If you don’t want the createfs and the pickle to show up trivially in the pickle, you can create a dot directory in /tmp/ or the like and put them there. backend pool, you need to install some dependencies, namely qemu, libvirt, All administrative interfaces should be: As we demonstrated above, there are multiple ways how to disclose credentials stored within administrative interfaces. Enter an email address and password then configure the server base url and honeymap url. There shouldn’t be anything sensitive on your honeypot, so I’m going to stick to the basics here. We’ll add a password to the list as shown below, then save and exit the file. Disclaimer: All screenshots has been redacted and/or modified. Updating is an easy process. In our particular case the password was indeed sent to the browser, as we can see here captured in the Burp proxy logs: How is that possible, you may ask? Your email address will not be published. Default values can be found in etc/cowrie.cfg.dist. The install doc is a pretty good guide to getting Cowrie up and running, so we’ll lean heavily on that. What administrative interfaces are we talking about here? Depending on how beefy your honeypot is, you may want to be judicious with the -d parameter, as the pickle needs to be unpacked into memory every time someone logs in. — Information Security, Lovecraftian Fiction, Gaming, Homebrewing Let’s stay focused on our topic and move on to another example. Now we need a cowrie config file. record the data other ways. attract malicious traffic, it does this by emulating services that would be considered valuable for malicious attackers. cowrie.cfg take precedence. The .dist file can be overwritten by upgrades, cowrie.cfg will not be touched. auth_class = AuthRandom auth_class_parameters = 1, 1, 1 in cowrie.cfg, or *:x:* in data/userdb.txt? Create a virtual environment for python and cowrie, then we activate it. Even though we now have the cowrie daemon running, there are still some changes that are recommended to do. I found that on a Pi Zero W, ‘-d 6’ or above would render the honeypot unusable, as the connection would timeout before the pickle unpacked. ( Log Out /  Compared to a low interaction honeypot, a high interaction honeypot, is specifically designed to interact directly with the attacker. How can we reveal the password? Open the file for editing and search for the ‘hostname’ directive which defaults to. You should see something like this: Let’s move into the newly created cowrie directory and begin to configure the honeypot. You can also simulate the output of text commands by building a directory tree under cowrie/share/txtcmds, and putting the desired output in a text file named for the command, in the proper directory. to your account, What is the proper way of telling Cowrie to accept any username/password combination? Create a user account¶ It’s strongly recommended to run with a dedicated non-root user id: $ sudo … The possibilities of what can be encountered during a penetration test are practically endless. A TECH ENTHUSIAST'S UNPREDICTABLE NOTEBOOK. We now need to make preparations to have Cowrie listen on port 22, where ssh attacks will occur. I set it to this, now only a set of credentials can be used to access the honeypot. You can add the cowrie/bin So our plan is to: The following screenshot illustrate this process in more detail: If the plan goes well, after clicking the ‘Fetch’ button we should receive the password, right? again to see what a successful username/password entry looks like: That’s it. Maybe. A firewall redirect can make your existing SSH server unreachable, remember to move the existing This guide describes how to install Cowrie in shell mode. For my project, I logged into a fresh Kali install, copied over the createfs script, and ran it from ‘/’. For my kalipot, I just went with the defaults. If you want to run a command with root privileges simply prefix it with 'sudo', it will ask you for the password to the account you are logged in with (not the root account). chown cowrie /etc/authbind/byport/22 If cowrie is running properly, you should now be able to look at the log file and identify any connection made to it, in addition to executed commands! file and userdb to remove it. If you don't have a user name enable there, that user name won't be accepted, no matter the password. I think wildcards for the username in userdb.txt are currently not In fact, it contains all the following authentication servers and therefore it can capture credentials from any of these services: We could even use it in our 2nd example above instead of using Netcat! © Copyright 2018, Michel Oosterhof On the other hand, old applications and legacy systems still exist within organizations even today. But it also contains multiple authentication servers supporting various authentication methods, including SMTP! Credentials are of course very valuable for every penetration tester, however they are typically hidden under dots and cannot be just simply copied. Actual Python packages are installed later. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. Now we could go ahead and start doing authenticated enumeration of the corporate Active Directory domain. By default the root account is disabled, therefore there is no password for it. By default, Cowrie will allow any password except “root” and “123456”: root:x:!root root:x:!123456 root:x:* richard:x:* richard:x:fout. But hosting it locally for testing purposes is fine . Next, find the listen_endpoints line. Exit the virtual environment and log back into the root user, And then install authbind and configure it to allow port 22 and 23, Now we need to tell cowrie to use authbind, we will do this configuration in cowries execution file, Now switch back to the cowrie user and run the cowrie daemon, You should now have a fully-fledged SSH honeypot working! A Honeypots function could be considered consistent with its name, it is designed to attract malicious traffic, it does this by emulating services that would be considered valuable for malicious attackers. We need to, step by step: The following screenshot illustrates our strategy: Ok, the plan is clear. In Debian/Ubuntu: Then install the Python API to run the backend pool: To allow Qemu to use disk images and snapshots, set it to run with the user and group of the user running the pool These honeypots are often very complex and instead of just partly mimicking. Assuming you’re going to want to have some sort of remote access and management capability on your Pi, we need to have SSH on your honeypot. My preference is vi or vim, but you can use whatever you’re comfortable with. Find the ‘Port’ line and change. For setting up a rogue LDAP honeypot server for our purposes, we don’t actually need a real LDAP server. Installing Backend Pool dependencies (OPTIONAL), Configure Additional Output Plugins (OPTIONAL), Analysing snapshots and downloaded content, How to process Cowrie output in an ELK stack, How to process Cowrie output into Graylog, How to process Cowrie output in kippo-graph, How to Send Cowrie Output to a MySQL Database, Automatically starting Cowrie with supervisord, Automatically starting Cowrie with systemd, [Step 1: Install dependencies](#step-1-install-dependencies), [Step 2: Create a user account](#step-2-create-a-user-account), [Step 3: Checkout the code](#step-3-checkout-the-code), [Step 4: Setup Virtual Environment](#step-4-setup-virtual-environment), [Step 5: Install configuration file](#step-5-install-configuration-file), [Step 6: Starting Cowrie](#step-6-starting-cowrie), [Step 8: Listening on port 22 (OPTIONAL)](#step-8-listening-on-port-22-optional), [Installing Backend Pool dependencies (OPTIONAL)](#running-using-supervisord), [Running within supervisord (OPTIONAL)](#running-using-supervisord), [Configure Additional Output Plugins (OPTIONAL)](#configure-additional-output-plugins-optional).

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