Canvas resolution should be your monitor resolution Scales resolution, set it to 720p if you're wanting to maximize who can watch. Scrapyard Films 17,802 views 864p and 936p is probably the highest you can go. Voicemeeter Banana, VB – Cable & VBAN Settings, Setup Gaming PC and Streaming PC OBS Settings, Fortnite Season 9 Week 10 Challenges Cheat Sheet, Fortnite Season 9 Week 9 Challenges Cheat Sheet, Fortnite Season 9 Week 8 Challenges Cheat Sheet, Fortnite Season 9 Week 7 Challenges Cheat Sheet, Fortnite Season 9 Week 6 Challenges Cheat Sheet. You can do more lol. We recommend at least 128, as any lower the audio can sound quite compressed. In this guide we’ll go through some of those options, and what you’ll want values to use. It's up to you if you want to blindly believe the Marketdroids at AMD. You can read more about it here. Samsung Nvme Pg981, silicon power 1Tb samsung 840 basic as a primocache drive for, WD2Tbgrn +3Tbgrn, Samsung UAE28"850R 4k freesync, LG 49" 4K 60hz ,Oculus, Xfi creative 7.1 on board ,Yamaha dts av setup, corsair void pro headset, 8726 vega 3dmark timespy/ laptop Timespy 6506, 32GB Viper Steel 3600 DDR4 @ 3800MHz 16-19-16-19-36, 1TB WD Black NVMe (2018), 2TB Viper VPN100, 1TB WD Blue 3D NAND, 32 GB 4000 Mhz DDR4 17-18-18-34-400 trfc - 2T, Scythe Ashura, 2×BitFenix 230mm Spectre Pro LED (Blue,Green), 2x BitFenix 140mm Spectre Pro LED, 16 GB Gskill Ripjaws X 2133 (2400 OC, 10-10-12-20-20, 1T, 1.65V), Samsung 840 Pro 256GB, WD Velociraptor 1TB, NEC Multisync LCD 1700V (Display Port Adapter). The Best OBS Settings for Live Streaming. After plugging in the capture card, it will appear as a new monitor which allows setting display output to that monitor. If yes. i overclocked my 3600 so that it would boost at 4.2 with 1.29 v instead of the 1.41 and thermal throttle 4.15 - the clocks and voltages still bump down to idle, but I definitely used the static overclock option. For the highest visual fidelity you will want your base canvas to match your output resolution. In this guide we’ll go through some of those options, and what you’ll want values to use. May 22, 2020. Does it clock up to 4.25GHz with such a set 1.3V threshold? The video that is passed from OBS to the capture card is recorded on streaming PC that has capture card as video input. For encoder, you have an RTX card which has fantastic quality with NVENC without needing to tax your CPU for encoding. Your bitrate will be determined by a number of factors including: The below table gives you a rough guide on what bitrates to use. But if you're sure, you should use software encoding. Rate control will determine how consistent or inconsistent your bitrate will be. Set obs to only use thread 24 to 12 - meaning 6 cores 6threads dedicated to OBS only so it doesn't fluctuate or interefere with gaming performance. A list of options will show, to output video and audio to the streaming PC. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 1.1 and then helping my friend configure his Ryzen 3900X on his motherboard (ASUS X570 ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WiFi). There comes a point when so much hardware power is available that normal advice breaks down. In this area we specify what resolution we want the stream to be output at. You're doing shit wrong and getting bad advice and then you have the audacity to blame AMD. If you're not a partner with guaranteed transcodes, 720p 30fps or 60 fps (your choice really) at around 3500 bitrate is pretty standard. Mute all OBS audio on gaming PC, all audio is being sent over HDMI to streaming PC when we setup the Graphics card audio output to be sent over capture card HDMI connection. CPU Usage Preset is only relevant if you’re using software encoding, x264. Best Settings for recording with obs on MX150. Contention huh? Why bother when NVENC is available, though? Cameron. I need some help I have a Ryzen 3950x and a RTX 3080 want to stream but want to use the 3050x for streaming and the 3080 for just the game but not sure what setting to use for OBS any help with this would be great. However, if you or your viewers are noticing stuttering or a weird frame rate of your live stream, you might be dropping frames. This is the video feed that will be sent to capture card to streaming PC. One of the main reasons to use OBS for a Dual PC Stream setup, is using Preview project option to output game-play to capture card. Dual PC Stream Setup OBS Settings for 240hz, 144hz, and capture card. There could be a number of things causing this issue. Settings > Output > Encoder: Software (x264), It doesn’t affect performance at all, its a seperate part of the processor that’s used for encoding, different from the actual gpu, I’ll be streaming destiny 2 and COD at 1080p. Enterprise Product Update: Change to Streaming Events Authentication, 4 of the Best Live Streaming Software Solutions.

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