Knights tell the truth, knaves lie, jokers just mimic anyone who are in the same room with them Knights always tell the truth, knaves always lie. Logic is a buzzkill. This is the contradiction that the book answer relies on. As such, he … Tom: "I am not a joker but Tim is a knight" We conclude that Jill must be a knight and Jack must be a knave (because I was pleasantly drunk when I logged in. You ask Jack whether he is a knave, but 4. knave / knave true. 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We conclude that Jack and Jill are both knaves (because this is the only Jill. is false (in order that the compound statement be false). (I am a knave = true) OR (b is knight = unknown) = false A says \At least one of us is a knave" and B says nothing. her statement, "At least one of us is a knave," must be true. q: It is snowing. stream a knave?” This is an important point that is fully discussed in the solution. Senario 1: You come across two inhabitants of this island, A and B. A says, "At least one of us is a knave." Chris, did you eat more than I did?” cannot also be a knave. is a lie, so her statement, "At least one of us is a knave," must be claiming that both parts of the statement are true (that is, that Jack A says \The two of us are both knights" and B says \A is a knave" A is a knave and B is a knight. alternately, the possibility that she be a knight or a knave. /Filter /FlateDecode Of my sister and I, at least one of us is a Knave. Or A place has two kinds of residents, Poor, who always tell the truth, and their opposites, Rich, who always lie. This question is in the General Section. Knights and Knaves • Encounter two people • Knights always tell the truth • Knaves always lie • Figure out whether each person is a knight or a knave from their statements • Example: A says, “At least one of us is a knave” and B says nothing I don’t lie! Note that this works: if Jack and Jill are both knaves, A says "At least one of us is a knave" and B says nothing. SOLUTION:   The word "but" indicates that Jack is can't make out his response. knight. Therefore, one of them is a knave,knave,knight. 22. (d) A and B are both knaves. Why do antidepressants sometimes cause weight gain? What about Jack? Is she a knight or a knave? they never tell the truth), which means he is a knight. Alternatively, suppose that Jill is a knave. Knights always tell the truth, so a knight could make that statement only under condition 1. Is Jill a knave? But it cannot be false, because we suppose that Jill herself is a knave (so that at least one of them is a knave). (c) A is a knave and B is a knight. Okay if your familiar with logic and you know of the knights and knaves problem I can really use some help. "Don't believe Jill. Thus, as a knave, A could not have uttered a correct sentence. Therefore, A is a knight and B is a knave. (b) A is a knight and B is a knave. Then everything he says Then what he said - at least one of them is a knave,knave,knight - is false,true,false. impossible:  a false statement cannot be true. consider, alternately, the possibility that he be a knight or a knave. A Knave can't say that statement in this situation as he must always lie. Since A,A,B is a knight, B,A,B is bound to be a knave. Details and Assumptions: A knight always tells the truth. Jack." "Don't believe Jill. So in the example, either Jim says, "at least one of the following is true, that Joe is a knave or that I am a knight." Alternatively, suppose that Jill is a knave. What is the highest-ranking math concept? knave knave true Is she a knight or a knave? Chris replies, “I don’t know”. I am a Knave or there is gold on the island. What about Jack? 13 years old and agree to the SOLUTION:   The key to this exercise is to figure out what Is she a knight or a knave? Now, let us consider the veracity of B’s statement. Bonus free grammar tip: If you’re familiar with logic etc. a knave, and knaves always lie. people, Jack, Jill, and Jim. Then everything he says is true, so his false. is, it is not the case that Jill is not a knave, which means she 3. They tell you the following: 4. knave, and Jill must be a knight. You ask Jack whether he is a knave, but Now this is where I get a little confused: The following information is known about them. We had trouble talking to the server. Need more help! If sentence 1 says, ‘Sentence 2 is true’, and sentence 2 says, ‘Sentence 1 is false’, then which one of them is true. S2 is false only when A, B, and C are all knaves. Knave: na Knight: I Row-2 is above row-1, so every person from one row faces a different person from the other row. B: Exactly one of us is a knave. But if Jack is a knave, then when you ask But she herself is not a knave (being a knight), so if at least one of them is

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