The briefing for the mission "Nazran Foundry" includes a shot supposedly of defector William Lennox and some of his associates; this shows soldiers who appear to be British Special Forces of some kind, carrying hard-to-identify AR-15 platform rifles. The charging handle has been moved to the left of the weapon, and reciprocates every time the weapon fires; the fire rate is much lower than a real SAW, 500rpm instead of a selectable 750rpm and 1000rpm, to allow this. As a result of all this ammunition flying around, enemies are somewhat more resilient than in most modern shooters. Strangely, in a game full of comically increased magazine capacities, the Glock's 15-round magazine has been shrunk down to 12 rounds. It also has a lot of accessory rails. 25,301 people follow this. As with the DC3, when Kellar picks it up or switches to it he'll do a brass check. Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. The sound effect is, according to the developers, the sound of "Arnold Schwarzenegger firing his Uzi in True Lies." Forgot account? It is the game's only sniper rifle, and is portrayed extremely inaccurately; the weapon is shown with a conventional rather than bullpup layout, with the 5-round magazine inserted randomly into the rear part of the handguard in front of the trigger guard, and the weapon is a straight-pull bolt-action with a lefty bolt rather than a semi-automatic. Black's FN P90 is the Triple Rail version; rather than using the weapon's distinctive translucent polycarbonate magazine, the game's version has a metallic magazine which somehow holds 100 rounds instead of 50 and the rate of fire has been bumped up from 900rpm to 1500rpm. The weapon is shown with the Choate Machine and Tool folding stock of an MP5K-PDW, and has the gas tube and barrel reversed. Called the "Magnum" in game, so there was only ever one kind of Magnum it was going to be - a Smith & Wesson Model 29, or rather the stainless steel version, the Model 629. The weapon's muzzle flash is also out of synch with its rate of fire, with one muzzle flash for every half-dozen or so rounds expended while firing in fullauto. Copyright © 1996-2020 AR15.COM LLC. As is often the case with videogame revolvers, the range and accuracy of the weapon makes it more like a scopeless marksman's rifle than a handgun. Much rarer than the SPAS, the Remington 870 is only seen in the levels "Vratska Dockyard" and "Spetriniv Gulag." All Rights Reserved. For more info, go to or visit our showroom in Monroe, Ohio. About See All. Member Joined Dec 2003; Posts 695; EE Offline; OH, USA. Not Now. ARCHIVED; crazyelece. The crosshair is a precise replica of the Soviet PSO-1 scope reticle, though with all the numbers missing, and the scope is tinted green; it features x2 and x5 zoom settings. About See All. Kellar holds the WA2000 across his body when he isn't firing it; at least, this is probably the idea. Not Now. I have not been by and only have seen one other person mention them so far. Black is a 2006 first person shooter for PS2 and XBox by Criterion Games, better known as the creators of the Burnout racing series and one of the developers who have worked on the Need for Speed franchise. Opens in 55 minutes. Like all weapons with selectable fire modes, it has both burst and full-auto capabilities, and the 20-round Colt magazine holds a staggering 95 rounds. The drum itself is L-shaped, partly covering the left side of the gun in a way that would be impossible on a real SAW due to the STANAG adapator; Black's SAW is thus missing this adaptor. It is called the M16 in-game unless the version earned in Black Ops difficulty is being used; this has the normally stand-alone M203 attached to it, and is called the M16A2. Create New Account. Another nice touch is that he inserts the magazine front-end first. 43 check-ins. Gun Store in Monroe, Ohio. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own. 6-E South Main Street (1,819.95 mi) Monroe, OH 45050. Gun Store in Monroe, Ohio. The idle animation has him spin the elevation turret of the scope as per FPS tradition; slightly more curiously, he then does the same with the reticle illumination control, despite the reticle never actually being illuminated. This presumably means it was sampled from the sound of the MAC-10s firing on the basis that every subgun Arnie fires is an Uzi. The weapon is only available in the final three levels of the game, though a cheat which calls it the "BFG" replaces the player's starting DC3 Elite with a SAW in the first level. Posted: 11/4/2019 9:59:26 AM EDT Any info on this place? Our showroom is closed today and tomorrow for Labor Day. The game's only real Frankengun, the development team have stated the DC3 Elite is a cross between the Beretta 92FS and the IMI Desert Eagle; it comes with a 15-round magazine. The weapon's iron sight is shifted to the side of the tube rather than being mounted on top of it, though the empty bracket for mounting the top sight is still present. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. or. Landmines are encountered during two sections of the game; a wide passage between factories in Nazran Foundry, and later hidden under and around vehicles on the Graznei Bridge. Create New Account. Black Rose Firearms. One of the images used in the mission briefings shows a man in a room full of weapons and equipment, with a hard-to-discern rifle mounted on his wall and an AKS-74U in his hands. It mounts an additional rail that runs from the carrying handle to the shortened front sight, and has some kind of electronic device near the muzzle, with a cable trailed over the weapon and down to a push-button switch mounted right underneath the fire selector. It is shown with two forward assists, two bolt release paddles, and no magazine release. Another briefing image shows a group of soldiers advancing through a street, mostly carrying impossible to discern assault rifles; one however is clearly carrying a support weapon with an unfolded bipod. The M203 grenade launcher is the less common of the two explosive weapons; it appears as an "armament" secret objective in the level "Nazran Town," but otherwise isn't encountered until the second-to-last level, "Graznei Bridge." Shown very briefly during the opening montages is a blurry image of a Beretta 92FS. The magazine is more than doubled, to seventy rounds. Along with this the bolt stays open when the last shot is fired but when Kellar slides in the magazine it closes. The Uzi is a full-size model, and is used later in the game by Seventh Wave, as well as being found as an "armament" objective in the first level. This appears to be an M60 machine gun, given the high front sight. They are thrown the instant the button is pressed and cannot be "cooked" as in some other games; however, they can be manually detonated if the player shoots them in mid-air. The game's Magnum is seemingly single action only, with Kellar thumb-cocking the hammer after every shot. In addition, movie sound effects are often used instead of sampling real weapons, often from specific action movies. Forgot account? In third person, the rocket is so exaggeratedly large and pointed that the launcher could probably be used as a lance. It is shown fitted to a fictional stand-alone mounting with flip-up sights and a pistol grip, and uses black-and-silver grenade rounds. Unusually for a videogame, the P90's magazine is inserted correctly during the reloading animation and it actually ejects spent casings off-screen rather than just hurling them out of some non-existent side ejection port. Unusually, reloading animations are also sped up if the player is under fire, and draw animations skip any flourishes like racking the charging handle. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. 25,292 people follow this. They appear to be a hybrid with the body of an anti-tank mine and the fuze assembly of a Yugoslavian PROM-1 anti-personnel mine, though with only three prongs on the sensor. From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games, there was only ever one kind of Magnum it was going to be, or. The weapon is a rare find as a pickup and the only pistol to have its own ammo type; it is used extensively late in the game by riot shield enemies. # blackrosefirearms … 43 check-ins. The Heckler & Koch G36C is the standard-issue weapon used by all friendly NPCs, though it is only available to the player in later missions. The sound effect is described by the developers as being "Jack Bauer's pistol" firing, presumably meaning the USP Compact. The weapon's reload uses a speedloader, which the developers seem to have confused with a moon clip; Kellar inserts the speedloader into the cylinder, but pushes it down rather than actually detaching it. 6-E South Main Street (1,819.95 mi) Monroe, OH 45050. The M249 SAW is the only machinegun available during gameplay. It is used in stand-alone configuration unless the player has unlocked Black Ops difficulty, in which case they start every level with an "M16" with a mounted M203. The rate of fire has also seen a boost from 600rpm to 750rpm. Due to the inherent false perspective of a first-person shooter, he either has eyes just below his collarbone or is holding the rifle at arm's length and level with his nose. Comes with custom stipple and the Black Rose REAL Diamond Front sight surrounded by a 14k white gold bezel. As with many games, the ammo system counts "SMG" as a whole class, so the 5.7mm P90 can use the same ammo as the other subguns.

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