Holy Cross [5] – High attack but low hits. The last two are pretty good to add leftover points into.

Zenonia 5 Guides. Hammer of Justice The best skill to have as a paladin. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. There exists a big advantage of acquiring it. You can make the fire last longer with more levels but it’s pretty much not worth it. More advanced individuals may also see themselves having a difficult experience getting through the experience.

You increase your HP count to avoid one hit kills and your ability to tank. The ATT is even more important than all other stats such as STR or CON. Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny is the latest in the lengthy and excellent action RPG franchise by Gamevil, Inc. It plays much more like a console action RPG than your typical iPhone game, and fans of classic SNES, Sega Genesis, Saturn and Playstation RPGs are certain to love Zenonia 5, same as with all of the other Zenonia games.

Once you start unlocking your more powerful AoE skills, farming and completing quests … The Wizard/Mage class in Zenonia 5 has been nerfed and isn’t as powerful as one would expect from a spellcaster class. Hits monsters in a straight line in front of you. Is it really doable to be able to try to get unlimited Zen?

Playing Zenonia is an amazing way to kill a few hours. Shield Charge [1] – Your usual charge move. Zenonia 5 gets to be a lot more straightforward, and also the character level up approach will become effortless. The Wizard of Zenonia 5 probably has the best normal attack in the game. Based on the above points, avoid adding INT or DEX for your paladin at all.

Younger individuals, as an example, can have problems getting through the last few areas. However, you will need the necessary equipment to be a more effective Paladin fighter. You will find a large profit to acquiring this. Main menu. They make great PvE gear farming character for their high damage output against single enemy. This guide is perfect for players that want to use shadows and the spinning whirlwind move in Zenonia 5. Hammer of Justice [25] – You freaking throw a huge hammer out of thin air in the name of justice and big damage. Purifying Flame [25] – Not good. The brand new combat system located in Zenonia 5 is one thing which actually made this game a lot better. However, the huge defense boost can help you through some hard stages of the game when you are almost dying.

You should only put 1 point into this skill because Recharge’s damage potential is lacking and you do get hit while casting the skill. The experience gets to be less difficult, plus ranking up your player gets to be trivial. You can also use it as a little boost to increase your HP healed from curing light.

A zenonia 5 unlimited zen hack can be done, and there a variety of video tutorials on it. I skip the buffs because the Paladin has enough DEF with CON adding 3 DEF rather than the usual 2.

It's a really fun class to play but has the obvious downside of not having tons of HP. Copyright 2011-2020 Writerparty.

I’d add into Mana Drain for a good “DPS” attack, one of the later AOE attacks to round up my two main attacks, and have Psychic Shield and Concentration to top it off.

Offensively, the shield hits everything around you, but slowly (around once a second) and not very hard (something lower than your ATT).

We will then discuss how and why you should go for certain stats builds. The Holy ability is by far the best fairy effect in the game. I think your zenonia 4 guide is way more better than this guide can't you make the guide like before, how do you enchant weapons and make them also what are the slots for and the stone things i need for them is there a guide on enchanting and making weapons. It's virtually unbeatable in pvp, should i only go srtengt now have built my paladin badly, I am lvl 37 and i have 101 con and 91 srtenght, get 60 Con and 30 str at lv15 and you will be unbeatable at PvP. Purifying Flame You should only put 1 single point into this skill to unlock Absolute Shield. Zenonia 5 skills also have invincibility frames now, so that's a big plus for this class. Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny is the latest in the lengthy and excellent action RPG franchise by Gamevil, Inc. Zenonia 5 Wizard Guide How to Make Gold in Zenonia 5 Gold can be very important or close to useless depending on your class and build. Zenonia 5 How to Be a Better Player Guide. Lvl 2 to 4 – Curing Light (3)Lvl 5 – Crest of Authority (1)Lvl 6 to 14 – DEF Increase (9)Lvl 15 – Hammer of Silence (1)Lvl 16 – Armor of Protection (1)Lvl 17 to 24 – ATT Increase (6), Curing Light (5)Lvl 25 – Hammer of Justice (1)Lvl 26 to 34 – Add into whatever you needLvl 35 – Holy Light (1)Lvl 36 to 44 – DEF per STR (9)Lvl 45 – Archangel’s Blessing (1), Crest of Authority (7)Hammer of Silence (10)Armor of Protection (7)Hammer of Justice (10)Holy Light (1)Archangel’s Blessing (1)DEF Increase (10)ATT Increase (10)STR Increase (10)CON Increase (10)DEF per STR (10)Passive Master (10)Survival Instinct (1)Area Zero (1), Can anyone help me what skill is good for my paladin CON type and a lil'bit of STR please.

Hollies stone are from the Ogre Frankesteins, Lvl5xPala - You can get it from the Hell Fly (the first dragon monster you encountered.). You can choose among leveling Shield Charge [1], Holy Cross [5], and Recharge Shot [15] (I prefer the first two). Your normal attack shoots in front of you, and while the range isn't amazing, the vertical range (if you’re shooting left or right) is very good. For those who have already beaten Zenonia 5, the ability to instantly generate a fully functional character and proceed straight away to the online aspect would be awesome.

Even at level 1 it provides you a DEF increase of 20%. INT is useless in terms of giving you the extra SP, at end game with a simple SP absorb item you should almost never run out of SP. Open the app back up, pick the same save game slot, and you’ll restart with zero penalties. Then if I’m satisfied with my damage, maybe add a bit into DEX. Probably lots of normal attack spamming, just FYI. Previously, pressing the attack button would most likely basically make your current player to fight in particular time intervals. Also gives invincibility frames. If you are going for max amount of damage in the game, the pure STR Paladin is the best for you. PvP Fighting Pure STR builds play PvP the same way as the boss fights. It should be noted that if you are interested in pure CON build for PvP purpose. Then, from the ruins of a slum village, rises a hero destined for greatness... We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY.

The AoE area is quite impressive too. Use the “To Bank” option to sell the item, rather than breaking it, and you’ll earn a load of extra gold. However, actually casting this skill in battle can be hard when you are always on the run. This build will end up like (108 skill points total): Curing Light (10)Shield Charge (1)Holy Cross (1)Hammer of Silence (10)Hammer of Justice (10)DEF Increase (10)ATT Increase (10)CRI Rate Increase (5)STR Increase (10)CON Increase (10)DEF per STR (10)Passive Master (10)Survival Instinct (10)Area Zero (1). Recharge Shot At high level, recharge shot can be even more effective at recovering your HP than curing light. So should i go for pure STR or hybrid? The Wizard has a bunch of meh abilities in the lower levels; if you’re a perfectionist you’ll probably want to skip most of them and rely solely on your normal attack.

Is unlimited Zen beneficial? I’d suggest something along the lines of pumping everything into INT, and when you start getting hit too hard up the CON. On a fully decked pure CON paladin along with the damage reflect skill, you will almost never lose against any PvP players in the game.

Holy Light Holy Light is a great skill that heals your HP over time. Attack is always useful, and since the Wizard has not enough HP, Def/Con is necessary too.

The Mechanic of Zenonia 5 is a gunslinger class with a high rate of CRIT. Skill Reset costs 150 ZEN which is pretty cruel. You have heals and buffs as well. The brand new combat system throughout Zenonia 5 is a thing that absolutely made the experience even better. You can go about your stuff in many ways. You can substitute your ATT into the 'formulas' and get an average damage to a single monster. Chain Lightning (1)Mana Drain (10)Mental Break (1)Psychic Shield (7)Concentrate (10)Starfall or Psychic Spin (10)Psychic Storm (1)ATT Increase (10)DEF Increase (10)CON Increase (10)INT Increase (10)Passive Master (10)CRI per INT (10)Devil’s Recovery (1)Area Zero (5). Any Zenonia 5 hack can be good for people having troubles getting through their 1st playthrough. Nevertheless you should consider having the skill when you could more of less tank the mobs. Getting a right Zenonia 5 hack is actually difficult. Hammer of Silence [15] – Invincibility frames. Plus you get a passive that adds DEF per STR which makes your DEF even more ridiculous. I want to become a good partner when it comes that we or I have a time to join the pvp. Pala's very challenging for me now, as I have added quite some stats into CON, killing mobs rather slowly now. Lvl 2 – Curing Light (1)Lvl 3 – Shield Charge (1)Lvl 4 – Curing Light (2)Lvl 5 – Holy Cross (1)Lvl 6 to 14 – ATT Increase (9)Lvl 15 – Hammer of Silence (1)Lvl 16 to 24 – Curing Light (5), DEF Increase (5), ATT Increase (10)Lvl 25 – Hammer of Justice (1)Lvl 26 to 34 – STR Increase/CON Increase/Hammer of Justice/Curing Light (whatever you need). Remember to check out the rest of our Zenonia 5 guides filed under our Gamelytic’s gaming guides for apps. These abilites and equipment you can utilize throughout Zenonia will be exclusive to whatever class you end up picking.

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