She is the kindest, most loving and caring dog. and is commonly called the Australian Pig Dog since they were originally especially when smaller dogs are present. The Bull Arab is the perfect height of strength and agility.

Cheers. Paste as plain text instead, × If you do not like clipping The ridgeback,borzoi,deerhound have all been in Oz for years,so I don`t see why the saluki hasn`t. Showed him his bed inside once.. when he comes in he goes straight to his bed. Hes extremely aggresive to any other dog that comes in a three metre radius of him. Generally your legitimate hunting lines are high energy, confident (failing to approach a boar will disqualify them from being considered a Bull Arab in some breeder's eyes), calm and incredibly trainable.

Would it be funny or cute if a large breed acts like that? He's my shadow follows me around everywhere . Very friendly towards people and kids, but slightly aggressive toward unfamiliar dogs. Loves his comfort and desperately tries to sleep on our bed but at chance. (Original owner wasn't me). If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

.... you have no experience and put it down.... retract your statement or we will sue you for fake and nonsense advice. I have not found my puppies to be aggressive at all. "Supposed "Bull Arabs" who in reality are any cross bred dog that looks like it or have been bred as a hunting dog are being blamed for attacks already. Clear editor. Only had him for a three weeks and he's learning slowly, Chad is a rescue dog who is the kindest sweetest most gentle boy ever. The dog was developed from crossing large, strong dogs of which the most common were Bull Terriers, Great Danes, Greyhounds, and Mastiffs. from getting out of hand and gathering on clothing, furniture and flooring. Most loyal dogs we have ever owned.

Their coat should never be fluffy, soft or long. became Australia’s He was retrieved by the dog’s home from the council who found him. Google, superb pig hunting site from down under, masses of photos of ausie pig dogs doing what they do best, sections on the various breeds as well including Bullarabs.

It wasn't a Saluki, just the name he called the dog !

A lot of positive reinforcement and direction needed.. but once he picks it up he doesnt forget it. to the best of my knowledge the bull arabs make up is EBTxgreyhoundxpointer either GSP or English, now days both bloodhound and greatdane has been blended into the breed by various breeders. Later, the Bloodhound and English Pointer were added in and some bloodlines have also added in Mastiff. Given his history, his temperament is complicated. The Bull Arab’s origins were documented by breeder Mike When we went on a holiday to New Caledonia, there walking on a lead along the main beach footpath was a dog so similar to him that it looked to be his father. Missy was rescued by my daughter. In 1981, Hodgens stopped breeding Bull Arabs and by 1989 They are friendly, easily trainable, low energy, cuddly dogs and each bull Arab Ive ever met is GREAT with children, adults and other animals. She doesn’t like baths but loves the calm ocean. need early socialization and continual training throughout their life. to be brushed once a week using a slicker brush or a natural bristle brush. P. S he always wants to be outside . left untrained can become aggressive and a threat to humans and other animals. The bull arab is a large sized dog breed with males often exceeding 27 inches in height (from ground to shoulder) and 95 pounds in weight. ©2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. I would say, despite my first Bull Arab (from a store) being extremely tame, safe and not requiring strong leadership, I can’t say the same for my second. like them 2 on the left mate sumit diff then the usual a.p.b.t xs nice pic. According to Boardogs website,the sighthound used to produce the first Bull Arab dogs was Saluki,hence the name. To the girl with SARGE, I think you need some major obedience work and double the exercise he gets, just to see if it helps. The Bull Arab is not a high maintenance breed.

This generalisation is unwarranted and untrue. Display as a link instead, × dogs will have self-colored or amber eyes.

He’s a beautiful and loving dog. I’m surprised as a professional dog business you don’t actually know more about dogs fullstop! Shorthaired Pointer was used while others argue that this was not the case and

There work and on security detail; they can also be used in search and rescue. Can’t seem to stop them jumping on people.

Loyal dog, enjoys car rides, and walks. We paid $500 for him. I think we have the classic problem where there is more than one type of Bull Arab being sold here in Australia. For that reason our walks and runs are kept to later hours of the day or at night, where other dog encounters are unlikely. routines to keep them on their toes. Tyson loves to look after new born goats and newly hatched chickens. Also very quiet dogs so when they bark you know there is something wrong. He is very very energetic puppy, lot of temper tantrums if he doesn't get attention, loves to sleep in our bed with us, loves saying hi to everyone on road passing by. Any dog can be nasty its the owner, stop saying this horrible stuff about them, from my Bull Arab to small dogs 3 cats and a host of kids!

searching out anything they feel is a potential threat. is generally ticking within the white on their bodies. The owner wanted to shoot her. Such an amazing dog she is not aggressive at all but she is protective and will show it to people that walk aggressively towards my self or my girlfriend. He gets along with my other dog and my cat. Tyson also has his own group of human friends obtained in the many stores and supermarkets he has visited with us. Pepper is the best dog I have ever owned. Very big, as big as our 13 year old girl. I live with my nan as her carer, and hes very respectful of her and her commands if hes laying in a doorway etc. His hair is short and gets on everything but thankfully a good vaccum makes that a five minute daily thing. These dogs are also being counted as Bull Arabs when they turn up in shelters and pounds. for the faint of heart or novice dog owner. Spend at least an hour each day going Cuddles up at night but will put herself between me and strangers every time. BA, Arab, Aussie Pig Dog, Australian Pig Dog, English Bull Terrier, Greyhound, German Shorthaired Pointer, English Pointer, Watching their interactions with other dogs. Your site clearly has no real idea about Bull Arabs and you should fix what you say, they are loyal, sociable, funny caring. harsh. you all prefer staffy or pitt type bull blood in your crosses where we prefer EBT easier to keep the leg.

She has her toys and she knows whats hers and what is not! I love him dearly but to be quite honest I'm scared of him and locked myself in the laundry because he kept trying to bite me. for runs or hiking. Greyhound.   Your previous content has been restored. I met him at a friends house where i saw he was completely neglected and ignored, unfed and unsocialised.

They have the type of short undercoat that can float through the air and

She is a great friend a much loved member of the family. Just love them. It is always interesting going for a walk at the local markets with my father who has a cat that walks on a leash.

Her younger sister and her are inseparable and Chloe is often laying on her giving her a hug.

Everyone that meets her loves her. He is an affectionate dog but is also aggressive and has done nothing but bite feet and hands since we got him. Upload or insert images from URL. As we intended to come home with a puppy, he was our ONLY choice. To FRANK THE FOUNDER OF BULL ARAB RESCUE let us know how the court case goes - I want to hear how hard the Judge kicks you in the arse on your way out the door for wasting his time, if you even get that far!

The Bull Arab is symmetrical and well-built all over.

He scratched like he had fleas a lot prior to finding out this info and he didnt have fleas obviously, and now since prevention treatment is much less scratchy. They do need Aside from My very first dog was a Bull Arab called Kong 20 years ago and fell in love with the breed as they are affectionate, loving, loyal, active, goofy, protective, quiet and will only bark if something is there, obedient, intelligent, easy to train as they are food driven, love to sleep, giant lap dogs, love to be patted, love to play, kind hearted and gentle towards other creatures big and small. there has been lots of reasons given for the name but really just wanted a catchy name.

He was 4 when i rescued him from a rather harsh situation. I needed a strong dog that will be my mate and protect me when I'm alone in rural areas will need his toe nails clipped every few weeks. Therefore, he had completely stopped breeding dogs. The question is whether the other 25% was contributed by the German Think thats what he just asked?

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