This means a lot of things. And what shocking figure is behind it all? Even DC writer/editor Bob Rozakis, in a 1979 “Ask the Answer Man” column, referred to Batman’s “new look” as the start of Earth-1 storytelling. While everything after the 1964 yellow-oval switch must be Earth-1 Silver Age for sure, any Batman, Detective Comics, or World’s Finest Comics stuff from 1960 up to the 1964 yellow-oval switch is still questionable as to which universe it is happening on. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? ), Scholar Rikdad emphasizes the staggered shift from Golden to Silver Age by highlighting key storytelling trends. The primary thing that more accurately defines the switch from DC’s Golden Age to its Silver Age was a momentous storytelling shift energized by the cutting-edge scientific theories of Bryce DeWitt and new hypotheses about universal wave-function and particle physics by Erwin Schrödinger. Therefore, on Earth-2, Harvey does indeed become Two-Face again in #81. _______________________________________________________________________________________ The Real Batman Chronology Project is not authorized or sponsored by DC Comics. Second, a bunch of late 50s and early 60s stories where Batman is romantically involved with Batwoman become non-canon on Earth-2. People often misattribute an augmented narrative use of aliens, monsters, spaceships, computers, robots, and nuclear mutation with the start of the Silver Age. Last but not least, Voiles has Batman #81 and up all listed as Earth-1 stories because #81 features Two-Face’s re-scarring and return to crime. However, this is a misconception. –Detective Comics #256 (June 1958) Superman: Man of Tomorrow Issue #18. Following the universe altering conclusion of 52, Booster Gold wants what's due to him -- membership in the Justice League of America! –Detective Comics #267 (May 1959) and Mrs. Superman” sections of Superman Family are already littered with continuity errors, including a reference in Superman Family #201 to a definitively non-canon SS Varania adventure that only took place on Earth-1, thus lessening the credibility of what occurs in said sections. Without the two super heroes to rely on, who remains to remind them who they truly are? Even throughout most of the 1970s, there was nothing in comics that provided incontrovertible evidence as to the start date for Batman and Superman’s Silver Age (or that provided information allowing one to correctly associate certain issues of Batman, Detective, Superman, Action, or WFC with specific Earths). The first three chapters will reportedly be available Tuesday on DC digital services individually for $0.99 or as a bundle for $2.49 at comiXology and readDC exclusively. Things were so deliberately vague for the Dark Detective and the Man of Steel that there can be varied claims as to when they were rebooted—or even varied interpretations as to which issues go with which Earth. Another complaint I have about Voiles’ methodology: If an issue from Earth-1 (Silver Age) references or flashes-back to an issue from Earth-2 (Golden Age), Voiles immediately regards that Golden Age issue as no longer canon on Earth-2 and now canon in on Earth-1! In 1959, Green Lantern was rebooted as Hal Jordan (in Showcase #22). Your email address will not be published. In BOOSTER GOLD: 52 PICKUP, someone is exploiting the ravaged time stream, hoping to eliminate the world's greatest heroes -- and only Booster Gold can stop them. Martian Manhunter’s reboot is a special case. Jim Gordon now protects Gotham as the robot-suited Batman, and he has no reason to trust Superman...especially when his presence in Gotham seems to have brought on a war with a race of super-powered subterranean beings! Batman and his allies must strengthen their resolve as Leviathan moves to take Gotham City. These huge retcons dealt specifically with the world of Earth-2 (thus having immediate impact on Earth-1). While these tropes surely existed in the early Silver Age, the late Golden Age was rife with this stuff too. Using the March 1960 date, we have…. Comics historians and narratologists have long tried to simplify chronologies by ignoring things they read, even if they are staring them in the face. –Batman #99 Part 1 (April 1956) –Superman #132 (October 1959) Taylor went on to say that Injustice: Year Zero fits "the biggest hole" in the franchise's continuity since he began and answers two nagging questions he and fans have had since day 1. –Batman #126 Part 3 (September 1959) Taylor tells THR that its a story for current times with the pandemic, and it's also about "hope" and "genuine heroics." Collects Batman #25-27, 29-33. 5: ZERO YEAR--DARK CITY is the concluding volume to Batman's origin story, as you've never seen it before. Nor did they immediately introduce a brand new Earth. –Detective Comics #263 (January 1959) "We actually sowed the seeds of this in the Injustice 2 comics, when both Doctor Midnite and Wildcat hinted at a traumatic past in our universe.". –WFC #88-90 (May 1957-October 1957) In stark contrast, Flash’s tale from Showcase #4 was an alternate Earth story completely and definitively. The JLA Batman, definitively an Earth-1 character, wore the black-insignia costume since the JLA’s debut in 1960. Visit our corporate site. Required fields are marked *, (For specific era searches, go to respective site sections). First, two stories that back a certain version of events tend to outweigh one story that backs another. Furthermore, DC Super-Stars #17 (1977) and The Brave & The Bold #197 (1983) tell a joint-story that not only contradicts any flimsy insinuation in Superman Family #211 (1981) that Catwoman never returned to crime, but also shows explicitly that she does return to crime! This doesn’t work for me. Take a look at the new-52 Batman timeline, many trademark events have been retconned or revamped to death, like Knightfall, Zero Month, Infinite Crisis, Batman R.I.P./Bruce Wayne: Road Home. There’s nothing there that screams “There are two Batmen!” These issues were simply made into Earth-1 stories due to the late 70s/early 80s retcons. Of course, this doesn’t include a large chunk of earlier stories that violate the major retcons—i.e. Hounded by the media, can Stark overcome his demon in time to repulse an attack by the Mandarin? Surely, together, there's no menace they can't face. –WFC #99 (February 1959) Oppressed barbarian tribes! >>> NEXT: Intro to the Silver Age Timeline Part 2 >>>, Your email address will not be published. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Without the multiverse of the Silver Age of comics, maybe we wouldn’t have had Michael Moorcock’s multiverse, and without that, we surely would have been deprived of Alan Moore. Compare that method to what’s going on while curating timelines in the Rebirth Era, New 52, or even in the Modern Age. Those issues are: –Superman #76 (May 1952) –Detective Comics #237 (November 1956) You don’t add the story in completely! Taylor explains. And as the wave of super villain attacks by reinvented classic rogues continues, Bethany Cabe goes on the hunt for Spymaster! Voiles argues that Superman Family #211 tells us that Catwoman never returns to crime after going straight. Oliver Queen has been a faithful member of the Justice League of America and defended Star City with his trusty bown and an arsenal of deadly arrows for years--now thrill to the definitive tale of how he became Green Arrow! Superman #76 was switched and made officially canon on Earth-1 whereas the radio version was made officially canon on Earth-2. –Detective Comics #275-276 (January 1960-February 1960) Picking right up after the cliffhanger ending to the first volume, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra and Aqualad are in desperate straits-they're homeless, destitute, and on the run from Cadmus, the project that created them. –Detective Comics #273 (November 1959) Detective Comics, Batman, Action Comics, Batman, and World’s Finest Comics) were taking place on which Earth. In the early 80s, DC wanted to define (or redefine) how Batman and Superman learned each other’s secret IDs on each separate Earth. I agree with Voiles when he says to disregard the yellow-oval as start of the Earth-1 stories. –Batman #124 Part 1 (June 1959) The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel uncover a plot by the Toymaster to use a secret, potentially deadly element in his new video game, the characters created by players manifest in real life. New York, Whether you place the Silver Age start with Showcase #4 in 1956, or split the start dates between different titles going back as far as 1954 (as Voiles does), or start with Strange Adventures #54 in 1955 due to the noticeable editorial shift to sci-fi-heavy storytelling (as Ian at does), or if you wait until the yellow-oval appears in 1964, or if you start with the JLA debut in 1960—it matters little since none of these are wrong. And Superman isn’t mentioned either! Therefore, we can say, more technically and specifically, that all Batman stories beginning with Batman #127 Part 2 (October 1959) onward take place on the Earth-1 timeline. Subtitled 'Fall of the Old Gods,' the prequel story "focuses the action around the Justice League and the discovery of how their predecessors covertly fought within World War II to bring down a tyrant," reads DC's description. World’s Finest Comics #108 (March 1960). To read on e-ink devices like the Sony eReader or Barnes & Noble Nook, you'll need to download a file and transfer it to your device. –Batman #111 Part 2 (October 1957) Exploding from the pages of 52 and exploring the timeline of the DC Universe comes a new monthly book featuring the greatest super-hero history will never know: Booster Gold! Why did Joker target Superman? –WFC #71-72 (July 1954-September 1954) There are many other retcons in the late 50s and early 60s, and while they are mainly about Superman, they also affect Batman as well. And where did the Justice Society go?" –WFC #97 (October 1958) Now these treasured stories are available in an all-new trade paperback edition. Writer Greg Pak (ACTION COMICS) and artist Ardian Syaf (BATGIRL) add a deadly new name to SupermanÕs Rogues Gallery-one that will test SupermanÕs strength and BatmanÕs mind equally! It’s also a key book as it’s the modern age introduction of a few heroes and vilains such as Blockbuster, Mad Hatter as well as a major reappearance of Two-Face. Thus, most of the secondary characters were being rebooted onto a new Earth, but the Big Two seemingly weren’t. Years of epic storylines converge as Batman Incorporated battles Talia and Leviathan for the very soul of Gotham City! As unheralded comics muse Jorge Luis Borges notes in The Theologians, the Stoics believed in an “infinite cycle of worlds, with infinite suns, moons, Apollos, Dianas, and Poseidons.” As creators deftly layered the Stoic “infinite cycle of worlds” (i.e. What does time master Rip Hunter truly want? ... Legion of Super-Heroes (2019) Issue #10. Collects BATMAN #1-4 and JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.1: DARKSEID. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. –Detective Comics #261-262 (November 1958-December 1958) The appearance of said Earth-2 characters would have provided undeniable proof of separate universal existence. –WFC #94 (June 1958) If something is referenced, it becomes retroactive reference notation material. It sure was. However, in my opinion Batman #81 is not canon on Earth-1. Collects #7-12 of BATMAN INCORPORATED. –WFC #85-86 (December 1956-February 1957) What does it all mean? Up until this point, the public would have been given no indication that Batman and Superman hadn’t been the same Batman and Superman that existed since 1939. However, even back in the 50s, the canonicity of Superman #76 was in question since Batman and Superman had learned each other’s IDs years earlier (on the radio show). A Doomsday-infected Superman.

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