Let's go see if we can find the others.". He told her that he'd like to talk to her in the future. 17

Yasha Nydoorin is a fallen aasimar barbarian. She has shown a fear of small and enclosed spaces and gave this as the reason why she ran off in Episode One, not wanting to end up in a cell. I feel like I'm either very unlucky or cursed. She regained her previous personality upon being freed of Obann's control. Molly met Yasha when she joined the Carnival a few months before the stream began, and she knew about as much as Molly when it came to Molly's past. Like “I killed my family”– “I’ll throw you under a bridge.” I’m learning how to people.

Nott was initially scared of Yasha, and upon learning she was from Xhorhas thought she might be a spy. Reblog.

Me likey warlocks. "Through the Trees" (2x79) The leaders eventually found out, and Zuala was killed. 11 Both had been previously arranged to marry others, but married in secret against the code of their tribe. Wis ). Yasha is extremely shy and feels awkward especially in a smaller group, which made it harder for her to feel a part of the Mighty Nein. She moved her hand away in fear. With the return of her true wings, Yasha believes that she may have finally been forgiven by the Stormlord.

Critical Role Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. In episode 104, Liam O'Brian also called her along with Beau a lesbian and Marisha Ray also, reffered to both Yasha and Beau as "disaster lesbians" in Beau's second oficial playlist.

The leaders eventually found out, and Zuala was killed. She ended up in the Empire at The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities, working as security, where she became friends with a Tiefling named Mollymauk. Add new page. During Yasha's dream-vision in the Braan, she saw dozens and dozens of bodies tumbled before her and turned to see a familiar male figure, curved horns back from the front, his wings folded over his shoulders, with a sly grin and yellow eyes. All creations copyright of the creators. During the night before Yasha disappears from the Mighty Nein for the third time, Jester sat beside Yasha and showed her her various drawings and even drew Yasha "lit up by the lightning" before going to sleep. This marked the pairs first moment of bonding together. She saw herself walking through the wastes of Xhorhas, but it was crawling with thousands of immense worms. Race But lately she may be starting to reciprocate her feelings.

Jester was most visibly shaken by Yasha falling to Obann's command, and along with Caduceus, was one of the only members of the party to vocally show faith in Yasha not having betrayed them. Her outward personality changed significantly after she was taken over by Obann's charm effect. Obann became furious and the sigil on the back of Yasha's neck glowed as she cried out in pain. Amzahr Level 60: High Grandmaster Artist. She remained in the chamber with the Laughing Hand as the Mighty Nein fled, and before leaving the chamber she gathered the ichor which once was Obann, feeling the remaining faint thrum from it. URL. "[47] Yasha later commented to Mollymauk that "Jester's adorable" and that she liked her.[48]. C2 [32] There she was referred to as "The Brute" due to her large size and strength, similar to the carnival's other security member: Bo "The Breaker". She heard Zuala's voice calling her from the chains in the abyss, and a figure beckoning, but she sighed and said, "I have to go," and leaped up, wings extended. She reunited with the rest of the party at their trial before the town's Lawmaster. Yasha flew strongly upward as the storm clouds suddenly dissipated, finding herself high above Exandria feeling a freedom she had never quite felt before.[53].

Name As she started to pick it up, a bolt of lightning shot out from the sky at it. After being acquitted of their charges, Yasha decided to remain in Trostenwald. [33], Yasha is a fallen aasimar. Obann's charm effect indirectly restored Yasha's memories: her life from when she fled her former tribe to present-day.

Yasha's sexuality was left rather ambiguous, but she did seem to return Beau's flirtation. There has been speculation about why Yasha has kept the breastplate on. During Yasha's battle with the Stormlord's lightning creature at sea, Jester jumped in to heal Yasha. Official 2019 portrait of Yasha (current), by Ari. [art 13]. When asked if she thought Zuala could have survived, Yasha replied that she didn't think that was possible. Yasha has a light Scandinavian accent.[24].

Papercraft it. ", "I was trying to do the thing. DC 9 Don't let me be a shackle." Below are the player character stats as they have been most recently updated on the show. Yasha noticed something was wrong and said she also wanted to see Wursh. Dex She is suspicious that perhaps Yasha knew more than she let on going into the King's Cage, but doesn't blame her for her actions under Obann's control, even when Yasha almost killed her in the Chantry of the Dawn. Media She sheepishly agreed and begins playing a hauntingly beautiful melody. Her clothes are more tattered and old, and wears the symbol of the Stormlord around her waist. She ended up in the Empire at The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities, working as security, where she became friends with a T… C9 Fans speculated that Yasha was a lesbian at the start series.

When he asked Yasha why, she answered back "I heard you" which he did not understand was her pushing through the control. She admitted to Jester she was more upset than she showed, and that she listened for thunder at night. Place(s)

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