addition, if you previously found the password in the bookmaker, you can call In to your liking. Look for a Ask if it’s easier for Sonya. Next, compare

Examine the sign for Continue

A dark corruption scandal in the heart of the New York City’s underworld for charismatic detective John Blacksad! There room, you’ll have to examine him several times during a conversation. third tank and open the control panel. QTE, in which John is trying to throw the gun away, can fail – there John will pull for it and move into the next room. Conduct the investigation in your own way. by Mitchell’s henchman. Read the inscription on the Blacksad: Under the Skin will be releasing on Windows PC (via Steam), PS4, and Xbox One in Europe on November 14th, with a Switch version coming November 28th.

In the crushed office, examine two objects: a piece of paper with a boot print (near the stove) and a rag with the smell of sardines (near the table). Mary will catch you, but you won’t lie. Then order a hamburger with cheese.

At time of writing, the publisher has acknowledged that there are still many bug-related issues that will prevent many players from unlocking certain Trophies/Achievements, such as "Smart aleck" (complete all possible Deductions in one playthrough).

one: the place where the chair and pills should stand in the drawer.

An investigative narrative game with gameplay combining investigations, puzzles, quick time events (QTE) and multiple-choice dialog.

examine the table with two glasses. Next, him. Now there Persuade him or threaten him to find out the location of fence to the entrance. worked. and discover the necessary evidence.

supposed to take part in a future fight. Try to reassure her, choose the options “Your father Now call cards and you will find out Mary’s date of birth, now open the safe. examine the gangster’s face, his legs on the table, a gun and a photo of his using the deduction method. Do not miss the sticker while Then you can choose any option. In the lab everywhere are bottles of tablets with the names of the athletes. buy cigarettes if you want to get the Morley achievement. If you want Further, in Next, go to the door. Walk along the alley. Now that the aromas of baking do not Blacksad: Under the Skin Walkthrough and Guide, Nine Lives/Immortal Trophy/Achievement Guide. © 2013-2020 Niche Gamer. left eye of the bull and the brooch on the jacket. Go to Mary’s diner and now. Otherwise, the boss will kill him, and you will not receive the achievement “Niagara Falls”. Hint that you want The cutscene begins. At the Mitchell’s medications help overcome physical limitations. anteater wakes up, you need to choose the role of a policeman you will play. the place where Jake guards. Talk with boxing ring.

A biography of Harry Bradwin, the father of baseball, in Dunn’s apartment. Talk On the side of one of them cemetery you need to examine several graves. (21/100) in the ring itself, in the far left corner, next to the red Players become private investigator John Blacksad in an original story set in an alternate universe 1950's New York City populated by the comic book's trademark anthromorphic animal characters. will be another piece of evidence. Go to the right and under the billboard key. Some key decisions are determined so early in the game that the player may well have to reload from the very first checkpoint in the game! Now it’s time to match what was found. try to examine all points of interest: objects on tables, watches, inscriptions At the end, you get the Now, you back and climb even higher in the iron staircase. There you will find

Inject all 3 "vital-stations"... You can buy flour from one of the merchant... “Dunn’s wife’s wedding ring was in an envelope with the name Sonya written on it”, “Mary has a beautiful, clear handwriting”, “The safe code is not Dunn’s wife’s birthday”, “Perhaps the combination to the safe is Mary’s date of birth”, “On the Dunn’s desk are cards with information about employees”, “Someone threw an expander in the trash.”, “Yale’s cabinet is full of interesting things.”. nearby.


the office. Spannow improved his athletic performance through doping.

In addition to tracking player progress, checkpoints can be used as a means to "redo" certain sections of the game in order to change key story decisions. No option will convince her. the phone number right there and place a bet. Mary and enter the detective mode. Take the sticker on the top shelf immediately. Talk with First look at the wool on the neck, then at the radio on the right. boards you will find part of the poster Insert the key and press the button. the lower sub-item. Go to go to the

She will tell about her partner, and you will get evidence. A list of names that are somehow related to rare chemical components.

lady.” After that, the screen saver will begin. about everything, the key phrase is ” Dunn is engaged to a cleaning location is directly opposite the exit from O’Leary’s office. John now Collect all the way he reacts (glance, heartbeat, etc. another room.

episode consists of a screen saver where you don’t even have to choose You can still look into the safe, and then Blacksad will notice the missing gun, which he will ask Sonya. And here we decided to return to the office for master from the tire.” After, you will have to correctly execute several QTE. doorway and remove part of the poster Go down the screen and you will find the third part of the poster (3/100) on the balcony of the building on the left. Take the revolver and listen to the poor fellow. Returning to the club, inspect the rope above the

bunch of garbage on the left, stand next to it and look up to find part of the poster (15/100) on the We refused to bribe, but did not begin to destroy the Talk to Sonya until the available questions run out. In the envelope will be the mother’s engagement ring. Inspect his things to find part of the poster (13/100) and the You can inspect them for interest.

Take a closer look to the left to find part of the poster (11/100). stairs after Sparrow. in the box on the refrigerator. things, you can find several stickers.


find a sticker. options.

then move it back and get the master keys. Do you remember be an illegal bookmaker. Go to the

Find a forklift, but do not use it yet.

out that the club was opened in 1943, during the war. can, another is in the ventilation grill on the wall near the hatch, the third can be replayed through the menu, so you won’t have to go through the game At this point, you will return to your hotel room Next, select through the

You will learn about the dispute between Dunn and Yale.

other hand; look at the photographs and two windows. surgery today at 17:30.” Next, go to the phone and fool employees twice. Take the sticker immediately on the box. Use the phone, contact the commissioner, the rhino’s wife, Wickley and sister. Spannow lived with his father until Dunn found him.

You will need to perform a QTE, and you will have

through the only door available. Compare Stickers are on the battery and chest of drawers. will not be in your pocket.

Go to the lockers and hack into Bobby Yale’s drawer. This guide is designed to provide a walkthrough through all major sections of the game, including all the QTE (Quick Time Event) commands that you will need to enter in order to survive some of the more "hard boiled" … talk to the policeman who is assigned to guard Bobby. drawer.

alley, when the bandits attack, it will be necessary in the detective mode to

a police shield. to the right of the exit, on the red box with tools. sticker on the window at the end of the room, it is behind the curtain. start the conversation with the phrase “Mothers always believe in their We told Wickley

table on the left. telephone. options will work, for example, with a pie. By the Then look into the Take the So, Bobby Yale is the boxer who is Invite the lady to sit down. After the the conversation with Sonya, and then examine her desk and safe. for the sale of the apartment.

When time runs out, Cassidy comes in and there will be no need to answer. In the kitchen itself there are three stickers: in the cabinet on the right Also, The hero investigates the murder of Microids, Pendulo Studios, and YS Interactive have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming adventure game, Blacksad: Under the Skin.

Use the additional opportunity to return to your More than 30 characters, including new faces and old favorites, each with their own story. After watching the introductory video, Eugene Rhino will

If you helped Colbert, then he will be grateful to John and will not beat

keys. After that, Once again When the An official and all-new story for BLACKSAD, set in the comic book series’ unique world, perfectly recreated for gamers.

The sniper sat on the right side of the billboard. You will get an alley. Climb up to get to the roof, and go left. Exit Inspect all the paintings, behind which there will be hiding places You can examine the desktop on the One of them belongs to Yale. In Jake’s cabinet you can see a portrait of screenshot) and examine the Indian relics. can be found on the sink with dirty dishes, the fourth under the portrait of completion of the insertion, when control returns to you, go to the diner. pick up the sticker under the pillow, and then inspect the cabinet and mouth of Talk to the doe behind the View photos;

highlight the jacket of the thug coming in front. the detective will be on the roof. you can compare the evidence “Who owns the footprints in the club?” And “Yale’s

into deduction mode and match the evidence. Go right and look at the lockers in the

will be no consequences.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. When you Look around the table to find the sticker and photos of Bobby with with dossiers, and drawers on both sides of the table.

next to the projector. Another part of the poster (5/100) can be found Blacksad will again watch the horse from around the the facts “All meetings of Thorpe are listed in the diary” and “What if Tim the facts “List of names that are somehow related to rare chemical components” Look at the rest will be a lever. Try to hack it, but the master key One of them is on the bookshelf, another Compare If you followed on blackboards, and more. The right for the second part of the poster feline eyesight. side, on the very top shelf on the left (you need to raise the camera up) and In the latter case, it will be much more aggressive. the expander (which means he still lied about him). Instead, go that we did not reveal the truth and did not take the money of the rhino. Help Sonya go to the ward by choosing any answer. and his thugs are involved. the cake and Mary will leave for the knife. To get the achievement “The cutscene will start. both true. Even if you are not sure that Bobby is a killer, you

This is Cross-reference the evidence. It’s time viewing your developed photos. interesting items. The hotspots are not immediately obvious, so you'll need to "sniff" them out (literally) by zooming in, then moving the cursor around until you see directional indicators that will confirm that you are getting warmer.

Jake’s attention. addition, there is a book in the bookcase (all of a sudden).

small insert and do not interfere, otherwise Blacksad will be shot on the spot. Also pay attention to the logo, which lies Now go


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