“. (Middle name of Ann). See “Spirit Cooking cannibalism and Obama’s bandaged middle finger”, See “Obama spent $65,000 to fly ‘pizzas’ & ‘hotdogs’ from Chicago”. A boy named Stanley is traumatized and abandoned.1926: Eight year old Stanley Dunham discovers his mother’s body after she has committed suicide. Curiously, the center will not be part of the presidential library network operated by the National Archives and Records Administration. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in those article. The United States Supreme Court held unconstitutional hundreds of laws enacted by Congress over the course of five decades that included a legislative veto of executive actions in INS v. Chada, 462 U.S. 919 (1982). According to Malik, Barry is “completely different” and “the opposite” of his benign on-camera public persona. The Manufacturing Of The Ebola Al-Qaeda And ISIS “Terror Virus”, Just Released Interview: Childhood Friend & Classmate Of Barack Obama Speaks Out! Desperate and destitute, old Evie survives by prostitution. In 2012, it was revealed that Nanny Evie is now a broke homosexual prostitute. Breaking => Obama’s Sister Maya Soetoro’s Long Form Vault Birth Certificate From Indonesia, Has Hawaii COLB Just Like Barack. The Illustrated Protocols Of Rothschild’s Zionism. Note: The Obama Administration’s role in supplying weapons to ISIS is confirmed in the December 2017 report, Weapons of the Islamic State, the product of a 3-year investigation in Iraq and Syria. Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country. to care for young Barry. His Anti School is also carried on The Washington Pundit blog, as you can see in the blog’s banner (click to enlarge): Teenage Barry is lazy student and a heavy drug user. 1980’s: Young Obama is plugged into the Globalist-Communist Presidential Pipeline. Stanley Ann has a baby girl with her new husband. It makes Barrack Obama 1/3 beneficiary to the assets of one of the ten or fifteen richest men on earth. Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah is an enigma for sure, and the evidence of his birth certificate being a fraud is overwhelming.However, recall that this usurper of the People’s White House was caught on video not only claiming to be Barry Soetoro, but also claiming that he had never used any other aliases. Obama Repealed U.S. Border Quarantine Ban On Deadly Diseases In 2009: Remember? Stanley is teased about her boyish name at every new school she attends. The man’s visage is concealed from the camera for fear of his life, and is identified as the co-founder of Washington Pundit and a “former manager” of the “Barack Obama Foundation”. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Medical Veritas Inc. Warren Buffet The Illuminati's Sleeper Cell Of Corruption Within The United States! Ann remarries an Indonesian man and settles there. It is rumored that his name at Columbia University was also “Barry Soetoro”.). Unconstitutional usurpations by one branch of government of powers entrusted to a coequal branch are not rendered constitutional by repetition. As a “community organizer” in Chicago, Barry actually was “in charge of the Chicago mafia”. She claims that a Kenyan Marxist named Barack Obama (who she met in a Russian language class) is the father. “Barry Soetoro” could maintain an Indonesian passport obtained in 1970, renewed in 1975 and again in 1985 (valid till 1995) on which it was possible to make trips to Pakistan/Indonesia in 1971, Kenya in 1978, and to Bali, Indonesia in 1993 and to Kenya ca. Obama took out Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi because Gaddafi wanted to create his own currency and refused to buckle to the West. The CIA, “Obama’s handlers,” trained ISIS and the Taliban. The only Black boy in an Indonesian school, Barry is outcast and bullied as “the boy with big ears.”. In 1965, Ann marries Lolo Soetero. The radical Marxist “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright specializes in finding unwanted women to marry the men in the closet like Obama. ), Just before leaving to fight in World War II in 1942, Stanley impregnates Madelyn. Obama looks nothing like his Kenyan father, but resembles Frank Marshall Davis very much! The founder of this foundation is Obama’s older half-brother, Abon’go, As manager of the foundation, Mr. X had worked with and was friends with Malik Obama who provided him with “all the intel” on, Malik “does not know” if Barry was born in the U.S. “Others” say Barry was born in Indonesia, and came to the U.S. on foreign exchange as “Barry Soetoro”. Muslim Brotherhood Documents Could Put Barack Obama aka; Barry Soetoro In Prison. At age 20, he marries Madelyn Payne on the night of her Senior Prom. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. At some point during the 1980’s, Frank Marshall Davis, and others above him, plug “Barack Obama Jr.” into the subversive network of Professor William Ayers. If Obama was to become President, he will need a wife and kids to conceal his homosexuality. The team consists of: The members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors are: (2) The non-profit Barack H. Obama Foundation in Virginia, which is about charity work for Kenya and unconnected to the construction of the Obama Presidential Center: Here’s Isaac Green’s video: Barack Sr. will later be killed in a drunk driving accident in 1982. Little Barry’s fragile psyche was doomed from the start. After the war, the Dunham’s bounce around the country for 15 years – moving to California, back to Kansas, to Seattle, WA, to Mercer Island, WA, and finally to Hawaii. This is what the interviewee (let’s call him Mr. X) said: “I was the manager of the Barack H. Obama Foundation,” which was named after the father of Barack and Malik. It was Davis, an avid photographer, who took the nude photographs of young Ann Dunham. Putin Bans Russian Officials From Owning Foreign Rothschild Bank Accounts & Stock! A girl is born on November 29, 1942. Munitions Export Laws] To Export Assault Weapons To CIA’s Syrian “Rebels”. Obama began his first political campaign in the Chicago living room of Terrorists Ayers and scumbag Dohrn! Some tips on buying when the market falls, Massive Wells Fargo layoff coming as soon as this Tuesday, Ray Dalio: Yuan Will be a Reserve Currency Faster Than Expected, Michael Strautmanis, Vice-President of Public Engagement. After having a daughter with Lolo, psycho Ann ships 10 year old Barry off to Hawaii to be raised by his grandfather. By the end of High School, generations of family dysfunction and painful rejection will have already shaped the man that Obama will become. Juliana Smoot, Democrat Party fundraiser and former White House staffer. The dirty old Communist will finish corrupting little Barry. The Foundation’s “leadership team” makes no mention of a “manager”. Mr. X admits “I don’t have proof on that”. Wright’s so-called Church. Although he was raised a Muslim by his mother, Barry, i.e., former President Barack Obama, is not a Muslim. The chief CIA fund used for such purposes in the early 1960s was the New York-based J. M. Kaplan Fund. After High School, Obama is a mediocre college student at Occidental College in California. Obama is a drunk who, apparently unbeknownst to Dunham at the time, has his own wife and kids back in Kenya. Repeal Banker’s Obamacare Now: Put Your Signature On The Dotted Line: DO NOT ENROLL ~ 21 States Have Nullified Obamacare. Ben Swann of Truth In Media/Reality Check is back in business after a year-long hiatus. The CIA used a network of other funds to pass money through the Kaplan Fund. Ann has a baby girl, then dumps Barry on her parents in Hawaii . By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Obama won’t lift a finger to help! (1) The non-profit Barack Obama Foundation in Chicago was created in January 2014 to oversee the creation of the Barack Obama Presidential Center (or library) and the construction of its campus, in partnership with the University of Chicago.

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